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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine Swap Goodies!

I was lucky enough to join in the Valentine Swap that
My first swap ever!
It was great fun, and as a bonus, we've gotten to visit each others
blogs to enjoy all the gorgeous decorated heart boxes!
My swap partner was Holly at Damita's Pretty Wrap
I couldn't have asked for a better partner!
I opened the box and found the cute wrapped heart box, some
extra goodies and a sweet note.

Topped by one of her crocheted hearts.
How sweet is this box!  I love it!  She used vintage valentines and tags, love stamped
doilies, and hearts, with a cute fuzzy red trim.
Close-ups for a better look.


Too cute for words!
I opened the box filled with so many great gifts,
and she even decorated the insides of the box.

Such sweet treats (yes, candy too ~ but that is not what I mean here).
Vintage cards, valentines, fabrics, napkins, cute buttons, straws, lace,
dip mix, a lovely coaster, well, you can see how generous it is.
BUT that's not all...a pair of beautiful handcrafted  earrings, bracelet
& the best scented homemade candle.

(When you visit her blog, don't miss the link to her Etsy shop.)
I can't thank Holly enough for the wonderful
Valentine swap package I received from her!
See what it says on the box I sent to her?
"For Someone Nice to Know"
How true!
Thanks again Holly!
Erica for hosting the swap.
Click on the links to their blogs above for a visit,
you won't be disappointed!



  1. Ohhhhhhh!! Look at you, you SWAPPER!!! Love it all, of course! :) xo P

  2. Oh thank you Pam!! You are too sweet! I'm glad you liked everything! I loved loved your box of goodies too! I'll be posting soon about it! I've been so busy lately, I just got a booth in a cute little antique store! I'm so excited! I've been working on making my candles, warmer tarts, and other handmade crafty things to fill it! Hope you have a wonderful and creative day!! :) xo Holly

    1. I loved everything! You were a wonderful partner, & have a Happy Valentine's Day with your sweetie!

  3. Hi Pam,
    You got a great box of goodies from Holly! Wasn't this a fun swap? I loved it!

  4. Swaps are so much fun! I'm going to buy some Valentine heart boxes after they are on clearance so I can be ready to do a swap next year!

  5. Wow, see sure packed that box with a lot of sweet things! I really like that green card with the flowers on it, such beautiful colors. Thanks for stopping by my blog..enjoy your day! :) --Fran

  6. New follower here! Wow, sounds like an awesome swap. There is nothing like getting surprises in the mail!

  7. Oooh, it's so pretty and full of so many awesome goodies! This is probably the 6th or 7th box I have seen from that swap. Every one of them makes me want to do it next year!

  8. how fun is that?! a fun way to juice up one's creative powers.

  9. I loved this swap! It was so much fun!

  10. What treasures you received in your box! I imagine you felt like a school girl opening the box of Valentines that your classroom exchanged -- too excited for words. Thanks for visiting my Valentine postcard post. I see a few postcards in your display of goodies. Enjoy.


  11. Hi Pam, what a fun idea to join in on this swap! You received so many lovely things and I'm sure your swapping partner had fun opening you package.

  12. Such wonderful treasures.

    Wonderful to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  13. I'm sorry that I'm just seeing this now Pam! I fell
    Holly was sure generous! Lucky you that you get to have one of her candles and her handmade jewelry! Not to mention all the other fun little things.
    And then there's the box that you sent to her...LOVE the bright purple!!!!
    It's been so much fun seeing what everyone sent. Each box so unique and pretty.
    It was a joy to have both of you in the swap. I hope you had fun!
    Erica :)

    1. Erica, It was great fun for all of us, and I think you know how much we all appreciate that you decided to host it! Thanks sooooo much.

      Yeah, I love both boxes, LOL!

      xo, Pam

  14. How fun to receive a box chock full of Valentines goodies in the mail, you lucky! Enjoy!

  15. Fun, fun, fun! I love doing swaps, but have not joined in one for a while. Love both boxes and you really did get lots of fun goodies Pam! Thanks for sharing it with SYC.


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