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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Freezin' Flea Market Thrifty Chairs!

Today is darn cold, gray and damp.  Even so, DH (Dear Hubby, Dang Hubby,
whichever is appropriate at the time, lol) was determined to go the open year round
 Flea Market.  It wasn't full, but there are always plenty of hardy vendors set up.
 We've been looking for 4 matching chairs for our dining room table. 
 Actually looking for Heywood Wakefield chairs, but they are always
incredibly expensive - no matter what condition we find them in.
He spied these chairs at the Flea.
Pretty cool, huh?  They are dated 1960.  One chair still has
a label that gives an order number and reads: 399 of 406. 
 A rather large order, right?

They are also marked, Seat:  Stoneville teal, Finish: Natural.
DH (Dear, in this case) realized they were made for commercial use.
Think of yourself sitting in one of these chairs in a deli or breakfast place
many moons ago.  They are really heavy...but solid & sturdy in a chair is a good thing. 

DH needs to clean the wood and spruce them up a bit.

I need to look for some great fabric to recover them. 

They're not Wakefield and never will be, but they go well with our
blonde dining room furniture and I think they look pretty darn good already.
(Nothing done to them yet, but of course I made him place them around the
table just to see!)
OH~Forgot about this being a thrifty post.
DH said: I paid $12. 
I said:  $12 a chair isn't bad since you found 4 matching.  
DH said:  No, I paid $12 for all 4!  The guy said I could have them for $3 a chair.
BINGO!  Now that's a thrifty find. 
DH did great, didn't he?  Yup, he's a keeper.  For lots of other reasons too.
Remember the Daffodils that were pushing up through the snow in January?
Well, they survived and this is them last week when we got our last round of sleet & snow.

This is them today.  They are really tough, and quite the role model for
helping me get through my little procedure.  Thanks Daffs! 
& THANK YOU dear blogger friends for all the support you offered
me last definitely helped me through.
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  1. What a steal on those chairs! Holy Cow! I agree you do have a DEAR husband. Glad that procedure is over. Half the battle.



  2. Wow, great deal, always nice to have a spouse who is thrifty too! I like them, well made and they look really good.

  3. Wow, I love the chairs! What a bargain. They're really cool. I love that mid-century style. Have fun with them.

  4. Now that is an awesome deal! I love those chairs and they look to be in great shape. They will look awesome with recovered seats too. Happy to hear you made it through your procedure...those types of things are no fun and if you're like me, the dreading part is always worse than the actual procedure. Have a great week and thanks for sharing your sunny daffodils!

    Blessings, Vicky

  5. What an amazing deal on those chairs. They really do look to be in fabuous shape. Good for you both. I'm still envious of your beautiful daffs. Aren't they strong buggers. I swear spring will never come to MI. I'm glad you made it through your procedure. Have a wonderful week ahead.

  6. Great deals So sorry I missed your last post. Glad it's over and your results come back aok. I just got my results from an upper endoscopy and they were pretty good. Have a good week.

  7. Love those chairs. Great lines and the price is unbelievable!! Your DH did great!

  8. I think DH is a keeper! They look great at your table.

  9. Love the chairs and such a great price!! Happy Spring! xo Heather

  10. OMG, what a deal, Pam...I ♥♥♥ those chairs! They look really comfortable, too.

  11. So fantastic you're feeling good enough to go thrifting and what a great find those chairs are! Love them! Can't believe your hubby got four for $12, I'd say that's a steal.

  12. I would love those chairs! Beautiful!

  13. I like your new chairs!! And I can't believe the price, I like the way they look right now, there's so many possibilities you could do with them! Such a fun project!! It's been so cold here, glad to see your flowers made it!! Happy new week!! xo Holly

  14. Kudos to DH for a job well done!

  15. Wow, great job DH! I have some old wooden kitchen chairs that were made for commercial (school) use, too, and they are AMAZING in terms of stability and durability. I know it's a cliche, but they don't make 'em like that anymore! Very nice find!

  16. What a great deal! Those chairs are super nice...I wish I could find six nice chairs like them and at that great price!

  17. The best find I've heard about in a long time!! They look great at your table!

  18. So glad that you made it through your procedure and are back to blogging! And those chairs--what a steal! At that price, I would have bought them even though I don't need them. I can't wait to see them after your cover them! Have a wonderful week :) --Fran

  19. WOW... What a steal on the chairs! My former MIL had blond furniture that she bought as a bride in 1956 and she had similar chairs and tables from the period. I am not a big fan of blond but love the chairs! What a incredible deal.

  20. I love them just as they are. Gorgeous chairs for a gorgeous price. Hello, DH!!

  21. amazing price on those chairs, and they look wonderful!! Your husband did a good job on locating them!! Happy VTT

  22. Someways it pays to take the hubby along.

  23. What an amazing deal, and the chairs are so cool! Praying for wellness for you, Pam :)
    Dawn @ We Call It Junkin

  24. Wow! Four chairs for $12 -- when do you ever find that?!! And they look really good around your table!


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