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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Western Tablescape ~ Yee Haw!

Howdy Buckaroos!
Thanks for coming to check out my latest tablescape.

There is a major difference in this tablescape because the tablecloth is not vintage,
but new ~ that's right!  A reproduction of a vintage Startex western theme
tablecloth that sells for a price way out of my cheap thrifty budget.
I confess to owning 2 repro tablecloths, and will do a tablescape with the other
adorable one in the future.  But on with this one... made by Moda, who at least
make a good quality reproduction. 

Dark colored vintage Hazel Atlas ovide dishes look super with
this tablecloth, don't you agree?

Hazel Atlas Ovide (platonite glass) dishes.
Vintage striped glasses (I've forgotten the maker, but they have a story).
New large dark green Hazel Atlas salad server to match the small apple bowls.
Bakelite handled gravy/sauce server, which we use a lot.

Side view

Had to "girlie" this setting up a little, so I used vintage hankies for napkins.

 This looks so cute (& I'm all about "cute") on my table, I'll be leaving it to
enjoy for a few days. 

So love the striped glasses.  I found them at a yard sale, and as I
started to pick them up heard a voice say, "Those are sold, that's my pile".
Turns out she was a dealer I knew, and seeing how much I loved them she let
me have them for the $2 she was buying them for.  Sweet!  Of course I shop at
her store and buy from her ~ did you really wonder about that!  :)
Okay, I digress...

Coffee on a cold winter day, maybe with a big shot pinch of Kahlua.  Yum!

A few close-ups of the graphics. 

Cowboy cute!

Can't forget the steer and the campfire,

or the saddle, wagon wheel, etc.

Hope you enjoyed this tablescape and thanks for visiting!
Doyle says: enough already with the computer Mom, can't you see I'm
standing here with my chicken ready to play?

OK Doyle, who can resist a rubber chicken! 
Hope to be linking up to a few parties later.  Yee Haw!
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  1. You set a really cute table! ~~Pam

  2. That's a great Western tablescape! Another win in your column.

  3. What a nice western tablescape!! Love the horse and rider!! Too cute! And speaking of cute....Doyle! You better go play!! I know how those looks go, mom get off the computer and pay attention to me!! lol....too sweet! xo Holly

  4. But Doyle, tablescapes are very IMPORTANT! :) I love this one, it reminds me of home, somehow. :D

  5. Pam, you have some of the best those apple bowls. Fabulous tablecloth, too.
    Have a wonderful week.

  6. It's wonderful! I love that tablecloth. One of these days I'll find one like that.

  7. Just added a cowboy themed tablecloth to my Want List! Love that one especially. Maybe I will get lucky like I did with my Wilendur lobster and find one at an estate sale for 6 bucks :-)


    1. Erica, I can't believe you found a lobster Wilendur for $6! I found mine a few years ago for $18 and was thrilled, lol. GOOD for you!

  8. What a neat tablecloth! It really does looke vintage...:) I love the picture of Doyle with his chicken...:) He is such a sweetie! Have a blessed evening.....Vicky

  9. That western tablecloth would have been perfect at Josie's cowgirl birthday party. Love it. It really does look vintage.

  10. Love, love, love! You have more fun! Enjoy!

  11. Who can resist a charming tablecloth like that? It really makes the table. I have some glasses similar to your striped ones. Mine have a red stripe and not a black one. :)

  12. Hi! Thank you so much for following me. I get so excited to see someone new...I had to come over for a visit. I love vintage tablescapes...but I have only done one on my blog. It was a vintage Christmas theme. I collect and I love how they look with Western and Mexican style table cloths. Love the stripey glasses. I have a few myself, though I prefer to just collect fun "orphan" glasses. They look so cute grouped together in my cupboard on the "looky-no-touchy shelf." I know I will enjoy reading more of your blog...I have added you to my blog list. =D And I see a few familiar bloggers in the comments.

    1. I know I've read your blog and see your comments on blogs I follow. Really don't know how I missed following you before this. :)

  13. Oh Pam, you are just too darn cute. I love that tablecloth and all the cute things you added to that table of yours. I am having a blast putting together stuff for YOU for the swap. Your blog is a joy to look at everyday.



    1. I'm working on your box and getting stuff together for you too! I'm having a great time too Debbie! Fun!!! :)

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  15. Love the Western themed tablecloth!!!

  16. Charming tablecloth and l love the striped glasses!!!

  17. Doyle! I'm sure I could reisit a rubber chicken, but there's no way I could ever resist dear, sweet Doyle! :) --Fran

  18. Pam, the cloth is a beaut and you always have such fabulous dishes to go with your collection. It may be a repro, but super fun! I didn't know Doyle liked playing chicken so much. lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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