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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

More Leprechauns ~ Swap & Vignette!

I received my Secret Leprechaun Package!
 My Secret Leprechaun for this fun swap was
Debby who blogs at Cozy Blanket
 She sent me this beautiful embroidered runner because she knows
my favorite thing is vintage linens.  I also got the adorable stand up
St. Patrick's boy, the sleeping leprechaun baby, some ribbon tied
greenery, and the sweet owl handmade card.   The card has a
birthday theme, since I'm having one of those this month.
How adorable is all this?  Thank you so much Debby for this
surprise package of St. Paddy's Day sweetness!

 Always needs a closer LOOK at cute!
 & a BIG THANKS to Vivian for being the hostess-with-the-mostest
of this very fun swap! 

 I added the swap goodies to my vignette.  OD'ing on cute here!
I crafted the spoolie, wreath and tag. 
I have the same sweet leprechaun guy I sent as Secret leprechaun swapper 
(sssh, can't tell who I had yet~but she should have her package)
 since I bought them together.  Think he looks especially cute in the cup.

Added the green sprig to what was already in my vase, perfect!

Yikes, I'd better finish making my cards and get them in the mail, the 17th is coming!

Doyle helped me in his usual manner.  :)
Hope you enjoyed seeing my goodies and will have a
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
I think my next post should be my St. Paddy's Day tablescape,
featuring a vintage tablecloth....of course! 
Have a great rest of the week......and show us your green!


  1. Love the runner and the sleeping baby...and the sleeping Doyle. :)

  2. What a nice swap prize. I love the runner, it's really beautiful. Doyle looks so sweet curled up like that! I love seeing what he's been up to. :)

  3. Such cute swap gifts! Love the embroidered runner!

    Look at all your St. Patty's stuff, so much fun. I don't think I have but a couple of things?? Need to remedy that. Can't wait to see your tablescape and cloth.

    Wish I could take a nap like Doyle! Tis indeed, a dogs life. Lucky puppers!

  4. I love all your gifts, Pam. What fun! I look forward to seeing your St. Paddy's Day table.

  5. What fun gifts Deb sent you. It's been neat seeing everyone's cute St. Patty's decorations. Doyle looks very very cozy.

  6. Cute swap goodies! I've gotta get a few pictures of mine tomorrow and ship it off! (: Such a pretty embroidered runner! Can't wait to see your St. Patty's table! Doyle is so cute!! Him and Jerry would get along perfect.....taking all those naps! They always curl up so cute though, don't they!? xo Holly

  7. Hi Pam! Looks likeLuck found you! Cute green swap fun! Oh my, your new runner is beautiful! Hugs, Patti

  8. It sure looked like a fun swap! Someday I'll get back into swapping but for now I'm enjoying just looking at everyone elses.

  9. My goodness, you have Shamrocks and Green Stuff galore. How fun was this post with your 'Swap Stuff'. Green is one of favorite colors and I'm not even Irish. Thanks for stopping by for VTT.

  10. Love your swap gift...swaps are so fun. You have lots of fun things to play with!

  11. I love the sleeping baby! What great treasures you received. I love anything green, and I'm really looking forward to your St. Patty's Day tablescape! :) --Fran


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