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Monday, May 5, 2014

Gone Camping & Thrifty Find!

Finally a gorgeous weekend with no rain predicted.  Perfect time for breaking
out the camper for the season.  We have a sweet Aliner camper.
 Virginia boasts that no one lives more than an hour away from a State Park. 
We have so many beautiful parks, took advantage of the weather and spent our
first camping weekend this year at beautiful Belle Isle State Park. 
 Our Aliner sets up in less than a minute, is lightweight & easy to tow. 
Our idea of camping is to enjoy the outdoors, but I admit to enjoy having an indoor
place to sleep or for unexpected bad weather. 
This sweet camper has it all:  refrigerator, stove top, microwave, heater & A/C.  
Someday we'll take that cross country dream!
Of course Doyle is required to be leashed, so we use his harness, easier for
hooking him to a long lead so he can wander the campsite.

All this nature and keeping his eye on all the other campers with dogs
 plum wore him out!

Darn right you spotted a vintage Wilendur tablecloth on the picnic table! 
Tablecloth weights keep it from blowing away.  Prettiest table in the campground!
(No need to "gasp" about my using a Wilendur for camping.  It is in poor condition
with several patches.  Great memories are attached to this  tablecloth, we have been
bringing it camping for many years.  I just add patches as needed.)
I was so relaxed I forgot to bring my camera with us around the park, or to take
photos of our campsite all set up.  Oh well, there is always next time! 

Here we are ready to leave, Mr. Retro doing the final check.  I'm always a little sad
breaking down camp, our sweet home for a couple days, but we'll be back!

 Can't end without showing you a sweet thrifty find!
Red Wing vintage dishes.  Of course I need want more dishes! 

Magnolia pattern from the late 40's into the 50's.  Love the squarish shape plates that
sweep up at the edges.  Also, they are hand painted.  So gorgeous!

The shape of the cup made me swoon!   What a tiny cup of coffee it would make,
maybe perfect for espresso, lol.  I reasoned the "tablescape" excuse for bringing them home.  
 I've promised myself not to hunt for matching pieces, we'll see how that goes.  ;) 

How did you spend your week-end?  Do any of you like to camp?  Know you like thrift
finds!  I haven't been around, so have lots of blog reading to catch up on.
Have a great & sunny week! 

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  1. I spent my weekend coaching in a volleyball tournament - nothing fun like glamping,

    I absolutely LOVE that tablecloth.

  2. Oh I love your camper! CUTE!! I use to camp but don't now but my daughter and family are planning some trips this year. Those dishes are too swoon for! I would for sure have bought those! I spent my weekend having a yard sale at Mom's, taking stuff to the thrift and more packing.

  3. I LOVE your camper! I spent many nights in a "Shasta" camper when I was growing up! Unfortunately Mr, Lbpsews does NOT like to camp. Pretty tablecloth and gorgeous dishes! I bought so much stuff at an auction yesterday it isn't even funny. I have lots of "going through" to do this week!

  4. What a sweet camper...and those dishes are beautiful!

  5. Your camper is so cute Pam! I've never been camping and now I'm too old and cranky and creeky to begin. I envy you - I wish I were a traveler but I don't sleep well away from home - don't really sleep much at all anyway but it's far worse away from home WAH!
    Love that your linens go with you!
    Happy week!

  6. I just love your adorable little camper! Camping is such fun although it's been a while since I have done it. The hubby and I want a camper some day! We also want a pontoon boat but those are both far down on the wish list...:) Those dishes are the colors, design, and shape of them. I would have bought them too! Have a lovely week!

    Blessings, Vicky

  7. I love your camper, I've been wanting a pop up but I like your even more. Perfect size. I like to go camping, I used to go a lot when my boys were younger, now they want to go with their friends instead. : ( Those dishes are very beautiful too, I was excited to find 3 pretty dishes this weekend I really like only to drop them on my front walkway where they broke into a million pieces! Unfortunately I had put them between some clothes for the car ride and forgot about them.

  8. Love your sweet camper and what a pretty tablecloth!! I think you should have a pretty table while camping, too!! xo Heather

  9. wonderful camper! I would love to have an old camper to make into a traveling craft room. then I could take my craft room to the beach! lol!
    Glad you got away for a weekend.
    happy Tuesday!

  10. That is just the sweetest camper!!! And what a fancy tablecloth you brought along - nice!!

  11. I need to find some of those tablecloth weights for when I use mine outside on the patio this summer. Love that sweet camper. Glad you guys had fun!


  12. As a family growing up we went camping several times a month - to the lake, to the mountains and to the beach. Often we would primitive camp - no water, no electricity. I made the mistake of dragging my husband-to-be along one weekend and that ended my camping - he despised it. To this day he does not understand camping when there are perfectly good hotel rooms. Love both the tablecloth and the sweet magnolia dishes.

  13. Well thats just adorable! I'd love to see the inside. Ohhhh how I love printed tablecloth's a weakness of mine. Wilendur being a top favorite righhhhtt after Broderie's.

  14. I've never seen an A frame camper! Too cute!
    I used to love to camp and hope to again some day!
    Glad you had fun!

  15. I don't mind camping as long as I can sleep indoors on a bed. I don't enjoy roughing it out too much. Your camper is just perfect. I'm loving your dishes. You've got a great eye for spotting things.
    xx Beca

  16. I've never seen your kind of camper. I cannot believe it has all that stuff in it and you can sleep in it too! That's the only way to go! So nice and small to cart around. I'm glad you are using the tablecloth. Why have it sit in a drawer when you can enjoy it. Love the dishes - so pretty!

  17. That camper is adorable! Your home touches to the campground would make any camping experience wonderful! Love those vintage Red Wing dishes!

  18. I admit it--I don't like camping! But after seeing your sweet setup--that carpet, the Wilendur tablecloth, DOYLE...hmmm, your type of camping could persuade me to give it a try! :) --Fran


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