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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Artist Friend takes on MacKenzie-Childs!

I can't begin to tell you how talented my friend is.
She not only paints, she sews, does professional embroidery, and has a
garden so gorgeous and amazing it should be in a magazine.
Today, I'm showing you a table she was commissioned to paint for
 her client, in the style of artist Mackenzie-Childs.
Initially she was commissioned to paint a floor rug for the client's summer cottage. 
Well, the client liked it so much, she also wanted a table! 
Here is the table still in her workshop
She is a perfectionist, as you can see, and the detail is amazing.
Can you imagine the patience and time this took? 
All safely delivered to the client's summer cottage!
Look how fabulous they are together.
This gives you a great look at the painted floor rug also.
She is an incredible artist!
She did not do the chairs, they are part of the Mackenzie-Childs line.
Retail is about $1,800 per chair! 
If you are not familiar with Mackenzie-Childs, their website is worth a look.
I'm going to send a link for this post to my friend, so be sure to leave
a nice comment.  I know she'll appreciate it. 
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  1. The detail in the rug and the table is amazing. I can see why the owner is so delighted with your friend's work.

  2. I think these pieces are fabulous, but I have a friend who would want to rip them right out of the computer! She would love, love them!! You have a very talented friend - wow! Thanks for showing these to us.

  3. Be still my heart. The attention to detail is truly amazing. Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.

  4. That is really something to see - beautiful!!

  5. Oh my goodness! I cannot believe the attention to detail in that table and that floor! And the patience it must take? That is a talent that I would love to have. Your friend is very lucky.


  6. Wow! Such wonderful details! Thanks for sharing with us! So pretty and lovely! :) xo Holly

  7. Amaziing! For many years I painted for a small business - and I always admired Mackenzie Child's work - but, I gotta say - it is a LOT of work - and time - to do something as beautiful and detailed as the table - and that rug!!! Oh my!

  8. Wow, such TALENT, and patience to be so attentive to all those details. Beautiful work! :) --Fran

  9. Wow! She is very talented, this table is wonderful! xo

  10. Wow, so neat and colorful!! The details are beautiful! xo Heather

  11. Breathtaking! Your friend certainly is a talented artist. I cannot begin to imagine the hours that went into each project.


  12. Oh wow...I love how this turned out! This would be perfect to link up to my "Create It Thursday" post here!

  13. Oh my Pam, I use to teach tole painting and I know the time and patience this took. Love the two together. Your friend is indeed an amazing artist! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  14. Oh, to have a summer home with this darling dining area! I'm a long time fan and collector of McK-C. This is really charming! Your friend is extremely talented! Debbie @ Mountain Breaths shared the link, and I'm thrilled she did. I wouldn't have wanted to miss seeing this beautiful rug and table. Thanks for sharing! ~ Sarah

  15. This is amazing Pam! Your friend is very talented! Thanks for alerting me to the post. I'm also a new follower on your blog! It's fabulous!

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