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Monday, August 25, 2014

A Monday Medley

Happy Monday Morning...I guess.
I downloaded some updates to my computer, lost my toolbar,
I can see it if I hover, but won't let me paste it. Still not loving
Windows 8.1 and some of their changes. Ok, whining is done.
That being said, I have a medley of photos to share.

I think it's illegal to live near the Chesapeake Bay and not like to eat
steamed crabs, dipped in vinegar and/or Old Bay Seasoning.
Mr. Retro has a crab pot license and catches them himself.
Good thing, as they are very pricey to buy!
I'll blog more about this later, but peek at swap Halloween card,
tag and destash I sent my partner at "A Swap For All Seasons".

 Fresh Eggplant=Eggplant parmesan at least once during the season.
Lots of breading and frying going on.
Love using my Pyrex for baking casseroles.
 This is definitely one of our favorite meals!

Besides swaps, been Halloween "playing" because I'm planning
on joining in a craft show/sale at a local church. 
  Also made Christmas tags and Birthday, etc.
Now have to get busy on some cards!

   Doyle got to do some swimming at the preserve yesterday.
He loves it!  Here he is retrieving the dummy
Can I go again??? Please???  He did!

Wet & happy.

On the way home we stopped at a small antique mall.
Couldn't leave without these.  Just love the Woolworth needle book.
79 needles for 19 cents.  The button cards say guaranteed safe
 to wash and dry clean, priced 10 cents.   
  Love these old things.  Cards & spools for crafting.

I'll leave you with this cute tag I made and sent to my nephew
& his wife who just welcomed a baby boy!

Like anything you see here? 

I'll be back Wednesday to share a summer tablescape and join in
Cuisine Kathleen's final summer tablescape challenge.

Have a terrific week! 


  1. Love this medley of pics on this post! I'm definitely in the fall/Halloween crafting spirit after seeing all your fun things. I bet Doyle loved his swimming adventures.

  2. Yum, fresh crab and fresh eggplant!! Your dishes look so yummy, love your Pyrex piece you use too! Doyle is so cute, looks like he had such a fun time, he probably loves retrieving that!! Such fun things you got on your stop, those cards are so pretty and we can always use spools!! :) I'm getting excited for fall and Halloween crafting! I just made a batch of Apple Harvest candles and warmer tarts .....YUM...its smelling just like fall! I think we will have to switch the the windows 8.1 soon too.....not looking forward to it! Lol.
    Have a happy new week Pam!! xo Holly

  3. There is so much to love about this post! I'll be brief: 1. THOSE CRABS!! Nothing like fresh Chesapeake Bay crabs. 2. I have been overdosing on eggplant lately, and yours looks DIVINE. 3. Anytime you show a picture of Doyle it brings a smile to my face, but seeing him swim...awwww. 4. Love the bright flowers on those playing cards! 5. Congrats on the arrival of your grandnephew! :) --Fran

  4. Your card and tag are darling Pam, your partner will be over the moon excited with all that orange fun stuff. Hey! Where'd you find an orange skeleton, love that!

    Yummy eggplant, I want some! Sorry I missed dinner hour! :)

    Happy evening!

  5. ohhhh.. eggplant parm... now youve done it.. my hubby will love you for the idea. I havent made that in a couple years. love all the halloween goodies. Im ready for the orange an black.. but not to say goodbye to summer.... have a great week my friend!

  6. Glad to see Doyle enjoying his summer :-)



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