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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tablescape Challenge ~ Simtex "Quo Vadis"!

The challenge was to find a picture in a magazine or advertisement
of a tablesetting and re-create it.
That doesn't sound difficult!  How wrong I was!  I spent a couple hours
browsing through magazines and looking online.  I found many gorgeous tables.
Hmmm, the dilemma....I don't have 12 place settings and a long farm table, or many silver
serving pieces, or elaborate centerpieces or candelabras.
  I recently donated lots of odd dishes and glasses I had thrifted for tablescapes.  That
didn't help me either!  The shelves are nearly bare.  ((SIGH))
I really had been looking forward to joining in the challenge at
Let's Dish, but disappointingly figured I'd have to miss out.
While browsing through one of my vintage tablecloth books this morning,
I spied a page with reproduced ads of vintage Simtex tablecloths.  EUREKA!
Why hadn't I thought of that?  It's certainly not a perfect recreation,
but good enough to allow me to join in!
Without further ado.....
Sorry the photo is not better, it was a small ad and difficult to capture.
Love the script at the bottom: 
 & it's guaranteed by Good Housekeeping, see the seal?
Fuzzier but closer photo of  the "Quo Vadis" tablecloth by Simtex.
(Quo Vadis = Latin, Where are you going?)

Now here is my version:

Yes, I do own a Simtex "Quo Vadis". 
I had to use the porch table because the dining room table is covered
with gifts, wrapping paper and bows.  Actually, I like the play of the
sun streaming in, especially after 4 days of rain!

I used my vintage Iroquois Impromptu china.  Have no dishes
with a center design, so added the little green bowls to the center.

Clear stemmed water glasses.
Pair of tall candlestick holders.  Candles lit, like the ad!

Elevated compote filled with fruit.  The one in the photo looks
like some type of metal, so I improvised by using a metal bell in front.

Close up of a place setting.  The green fruit dishes are Anchor Hocking "burple" design.
This table feels like it needs more....but in keeping with the challenge, it's done.
I don't know about the others that joined in, but Kathleen sure challenged me!

Looking at all that vintage inspired me to make a vintage type dinner.
A hot "fill your belly and stick to your ribs" casserole like our Nana used to make us. 
Mine is filled with eggplant, tomatoes, garlic, spinach, peppers, low fat
cottage cheese (in lieu of ricotta), Italian spices, Parmesan cheese, sauce and a crusty top. 
Mmmmm good! 
Thanks for visiting!  Look for my next post which will be a
Christmas tablescape using my lovely Aqua Wilendur.

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  1. Wow! If it was such a challenge for you, I can't imagine how difficult it would be for the average (non table cloth and dishware collecting) person! What a great idea though, to recreate a look straight out of an old ad! You aced it! It's beautiful.
    Can't wait to see the aqua Wilendur all done up!
    Hope you're having a great day.
    Erica :)

  2. I love the idea of this challenge! Your table settings never cease to amaze me; your house must be like a treasure trove for these items. I love the way it turned out.

  3. Perfect!! You did a great job! I like yours better than the ad, though. So I guess that is a good thing!! What a fun challenge. I miss visiting around my favorite blogs, But Merry Christmas, to you and yours!

  4. You did a beautiful job recreating that tablesetting. In fact, I like your green tablecloth better than the one in the ad. And your casserole looks amazing too!

  5. LOL, it didn't have to be 12 place settings! Mine is only 4, and I used a round table while the ad was rectangular. It was the concept, and you did a great job. The swirls on the tablecloth are amazing! I am sorry it was difficult for you, but I hope in the end yo enjoyed it! I loved seeing your take on it.
    Thanks so much for taking the challenge at Let's dish!

  6. I love this! You really carried out the inspiration table beautifully, but gave it your own twist. I wish I had those gorgeous green bowls. I have the water glasses in that pattern but would love the bowls or maybe the sherbets -- such a pretty green!

  7. Gosh, I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I don't want to comment on the table. I'm interested in the little bit of tablecloth (?) hanging on your wall. Is it framed. How big exactly. Is it vintage? I thinking of giving my son and his wife a vintage Christmas table cloth and I've been wondering if I should have it framed so they can display it at Christmas (They have a rectangle table and it is a square. Anyway, can you give details?

    1. LOL Denise! It is a tablecloth, a vintage Florida souvenir tablecloth. My hubby is a woodworker, he made the frame, ordered the plexiglass and put it together for me. Not an easy or inexpensive project. But, my tablecloth is about 50" square, so that's a large piece of plexiglass. I'll try to take a decent photo of it to show in a future post.

    2. Thanks for your prompt reply. I'd love to see a photo of it.

    3. Thanks for your prompt reply. I'd love to see a photo of it.

  8. Looks really nice! What a neat challenge. I am looking forward to your next post with the aqua blue! :) Blessings, Vicky

  9. You did a great job, Pam...I like your tablecloth much better. My mother had those same little bowls, in green and clear when we were kids. I am anxious to see you use the aqua tablecloth next week...

  10. Great job. Wish we could buy nice tablecloths these days. Look forward to seeing your next tablescape with the aqua cloth.

  11. Pam I love the tablecloth in green. You did a great job! I too found it to be a challenge just to find a table I thought I could replicate and as it is I ended up using it as an 'inspiration'! I think you did a great job. I love those green bowls!
    hugs, Linda

  12. I love vintage tablecloths and yours surely came in handy this week. You did just great using what you have. FYI, I don't have settings for 12 either!

  13. Glad you found this lovely photo! Your translation is just right with the great tablecloth that is spot on. The centerpiece with the oranges is lovely. I like your tablescape better with the green color scheme!


  14. Lovely, Pam. I am so looking forward to reading your blog and gaining more knowledge on linens.

  15. Wow, you made this challenge look easy! Gorgeous tablescape. Love the sun in the photos and I'll be right over for dinner. Yum! Another beautiful table.

    PS. I love the pattern of the table cloth that you are using as your blog background. The snow scene is wonderful. Looks like our yard right now.

  16. Love this table! Your tablecloth and other choices are perfect.

  17. I love how you applied your inspiration from the photo. Lucky you to have the same tablecloth. Your compote with candlesticks hit the mark. Great job!

  18. I'd say you did very well. Love the tablecloth and I like the green touches with the little round dishes.

  19. Oh what a beautiful green table clothe!! I do love those green fruit dishes too!! So pretty!! Your vintage dish looks so yummy, a nice hot meal!! :) Have a great day!! xo Holly

  20. Well, you did a great job with the challenge. Your tablecloth is gorgeous! Hope you enjoy the holidays.

  21. What a fun challenge! Your tablescapes is lovely!

  22. Your vintage tablecloth and all of the plates and the clear stems, and candlesticks echo the essence of the vintage ad picture. Great job!


  23. What a fun challenge Pam! (I didn't know there was such a thing out there in blog land.) I think you did a fantastic job of recreating the ad. And dinner looks so yummy, I'm on my way over. :)

    Happy holidays!

  24. Beautiful! Pam, you did a great job in copying that table in the picture... I love your tablecloth and those dishes..I believe this is the same plate I used but mine is Bridal White..
    Great job..
    Love, Mona

  25. That tablecloth is gorgeous. You did a great job.


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