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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lake Placid Souvenir~Tablescape

Ah Summer!  We need a mini vacation.
How about spending some time at a lake?
Want to rent a cozy cottage on beautiful Lake Placid?
 Let's go! 

Check in & stop by the gift store to buy a souvenir tablecloth.
Grab some wild flowers for the porch table,
and set it for an informal lunch.  

Use vintage Texas Ware dishes, so cute and no worries
about breaking. 
Grab the plastic utensils and paper napkins.
Light your personal tea light candle.

Admire the sweet Chiquita Banana S & P shakers,
and the piggy honey jar.

Start with some fresh fruit while you're
waiting for those burgers.

Check out the activities shown on the tablecloth and
decide which fun things you'll do. 
Want to go sailing?

Try your hand at fly fishing?

Maybe play a little golf,
and tonight ~ go dancing. 

Good old fashioned fun.
Aren't you glad you came?
Now for some details,
Vintage Souvenir tablecloth - Lake Placid. 
This one is kind of rare and hard to find.
Yippee, I was lucky enough to find one!
Texas Ware/Dallas Ware vintage dishes, (melmac type.
Made in Dallas, Texas USA
Bought these dishes at a church thrift sale last week-end,
all 70 pieces.  (showed them off in my last "finds" post)
You can never have too many dishes!
Small green bowl is Fire King Jadeite, thrift store
for 50 cents.  Wish they had more than one!
This week I'll be sharing my table with
with a few parties:
Joining the Summer Fun Challenge with

 As always, Doyle & I thank you for the visit!


  1. I love those fun souvenir tablecloths! And your honey jar is a cutie too:@)

  2. How fun is that tablecloth! I always enjoy your tablescapes.

  3. Your dishes look great on that tablecloth, so summery!! And so cute!

  4. That tablecloth has great graphics! and see, that Texas ware looks great on it, aren't you glad you got it now!

  5. So glad to come visit!! What a fun and pretty table clothe!! So lucky to have found it too!! Have a lovely day!! xo Holly

  6. That tablecloth is gorgeous! I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it! Sounds like a perfect day!

  7. This was a fun post!! The tablecloth is so amazing! But I'm loving your new green dishes. I don't think you should sell any of them! LOL Just keep them all to yourself. What a find!
    Hope you and Doyle are having a great day. :)
    My blog is still down for the count! Booo Hooo!
    Erica :)

  8. Love this fun tablescape. The table cloth is amazing. Oh I love your Texas Ware dishes. That was a big find!!! Thanks for linking this post up to TTF this week!


  9. Fun post! Congrats finding all those treasures. I love the divided plates!...Christine

  10. What a great tablecloth! It would be fun to choose some activities from the designs. I haven't been to Lake Placid for years, but now I really want to go. Enjoy your summer! Linda

  11. What a cutie Doyle is! What a lucky find on the vintage souvenir tablecloth. We go to Lake Placid every other month and love the activities in every season. Fun post!

  12. Well your Lake Placid tablecloth was a great find. I know you were thrilled. Cute table!

  13. Beautiful vintage table! Love s&p shakers!

  14. Love this - it reminded me of a friend that I have not seen in a long time who is from Lake Placid! I need to get in touch with her. Your entire post is so cute and the tablecloth is a treasure! Love the way it shows all of the activities and the way your used your other vintage pieces with it.

  15. Thanks for the mini vacay, Pam! Love your tablecloth:)

  16. What a fun post! I really like your table, especially those dishes...perfect for a vacation, right? And they're from Texas? YeeHaw! We'll Howdy from Texas, I'm from Houston! It's really nice to meet you!

  17. I loved the post and thought I was at the lake on the raft floating around...such a sweet tablecloth and it tells such a wonderful story about all the lake exciting to collect and find such vintage beauties...Phyllis

  18. Pam, this tablecloth is a beauty. Love the scenes! Hubby would choose to go fly fishing. Me I would like to try my hand at sailing and dancing would be so fun! Love the jadite. I have a few pieces. A few years ago when hubby and I were vacationing in WI I found a pair of children's ice skates that said, "Lake Placid" on them at a thrift store. I love them! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  19. Lovely tablescape and I adore the tablecloth. What a fun find!!

  20. I want to go to Lake Placid, Too!! Love this

  21. That table cloth is a find! Love your summer fun table! Keep shopping, the economy needs our help! :)


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