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Monday, June 2, 2014

Vintage Tablecloth Stash & Finds

Good Monday Morning!  Our houseguest just left,
so I thought I would share the guest room...where some of my
vintage tablecloths are stashed.

 I decided to drape this strawberry design tablecloth over the bed to add
some color and fun.
 This is my tablecloth cabinet.  Just one of the places I stash
my vintage linens.  The boxes on top hold vintage tea towels
and hankies, and some ephemera. 
The drawers are full of tablecloths, and the shelves are stacked.

This cabinet was originally a child's wardrobe.
 Mr. Retro built the shelves in the hanging space, a perfect tablecloth stash.

They need some straightening, but still so pretty to view.
A brandy snifter of vintage hankies on top of the bookshelves.

Pardon the messy shelves...wasn't planning to show this, mostly
my collector books, but see the pink cloth tote on the floor?
It holds some smaller linens, and the tote bag is full of vintage napkins.

Only a few finds this week end.  A vintage Scottie dog
powder jar and 2 chartreuse Hazel Atlas sherbets.
& this colorful Mexican bowl. 
Sewing trims and ribbons.

A dollar a box!
Of course I took all 3!  I got the plastic shoeboxes too,
didn't expect that!

Doyle catching up on his porch sleeping....can never get enough.
Did you do any thrifting?  Or have some week end fun?
Happy Monday....have a great week!
I have lots of blog reading to catch up on.  :)
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  1. That's a collection, for sure!! Impressive!!

  2. I have never thought of using one of my tablecloths as a bedding accent. What a great idea! I love that strawberry one. I have two of them. One is super faded so I use it on my patio table during the summer. I love the shabbiness of it.

    Have a great week!


  3. You have some beautiful tablecloths. I also collect vintage tablecloths...and aprons...and potholders...and hankies. You have yours looking so neat, it's inspiring! Love what you found while out junking. I love that you highlight Doyle in some of your pictures. He is a handsome boy, but then I'm partial to all dogs. Lol.

  4. Wow look at all those tablecloths! I would have a ball digging though them! I did get in a little thrifting this weekend. Photos later this week, I had a crazy busy weekend!


  5. Your guest bedroom is so welcoming and cute! Love the prettiness from the vintage table cloths!! What a perfect place to store all those beautiful linens!! You sure do have beautiful stacks!! :) Doyle is so cute! Wow ....what a great bargain on those shoe boxes for only one dollar!!! That's awesome, I always love laces and trims! :) Wishing you a lovely week, I need to catch on blogs too! xo Holly

  6. Wow, lovely collections! How many tablecloths do you have?

    1. Maybe 200, she says unashamedly, lol. Actually probably less now, I've sold about 15 recently.

  7. Squeal! I have that exact same child's wardrobe! It was originally my mother's and then it was used by Emma in her baby nursery. I love how you are using it for linens. It has been sitting in the basement. You've given me a new idea!!

    1. Can't wait to see your idea! Found my cabinet at an antique mall.

  8. SO MANY TABLECLOTHS! The colors are so beautiful!! :)

  9. Love to see your tablecloths and all your fun finds!!

  10. You always have so many lovely tablecloths I would never have thought of putting a tablecloth on a bed but what a great way to brighten up a bed.
    Have a lovely week.

  11. Hi there, I love all the beautiful colors of your tablecloths! The strawberry one on the bed is gorgeous. Love the cabinet you stash them in too! Doyle looks so happy taking his nap, give him a hug from us!
    Dorothy and Wilma

  12. Oh, I am in love with that strawberry tablecloth!! And, all of your pretty stash!! ;) xo Heather

  13. I love the tablecloth on the bed. That is so fun! I love seeing your linen storage and your guest room is so inviting. I would definitely have bought all 3 boxes, too. I can't pass up vintage sewing stuff. Have a great week!

  14. What a collection! I just knew that you had a fabulous one and everything is so organized too.

    xo Danielle

  15. You always. Find the coolest stuff! Love all your tablecloths. But the bed cover is perfect! So cute!

  16. I wondered where you kept all those linens! I have not bought a thing this year yet..but Mr. brought me home some linens.

  17. Gorgeous collection of beautiful vintage table cloths..Love the storage unit too...Fabulous finds!! I adore the pic of Doyle... Hugs May x x

  18. You truly have one of the biggest table cloth collection I have seen. That one looks nice on the bed. I also like your sidebar design.

  19. I love how you've put the strawberry table cloth on the bed! A great idea!
    Yes, you for sure have the most enviable collection ever! We're so lucky that you show them to us!
    Hope you're having a great week.
    Erica :)

  20. Wow your cabinet is awesome! And a great linen collection too.

    Jocelyn @

  21. I keep thinking about turning my craft room into a guest room and moving my craft room upstairs. I cant believe how many vintage tableclothes you have.. you lucky girl! Im going out treasure hunting today!
    happy saturday!

  22. I love the cabinet you keep all of your linens in! All of your cloths are so bright and cheery it makes a wonderful display just storing them!

  23. What a cozy, welcoming guest room! The tablecloth on the bed is such a cheerful touch. I can't believe you got all of those trims for a dollar a, wow, wow. Have a wonderful weekend! :) --Fran


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