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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Focusing on FINDS!

Seems like I haven't shown any finds in awhile,
so have a few thrifted goodies to share.
Mr. Retro stopped at a yard sale he spied while he was
running errands last week-end, and got me the
covered glass candy dish.
He stopped at another sale the next day and got me the
Amethyst glass candlestick holders. 
(Yeah, Mr. Retro is a keeper.)
I have a weakness for vintage candlestick holders!
 Found these sweet little tart pans and
the flamingo kitschy bracelet at the thrift store.
Fire king Jadeite at the thrift store?  Yes!  There was a large box
of coffee mugs with a "50 cents apiece" sign.  I spied the mug,
 and searched through the box, but that was the only one.  
I started thinking, maybe someone donated some matching 
dishes.  I flew to the back room to look, and found just
one lonely cereal bowl.  
Can't help but wonder if there had been more,
but I happily paid my dollar for the mug & bowl.
 How about this great vintage tea towel?
by P & S Creations
Christmas retro scrapbook paper for crafting,
 Made in Italy, hand painted, pedestal cake plate of
good quality.  A Goodwill find, in perfect condition $4. 
At our GW it's rare to find something both undamaged
and fairly priced.
Here it is displayed on my table.
Last but not least,
This sweet little Dritz sewing basket!
In perfect new condition.  I have no idea how old it is.
Do you?
 It's little tag is still attached, the back says Made in USA.

 & I found these in our garden!
Thanks for looking & have a great week!

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  1. Wow, those are all wonderful finds! I love them all but the Jadeite is especially eye-catching for me. Mr. Retro has an excellent sense for vintage wares!

  2. Jadeite! Squeal! Seriously dream of finding that and never ever do. Don't you love a hubby that finds vintage treasures?!? Your amethyst glass candlesticks are gorgeous.

  3. My Daddy used to drink his coffee out of those Jadite Fire King mugs. He has been gone for 20 years now--way too young.

  4. Way to go on these finds! I love the Jadeite! I don't have any yet.
    The flamingo bracelet is so cute! And so is the bride and groom towel! So unique.
    Thanks for sharing with us,
    Erica :)

  5. Such pretty finds and love that tea towel!! Wishing you a lovely week!! xo Heather

  6. Lovely finds,I especially love that tea towel. Lovely little freshness from your garden too.

  7. Oh, I just love vintage sewing baskets, and you found a perfect one! Yeah! How lucky all your finds were. Jadeite!!!!! Wow!!!!!

  8. What great finds!! I love the sewing basket, the color is the best! But I think my favorite is the kitschy bracelet... Pretty cute!!!

  9. I always scan the mugs for jadite! Some day! ♥

  10. Not only am I stunned that you found Jadite at the thrift store, I'm super surprised that it wasn't marked up to antique mall prices! Great score:-)

    I am in love with that super cute dish towel. The graphics are the best.


  11. Such very pretty finds!! Love those little vintage jello/tart molds! And the Fire Kind Jadeite is so pretty too! Your table always looks so pretty! I love how you are always using 'new' and different pieces! And lovely veggies from the garden!! YUM! Happy Monday! xo Holly

  12. Wow, lots of great finds. I especially like that Italian cake plate.

  13. That sewing basket is a great find! Normally they are in pretty bad shape because they were used so much. Congrats on your Jadeite score! That's probably the best deal (other than the freebies) I've seen any of us with so far this week.

  14. Awesome finds, but the jadeite is my fave! Your hubby is definitely a keeper...:) I love that he stopped and purchased those items for sweet! Have a blessed week.....Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  15. Wow, such wonderful treasures. My favorite is the kitchen towel!!!

  16. That tea towel is just too cute!!!

  17. Great finds I always like to find Jadite but I never find it for those prices which is why I don't have many pieces.
    Cute dish towel.

  18. Those amethyst candlestick are fabulous! Mr. Retro has great taste. And Jadeite at a thrift store? It doesn't get any better than that!! Lucky you!! :) --Fran

  19. Hi Pam!
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. We have more doctor appointments to come - the road is long and winding and confusing!
    You've got lots of fun finds! I adore your Jadeite and I am a sucker for tart tins, love to use them for crafty bits and bobs.
    So envious of your garden haul. We didn't plant anything this year but we have two tomato plants growing - so much fun that they reseeded themselves. I was so sad we didn't have any - not that there's much "bounty" to be had but they make me smile.
    Happy almost weekend!

  20. Your hubby is a keeper! What great finds he brought you and I love the Jadeite! Thanks for sharing at TTF.



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