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Monday, October 29, 2012

Surviving Sneaky Sandy!

Just when we stopped worrying about marched Sandy!
Like my niece said when she saw this photo,
Ah, to be a dog.  They don't care about having power.
How true!  Doyle was ready to go, rain - no problem.
Not the best photos, but it was pouring rain. 
We live about a mile from the river, and here it is
pushing up the creek and into our backyard!
This is tidal flooding.
I took this photo from my back door.  Today we could have
launched our little boat from the yard!
We prepared the best we could, and were very lucky.
We've had about 10 inches of rain, so we're pretty soggy but safe.
We are very thankful for that and that our home was not flooded.
Not everyone will fare this well, and my prayers go out to them. 
I'm praying my family, friends and all of you will be safe & sound!
Hope to see lots of bloggers check in with a quick post to say so.
Doyle the watchdog ~keeping a keen eye on the rising water!
Stay safe friends!


  1. Thank goodness you're OK and the water didn't get any closer than it did. My heart goes out to our readers in New York and New Jersey. They seem to be bearing the brunt of Sandy.

  2. So very glad your home was not flooded, I can not imagine how tramatic that would be. Stay safe!

  3. I am praying for everyone's safety; living in south Louisiana, I know this drill only too well. What a precious dog - love the name 'Doyle.' And what a great little life vest! Stay safe!

  4. Hi Pam, we are getting our butts kicked as I type this, power going in and out. Have no phone, just cell. We are hanging tight. Hoping it moves out by tomorrow afternoon. xo

  5. Prayers for all those in Sandy's path. I'm glad you are ok.

  6. Hi there Pam, I'm so glad you are safe and the water didn't get any higher at your place. That Doyle is just too cute for his own good, Wilma had a fit over that life jacket! :-)

  7. Hi All, So glad to hear from all of you! Yes, Doyle is very cute in his vest. It's a safety vest, so all the deer hunters know he is a "dog" & not a "deer". We live rural and hear shots all around us in deer season, so we're careful!

  8. Glad to see your post, Pam, I was wondering how you fared in the hurricane. Glad to see that you weathered the storm and are safe! We were fine here in Massachusetts, lots of wind and some rain, but nowhere near as much as you got.
    Doyle looks good in his vest!

  9. We lost power for a couple of days. Otherwise, we were OK. Glad you all did OK, too.


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