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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The little red wagon & the Farmers Market

Are you finding it more difficult to find time
to blog in the summer?  I think that is a given!
Remember I showed you this Radio Flyer Town & Country
wagon Mr. Retro nabbed for $10 at an estate sale?
Well here it is in all it's glory!  Mr. Retro took it apart, painted the wood,
 cleaned the metal, replaced the cracked bottom, and some other things
 I really can't explain.  ;)

Of course the Antiques Roadshow likes things in their original state,
but realistically, the value on this is probably $75-$100, so no
problem with a redo!

He even made the name legible again. My photo not so good.

Think how much fun I'll have filling this with goodies when we
take it along to an antique show or flea market.
Isn't it cute?

I've been meaning to share some photos from our trip to the Farmers Market.
The whole family enjoys this outing, meaning Doyle too.
We have to cross the bridge over the York River to get there.

The farmers market is along the water....what could be better.
Warning....heavy photos here!

Got a huge bag of green beans.

There is even entertainment!

This Mennonite woman let me take a photo of her stand full
of gluten free baked goodies.

Do you think I would leave without a baguette? 
It was scrumptious!
There are a lot of weddings and parties hosted here. 

and naturally, a couple restaurants
It is a great place to bring Doyle, as it is dog friendly & full of doggies!
 He gets to socialize with his furry pals and also got lots of attention and
pets from the folks.  Yes, they make sure plenty of water available for pets.

These German Shorthair Pointers were so handsome. 

Drool worthy peaches.
They tasted as good as they look! 

 When we returned to our parking spot we saw a photographer
taking photos of this is a popular spot for taking
engagement photos.

Thanks so much for coming along to the Farmers Market.

Next week....a tablescape.  Here is a peek!

Have a great week......thanks for putting up with so many photos!  :)


  1. I love going to farmers' market, and that one looks great. Your husband did a fantastic job on the wagon.. It's better than new.

  2. If you lived close to me, I would buy it in a minute for $100. I just came in from carrying a huge basket of produce from the garden, and as I struggled with it, I was thinking . . . next year I am buying a wagon :) That one is a treasure.
    Happy summer!
    Connie :)

  3. Your DH did a great job on that wagon! I love going to Farmers Markets and I love home baked goods, so do my hips! Can't wait to see more of that lovely, summery tablescape!



  4. The wagon cleaned up beautifully, I love it. That market looks so nice, I wish we had such a good one where I live.

  5. Your hubby did a great job on the wagon! Looks like a fun flea market to go to.

  6. What a fabulous restoration on that wagon! We've only gotten to one Farmers Market this summer. You have a wonderful one!

  7. Your wagon turned out great! Wow! I have one that cold use a redo. Wonder if I should add it to hubs list of "to-do's"? The Farmers Market looks wonderful!

  8. Love the wagon redo...great job! Oh Farmer's Markets are the best!

  9. The more photos the better in my opinion! I love the wagon redo and I would love to have a Farmer's Market like that near me...such delicious fresh foods and dog friendly too. Thanks for sharing...:) I look forward to your tablescape.

    Blessings, Vicky

  10. The Farmer's Market looks like a great one. Your wagon was a terrific find, but the refurbishing Mr. Retro did is totally awesome.

  11. That wagon is perfect for flea markets! Maddie always tries to get me to buy one with the idea that I can haul all my junk around but I really think she just wants ne to pull her around in it when she gets tired :-)


  12. Your wagon is just adorable and now looks new! Good job Mr.
    What a wonderful farmers market, those backed goods, the stack of green beans and all those tomato's! yum. The peaches here got zapped this spring so only imports. Looks like a grand time,

  13. Mr VR did an uber fantastic job! How fun to take that to all your thrifty goodies locations!

    Your market looks wonderful. I love going to our Santa Monica Farmers Market - we usually go every Wednesday over the summer but didn't make it once this year because of my back.

    Happy Wednesday!

  14. Mr. Retro did an amazing job with that wagon. WOW! And yes, I do find it more difficult to find the time to blog in the summer--there are too many special events (and farmers' markets!) to enjoy. Those German Shorthairs brought a smile to my face, my first dog was a German shorthair! I enjoyed each and every photo in this post :) --Fran

  15. What a beautiful spot and area!! Looks perfect for the engagement photos and market!! Love all the fresh produce, so nice you can bring Doyle with! Looks like he enjoys a visit there too! :) What an amazing job he did on that wagon!! It looks brand new and so lovely!! :) Great job!! Happy Friday, hope you have a wonderful weekend! And can't wait to see your next table post...looks pretty!! :) xo Holly


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