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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Vintage Pins-Brooches & My Collections!

I've never been diagnosed, but I'm sure I am a little OC...just a tad.
Why else would I need  want to have so many varieties of
the things I love?  Let's not even discuss the vintage tablecloths,
tea towels, hankies and other linens today.
But I digress......
I love and collect vintage pins-brooches.  BUT I do wear them, so
if I'm using them, am I actually collecting them?

I LOVE the enamel flowered pins from the 60's-70's, and recently won a
 small large lot of 15 from a Goodwill online auction.
 These are the pins I couldn't fit on my pin board....sigh.
& these are not ALL my pins, they are on jacket collars, sweaters, purses;
and none of my many Christmas pins are displayed here.  Well, you get it. 
 Time to redo my board, but let me show it to you first.

Clever Mr. Retro made this pin board for me using a piece of plywood,
covered by a terrycloth towel, and a frame painted black.
It hangs in our bedroom and is such a great way to display the pins.
A work of art in my opinion!
Couple close-ups below.

Yeah, I do have a problem, so I'll cry a little and get over it!

Isn't this onion guy just adorable?  He's a dollar thrift find.
As long as I'm confessing showing, here is my book collection.

Can't ever have too many reference books on our collections.
(I'm saving my huge candlestick holder collection for another day.)

Of course there would be tablecloth/linen books,

& costume jewelry...and china...and pottery.
Wanted to share a quick photo of my silent auction win at the
huge church sale-auction I shared a few weeks ago HERE
A lovely 4-candlestick holder with center bowl for floating flowers.
Silver plate by Reed & Barton.  So lovely!

I picked the roses from my knock-out rose bush, which amazingly
is still producing these gorgeous roses.
Doyle is plum tuckered out from all this picture sharing!
Thanks for visiting and your comments!
 Do you share my Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder???
Oh c'mon, maybe just a little? 


  1. I love your pin! I collect the daisy pins and Christmas trees, too. I just finished making something to show off those pins, and will have to do a post about it soon.

  2. Oh please do, I would love to see your display! :)

  3. What a fun display of brooches.

    I am in love with the linens on your header and the neat little box of colorful linens.

  4. You have a really great pin collection! Love all those enamel flowers.

  5. Your collection of pins took me back to my teens. I remember having some of those very same pins! And, yes, I have been known to obsess a time or two. :)

  6. What a lovely way to display your pin collection!

  7. I love your new background! OK- this post made me feel good! lol I've really been struggling with my "Vintage Christmas Obsession" lately. I keep asking myself "When will enough be enough"? Is it terrible that it makes me feel better to know that my friends are going through the same thing? lol Your pin display is gorgeous! And I love Mr. Onion guy!
    Thanks for showing us Pam! It's all just great!
    Erica :) Hugs to Doyle!

    1. We make a great support group for each other, don't we? We support "supporting" our collecting habits, LOL!

  8. Oh my word - such goodness here! Your pin collection is BEAUTIFUL! I have many pins/brooches that came from my Grandmother and I love your display board idea - thank you so much for sharing, I want my own :) Your knock-out roses live up to their name - absolutely GORGEOUS!

  9. Lets see.....Pyrex, tablecloths, pottery, Jadeite, canisters, breadboxes, s & p shakers....those are just the things that I am looking at as I write this comment! I collect so many different things that if I ever run out of things to blog about, I can do collection posts like Magpie Ethel! Love those reference books. And yes, I collect those too!!


  10. WOW, that is come pin collection! At least you wear them and they are pretty to look at!

  11. I most definitely share the same! Milk glass, white pitchers, dishes of all kinds, books....hundreds if not more! And the list goes on....and on! LOL...:) I love your collections....they are super fun!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  12. I'm a sucker for pins. Most of mine came from my grandmother's collection. Mr. Retro is definitely very clever making you a pin board. You definitely have lots of fun collections and I love how you are using them in the backgrounds of your blog template too.

    1. I have only one pair of my grandmother's earrings, and treasure them.

      Thanks Kim, I like using my photos for the background, but hope it doesn't make the blog too "busy" to read.

  13. We love the same sorts of things to "collect" and enjoy. A girl after my own heart. I just love your pin board. You have some wonderful collectibles in my opinion. :)

    xo Danielle

    1. Yes, and I gasp every time I see your heading, just gorgeous!

  14. I'm jealous so many great brooches.
    I also like the enamel flower ones and keep looking for them.

  15. Love your pin collection - that's a great way to display them!

  16. Love your collections!! You can never have too many brooch pins!! :) Aw Doyle is so cute! :) Have a great day Pam!! xo Holly

  17. Pam.....just wanted to let you know you are showing up as a no reply blogger so I could not reply to your comment via e-mail. I had such a problem with that a while back....hopefully you can get it fixed soon...:) Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

    1. Thanks, Vicky. Actually, Blogger sends any comments made on my blog posts to my email, so I do see that. I'll go check your blog again.

  18. Love all your pins, I have some but not that many! They remind me of my Grandmother's pins!
    Love your candleholder.

  19. What great collections you have of various items. You took me back to another time, especially with the pins.

  20. First, I would like to say how much I like your header of vintage tableclothes on the clothesline----so beautiful. I have always like vintage mixed in with my traditional furnishings. At this time of my life I am trying to size down a little but still want to collect, that is one reason to include vintage aprons--------they don't take up much room, unless you have them all hanging in the sewing room. Your pin collection is wonderful. I used to go to some church rummage sales-----they would have a nice selection of vintage jewelry. I'm am signing on as as a Follower to your blog

  21. OMG! We'd be in soooo much trouble if we went antiquing/thrifting....LOL...we'd head for the same stuff. And what is wrong with bein an Obesseive Collector?!
    I am so glad you cam for Rednesday...and remember a little red goes a long way so touches of red in all it's clorious hues and shades do apply for the party

  22. Pam! Love the pins and love the display! I'm partial to the enameled pins. Have quite a few myself in a frame...but a much smaller frame then yours! LOL


  23. I found only one red and white daisy enamel pin, but I have lots so sparkly pins. You have a wonderful collection! I would love to visit your home.

  24. Wow, gorgeous collection of pins and I love that candle holder!!!

  25. Oh wow Pam, I have never seen such a great collection of vintage pins. I have quite a bit of my moms old jewelry upstairs in the dress up closet for the grands. Thinking there might be something with your name on it. lol! I will have to check them out this week. I wish I had even a bit of your tablecloth collection. Can you believe I only have one? Keeping my eyes open for a couple more. We all have our weaknesses. I love dishes and have a hard time passing up a vintage piece. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  26. Whoa! That is one impressive pin collection. I bet it's fun picking one to wear each time, so many choices


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