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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Olio...vintage and crafted

Olio = a miscellaneous collection of things, hotchpotch.
Just love that definition! 
Here is my olio for today, vintage & crafty things.


This sweet quote is one of the designs on my pack of ME paper.
A quote most likely from inspirational author, H. Jackson Brown.
 I was secretly hoping ME to be a fan of singer-songwriter Jackson Brown(e),
but the "e" is missing, LOL!

Crafted birthday frame, just waiting for a photo.

I found a tutorial online for a crocheted wrap bracelet.  All you need is some hemp,
glass beads, button and a crochet hook.  
I'm not much of a crocheter, but hey~I can do a chain stitch! 
It turned out fine, and now that I've made my "practice" bracelet,
I'll be trying some creative designs. 
To wear, just wrap around your wrist, work the button end and loop end
through the middle, loop the button, voila! 
Now just a few vintage things...
Wanted to share these vintage powder jars, as they are a fav of mine.
 The pink dog has lived on my dresser and the donkey on hubby's
dresser for many years.  We were traveling, spotted a yard sale,
stopped and scooped them up.  Love them to this day!
It's a good thing to clean out your dresser every now and then. 
I came across these treasures I had squirreled away. 
Gorgeous estate sale vintage brooch, with some moon stones, and vintage compact. 
Quote around the outer edge reads: 
"No minute gone comes ever back again. 
Take Heed and see ye nothing do in vain."
I found this unusual compact at an estate sale last summer.  Enameled on the top is
St. George fighting a dragon, a rooster, angel, owl, and a winged angel-head
.....all centered around the Liberty Clock. 
The back is embossed with "The Liberty Clock".
Believe it was sold  by The Liberty Department Store, 
which was founded in London ~ 1875.
The  Liberty Clock that is on the original building façade, is pictured in the center
of the compact.  If anyone has any other info on this interesting compact, please share!
Royalty-Free Images: Clock Face On The Liberty Department Store; London,
Liberty London is still in business today, celebrating their 138th birthday!
Would love to visit the store, but at least can visit the website:  Liberty London 
 Thanks for visiting my Olio!
Can't end without thanking my sleepy friend Doyle....
who left me alone so I could work on my post.
Have a good week!  Thinking of and praying for all of the
folks devastated by the Oklahoma tornado....
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  1. Your frame is sweet, very crafty!

    I have a powder jar that belonged to my grandmother, it has an elephant on top!

  2. Eeeek! I got super excited when I saw that donkey jar! I collect old donkey things and would have bought that cutie too!

    That broach is stunning. Don't you love finding things you've forgotten about?


  3. I love your crafty frame you made!! it is really pretty, and the bracelet is so nice! Love your bracelet holder too, perfect :) The powder jars are really fun, too. What a bunch of fun things on your post today! Yes, been praying for Oklahoma. Thanks so much for the reminder again, today,

  4. I've seen that word "olio" in Blogland and always was confused by it. To me, olio is "oil" in Italian. I would not think of crafts. Learn something new every day! xo

  5. I love the crocheted hemp necklace. I may try it. I love the powder jars too.

  6. Darling frame, and those powder jars are too cute!! xo Heather

  7. What a lovely vintage brooch and compact.

  8. Your hemp bracelet is outstanding. Lots of fun things. The compact reminds me of my grandmother and the stash of lovely items she kept in her purse. Thanks for the vocabulary lesson for olio too.

  9. I thot u were going to post about margarine. . . OLEO. Remember that stuff???
    heh heh!

    Love all your treasure, as always. . . . and I so love your photos of Doyle :) handsome boy that he is!

    xox P

  10. Forgot to say how much I love the bracelet, but REALLY LOVE the way you displayed it in your photo! Clever Girlie!

    xxo P

  11. The bracelet is really pretty and those powder boxes are too cute! I also really love the brooch....:) I like to use them on necklaces! Thanks for sharing...:)

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  12. Pam, love your hemp necklace. Mary Englebreit paper is always so cheery. Your frame turned out cute. Love hearing about your vintage items. You always find some unique items.

  13. Hi Pam - glad to have found your blog, we sure do like the same things. I really like those powder jars, and the bracelet you made. I need to find time to make some projects, myself. Blessings to you - Dawn

  14. Love your fun finds and your creations! That frame is so cute! Thanks for joining Diann and I at TTF this week.


  15. Hi Pam!
    Love your olio :) - a word I only learned because it appears in crossword puzzles all the time (four letter words are about my speed hahahha). You have such fun stuff! Bet you can guess I love your pink doggie best - I really want to start a doggie collection but haven't been able to find any I love yet. WAH!

    Happy happy long holiday weekend to you and the mister and darling Doyle! Hubby is wanting me to go to the new Star Trek movie with him ... guess after all the craft fairs, etc. I've dragged him to, I'll be going. ;)

    Oh! I signed up for the patriotic ornie swap too, fun fun fun ...

  16. Hi Pam,
    I don't see an email contact addy for you (I don't list one either but you can always leave a comment on my blog [which I won't publish] and it will go to my email and I can email you back if you ever want to) so here I am ... Well phooey! I thought I was being so slick teehee signing up after I saw your post and that we'd be swap partners ;) but nuh uh, I've rec'd my swap partner and it's not you!!! No Miss Pam, no Mommy of Doyle. WAH! Gosh and darn it. sniffle sniffle. One of these days, huh?!
    We've been to see the new Star Trek movie already today and enjoyed it. Wishing you guys lots of fun this weekend!


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