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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vintage Post Cards

GREETINGS Blogging friends! 
Today I'm blogging about greetings,
greetings on vintage post cards that is. 
Are you as enamored with vintage cards as I am?
I love finding and reading them.  It's like peeking
into someones past. 
This one has such a romantic sentiment.
A card that has endured more than 100 years
was very special to someone and carefully saved. 
Note the postmark below, 1907.
The post cards in this batch range from
Birthday Greetings to Holidays. 
They were also a thrifty find!  I hope you enjoy them!
Sweet kittens sending, "Xmas" greeting

Fondest Birthday Wishes!

A Joyful Birthday!
If anyone knows what it is that the roses are attached to,
please leave a comment.  It sort of looks like a
horseshoe, but not quite.
Best Wishes for Thanksgiving Day!

New Year's Greeting
A Valentine Greeting
Last but not least, this adorable Wells Fargo & Co Express card.
Here's a shot of the back too.  The delivery boy is just too cute! 
Hope you enjoyed them too.  As always, thanks for visiting!
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  1. I am big on sending and receiving cards. I should own a card shop. I love to read the vintage ones. They just have a special touch to them.

  2. What a wonderful display of vintage postcards. I love thumbing through them when I spy them at antique or thrift shops. I have found some lovely ones and one of these days I will share them on my blog, too.
    Blessings to you,

  3. I enjoyed seeing your collection of vintage cards. I 'm not sure why those cards seem so special, maybe because they are simple and uncluttered. The Thanksgiving card and the New Year's card are my favorite ones. I remember receiving cards that had that same look. Hope you are having a good week! ----------Shannon

  4. Pam, these are wonderful. I love vintage postcards and the sweet messages we find on the back. Not sure what that is on the rose one, but it makes the roses look dimensional. Great find!

  5. Wow! Those are just the greatest! Yes, I love the Vintage cards and the history, and mostly the beautiful artwork. The horse shoe looking thing is a wishbone! For birthday wishes!

    1. Wishbone! Wow, I never saw that, but now I do. Thanks so much. :-)

  6. Great collections. I wish I kept some of mine but I moved too many times. I love the one about PLEASE DO NOT OPEN UNTIL CHRISTMAS. Wonderful! Mine is here
    Have you a FANTABULOUS WEEK!!!

  7. Pam, it's funny that you commented on my vintage linens - then I come over to read your post and you're posting about another of my favorites. I have a picture album full of vintage postcards that I've found at flea markets or bought on Ebay. It's such an inexpensive item to collect and it gives such pleasure to see glimpses of the past. I really enjoyed your post.

  8. PS: I think the roses are attached to an old hand mirror.

  9. Lovely assortment of vintage postcards. The artwork from 100 years ago is so charming. I am a collector too. Following you so I can enjoy your future treasures!


  10. So pretty! Lately I've got a thing for any type of vintage paper, and I love love LOVE old postcards :)

  11. I can never get enough of vintage post cards...thanks for sharing! The New Year's one with the winter scene is my favorite!

  12. So much detail in those cards, love the kitties! I'm going to be visiting your lovely state soon and would love some advice on where to go to find good stuff like this!

    1. Melissa, where are you going to be in Virginia? It's really a large state. I live near the coast. If you're going anywhere near Williamsburg, they have an enormous antique mall. Let me know where!

  13. I love old cards. The Wells Fargo one is fantastic!

  14. I adore vintage postcards Pam! Thanks so much for sharing this great bunch with us.

    Happy VTT!

  15. What a wonderful collection of vintage post cards! they are so fun to find. Thank you for joining TTF this week. Have a fun weekend!

  16. Hi Pam,
    Just wanted to say thanks for linking up to share Your Cup.

  17. I love your vintage post cards! They are so fun. Thanks for joining us at Cap Creations, you've been featured today!


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