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Monday, July 14, 2014

Sharing the Garden

Sharing some photos and thoughts today.  Is it Monday already?
Hope to be visiting and posting more soon....yes, I'm still at war with
our online data program.  ;)
Our pears are always plentiful.  These are getting large
even though they won't be ripe until the fall.

Fresh green beans a plenty!

The tomatoes are doing great and we have lots of varieties.

Can't wait until I can eat the first juicy ripe one over the sink
with tomato juices running down my chin.....ah!!!
  We have such problems with weeds, that Mr. Retro came up with
an ingenious idea this year....lots of container gardening.
Some tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini and peppers are planted in the ground,
but lots of tomatoes, green beans, and cucumbers were tried in containers.
It's worked out very well!  He used 55 gallon drums, cut them in half,
added drain holes, and even set them up on cinder blocks to make weeding easier.
They're a little misshapen looking this year, the experimental year,
but we are looking forward to making it better next year.

Not too many folks have something like this in the middle of their field,
but he built this using an old sink, discarded counter and wood scraps.
All we need is the garden hose and we can wash the veggies off right out here!
See the tall grass behind?  No, it's not corn, but some sorghum tall grass
we planted for Doyle.  He gets to leap through and have a wild time. 
I need to add a photo of that later! 

How does your garden grow?
 I almost forgot these.  Our Silver Maple is very old and very tall,
and was ill and we had to have the dead branches removed.
Can you see the man at the top?  My heart was in my mouth watching him!

 Lots of large limbs had to be removed, unfortunately.

Doyle thought it was his own playground.

It's almost like playing "where's Waldo" to find him, lol. 

On the upside, we have lots of firewood for the winter!
Have a great week!


  1. You are such a dear. Thank you so much for the extra banner piece and the adorable tag/card. It came at a perfect time. With the open house and our Colorado visitors I haven't been able to get a note off to you. HUGS

  2. What a great idea to put a sink right in your garden to wash your fresh veggies! It's all looking good!

    xo Danielle

  3. Wow! What a gorgeous garden! We use to plant in container too. Makes watering much easier!


  4. It's been so hot here that our raised beds aren't doing well. We were experimenting, and it looks like we need a Plan B. Love the sink idea!

  5. I'm loving your container garden. I never thought to use the big drums, but makes more sense that my two little pots I have a tomato and pepper plant in. Also loving the sink idea!

  6. Your property looks beautiful! Great idea about the raised beds as well as that old sink! We have a large silver maple like yours and it needs pruning too, I see in your logs some rotted areas! Good thing you had them removed, they are so prone to crashing down. Have a lovely week!

  7. So lovely your property is!! And, so yummy to have your own pears and veggies!! Cute sink idea!! xo Heather

  8. I can't imagine being at the top of that tree doing limb removal. I was a bit scared for him. Love the idea of a sink to wash fresh veggies right outside. Your property and gardens look fabulous!

  9. I think those raised beds are a spectacular idea! I'm jealous of all of your space. It must be heaven for Doyle to have so much room to roam! Hope you are having a great week :) --Fran

  10. Your garden looks great! I don't grow a garden, but my mom and dad do and they have everything in containers...much like your system. Daddy even built a special watering system for all of them. Lots of work, but they have had much reward for the work. I sure have enjoyed the tomatoes and eggplant and today I cooked okra mama just yummy! Enjoy!

    Blessings, Vicky

  11. Fresh green beans...yum! Everything looks great!

    Isn't it ridiculous how dependent we are on technology?


  12. Hi Pam! Nice to hear from you, hopefully your computer problems will be resolved soon for you! Your garden looks wonderful! Those tomatoes, green beans and pears look so yummy! We use to have a few nice pear trees at my parents, but our horses liked them too! ...ALOT! lol. What a big tree with huge limbs out there! Fun spotting Doyle in there, he probably was having a blast!! A very nice pile for firewood, I love wood burners!
    Hope you have a lovely week!! xo Holly

  13. I love the idea of the barrels for garden containers! Ingenious! Do the wasps eat your pears? We finally cut ours down because of all the wasps.

    I have veggies coming out my ears! I am so DONE with preserving, but still have some relish and tomatoes to can. I will be glad of it in the winter but it's so much work right now. Especially since I work full time.

    I know you hated to cut some branches from your tree, but maybe that will help it get better and you won't lose it.



  14. Ive been thinking about container gardens for next year.. I thought about it for this year too.. but didnt do it. partly because of weeds, but also because the part of our yard where we have tried to garden before tends to be too wet sometimes. we'll see next year. I like your idea though!
    enjoy all those veggies!!

  15. Love your raised gardens AND the sink! There are so many great ideas out there now. I'm telling ya, gardeners are getting smarter by the minute! No garden for me this year- maybe next.


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