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Monday, January 20, 2014

Tablecloth Laundry Day ~ Thrifty & Risque Finds!

Sharing a few of my vintage tablecloths on laundry day!
I hate to iron, and try to buy clothes that can get away with as little
ironing as possible.  But ironing my vintage linens is a whole
different story!  I love seeing them and touching them, so in this
case ironing fits the bill!
 This is a vintage Simtex, pattern name "Delight".

Aptly named, as it is a delight on my table!
Beautiful tablecloths all soaked, washed & ironed.


Tea towels don't get left out.  I showed the bride & groom towel before,
cute enough for a 2nd showing.  The butterfly and floral vintage pair are by Startex. 

Met friends for breakfast yesterday and then made a quick trip to the
flea market with them.  YES, the flea market while temps were in the 30's!

There are some very hardy sellers...who set up tables in the winter!
Yup, this particular flea market is open year round. I spied this
wonderful cake carrier on a sellers table and just had to bring it home.
Priced right at $2, and just perfect to sit atop the microwave.

We're moving into adult territory here......
I found these 50's or 60's Sweetheart Models playing cards at an
estate sale a couple months ago and knew I couldn't share
them topless, so I've arranged them strategically.  ;)
These models look like "real" women, not today's pencil thin
models who look like they need to eat a cookie....or a dozen cookies,
or...well, you get my drift.  No photoshop here either.  Just a
 fun kitschy item from another era.  Vintage "risqué" items
are both sought after and collectible.

They were a bit hit at the check-out table where lots of folks were
lamenting about how they had missed seeing them.  Even had a
purchase offer, but they came home with me. 
Why can't I see those cards?
I joined 2 Valentine swaps and have been having such fun at my crafting table,
even making an extra spoolie for myself and for a friend's birthday that
falls on Valentine's Day.  Promise to show it all later. 
(Thanks ImagiMeri for sharing wonderful Valentine graphics with us.)
Do you have a favorite tablecloth?  Like my cake take-along?
How about the Model cards? (Hope I didn't offend anyone).
Love when you visit ~ have a great week. 
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  1. I always love seeing your beautiful tablecloths!! Happy week to you! xo Heather

  2. I love washing and ironing my table cloths, too!
    I miss my clothes line!

    Your doggy made me chuckle! :)
    I was reading on facebook yesterday that there is a new lingerie company that is not going to photo shop its models! So good to hear!

  3. I am in love with the white tablecloth with bir red roses all over! What brand is that one...I will have to keep an eye out for one like it! What a steal on the cake carrier! It looks right at home on the microwave...:) Have a lovely week....Blessings, Vicky

  4. I absolutely love the Delight pattern! Everything looks so fresh and beautiful.

  5. I love the bride and groom towel - so cute - and the butterflies too. You have the best collection.

    xo Danielle

  6. Pam, you have the BEST tablecloths!

  7. Pam it is NEVER TOO COLD for a flea market, I am so there with you! Those playing cards are so nostalgic, I remember finding a deck such as those in my dads sock drawer and running out of the room as fast as I could, blushing all the while. Beautiful linens my friend. zi am so excited to be working on your swap goodies. Have a great week.


  8. When Maddie and I went to the flea market yesterday morning, it was 27 degrees! It is inside but in an old cement building with no heat. We may as well have been outside!

    I never tire of looking at stacks of beautiful vintage linens, especially the printed ones. I'm totally with you on the cleaning and ironing. It totally relaxes me. I have a huge stack just waiting to be soaked and hung outside to dry. Bring on the sun!


  9. Your tablecloths are sooo pretty!! I just love when you show them!! Can't wait to see more of your Valentine crafting too!!! :) Happy new week!! xo Holly

  10. Your collection is amazing. Those cards are cool! What a neat thing to have. My husband's grandfather had one of those old keychains that have a little box to look into and see a pin-up girl inside. I don't know what happened to it when his grandfather died but he always said he wanted it for himself!

  11. I always enjoy seeing your tablecloths. I'm always surprised that we don't have any matches. (I don't have nearly as many as you.) I wish I could go to a flea market. Sigh.

  12. You really do find the best linens. A flea market in the winter. What an idea. That cake carrier is a steal at two dollars. I'm smiling at your naughty cards. My grandfather had a special calendar in his wood shop that my sister were always amazed at.

  13. Those cards are so cool! I try to keep an eye out for them, but have yet to come across a set. Your table looks so wonderful with all those gorgeous linens! The Delight one is my favorite in this particular group. It's such a lovely mod pattern.
    Good luck with this next round of snow you guys are about to get!

  14. Neat cards!! Your tablecloths are beautiful. I haven't found one in such a long time!! Love the cake carrier...I have small collection of them sitting on top of my fridge. Take care~

  15. The risque cards are great! I found at set at a thrift store once. Surprised me, since it's the most shopped, best known thrift shop on the city (it's on the subway line), tons of dealers & in the part of the city where all the hipsters live. You just never know...

    The bride & groom were def worth showing again. I love it!

  16. I drool every time I visit your blog. I love all your tablecloths! Thank you for visiting over at my blog and yes it was a Fiatelle tablecloth in the background. I found it marked on it. Have a great week!

  17. OMG! I am so sorry I have no idea what happened.
    Can't wait to see your Reds

  18. My mum has a cupboard full of tablecloths like those! Your dog is adorable

  19. Loved seeing all you vintage tablecloths. I have several but none like any of yours.

  20. I love seeing all your tablecloths. I have a few and I'm planning to display them in a vintage picnic basket. Still have to clean the basket and collect the table clothes from their various storage places.

    You have quite a collection. Just yesterday I discover a blog where she took the damages ones and cut them up and made tablerunners, quilts, and patchwork tablecloths. Interesting idea.

  21. I am in love with your gorgeous tablecloths!!! They are so vibrant and colorful, they make me happy just looking at them :)

  22. I can never get enough of your tablecloths! Hmmm, I really like the one with the green floral/garland border, have you ever posted a tablescape with that one? Those cards made me laugh, brought back memories of when I was around 8 or 9 years old and a friend and I found a deck like that when we were walking to school! Have a wonderful day :) --Fran

  23. For someone who hates to iron you picked toughies to iron..Pretty though..What are you going to do with the model cards??

  24. Hi Pam! So glad you came for Rednesday.
    Love those linens! I iron and iron and mine never come out so smooth...sigh...altho mine come all balled up by the sellers cause I buy the one to be repurposed so I guess that's why,
    Anyhoo, that cake carrier is wonderful.

  25. The table cloths are just gorgeous! I love the one with the chickens! So cute. And, thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog. ~ Diane


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