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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Finds, Friends...Goodies Galore!

 Finds & Friends...
What more could you want?
Why not start with vintage tea towels, since vintage linens are
about my most favorite thing in the world!

These two towels look so mod, and the colors are perfect for fall!
 These are by "Old Bleach", and are  Pure Irish Linen.

Someone has left the price tag on for years. 
I always wonder why in the heck they do that, but love it when I find one! 

This towel has a tag from:
Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh

Priced at $1.50.  
 Don't know how old they are for sure, but look 60's mod to me.

OK, gotta keep moving along...

Sweet Hazel Atlas glasses with planes.  "Old Times"
and "Sailing High"  are written at the top. 

I found out these were sold with peanut butter in them in the 1960's,
 as part of the Transportation Set.  There were other designs
depicting automobiles and bicycles. 

Frog pin that Mr. Retro found and bought for me.  I love vintage pins,
but this little frog is quite heavy and very gaudy. 
 I may pin it on a winter coat lapel....or not. 

Would you wear it?

Found this swan at the animal thrift store.  It's a
mouth blown Silvestri.  Lovely!

Shame on me for not remembering if these vintage candlestick
holders are vintage Anchor Hocking!  Finally I found the information
in my chaoatic and messy neatly cataloged records.  

Okay, saving the best for last.....Friends!

The next few items were given to me by two good
friends.........whom I treasure!


I received this precious candy dish "surprise" in the mail!

I'm sure you agree that an unexpected gift in the mail is always exciting,
 but when you open the package and find something this adorable
and unique, the happiness factor goes through the roof!

I LOVE this sweet mid-century dish-who wouldn't?
 Last week-end another good friend came visit.  
We always go "thrifting" when she's here, so she knows what I like!

She brought me the sweetest little grapes pitcher.  Cute or what?
& my kitchen design has lots of grapes!  That's a blog idea for another day.
 She also brought me this wonderful arrangement of button flowers
that she makes.  Most of the buttons are vintage with a few new mixed in.
Tell me how adorable and creative is that?  Love it! 
OK, time to end this photo heavy blog.  I've gotten myself all excited
over things I love, LOL!  
Thanks for taking the time to visit and
 comment (if you're so inclined).
Doyle, Dog of the's his season, time to point birds!
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  1. Oh...What wonderful goodies! You have had a fun day gathering so many vintage pretties!
    I love all your textiles...and the linens are a great thing to look for and collect. That sweet little candy dish...It's a treasure!
    I'm so glad you shared!
    Carolynn xo

  2. Hi Pam: You have such pretty collectibles. I am so far behind in visiting my friends so I'm happy to see you. When you find out the maker of those candlesticks (pink and white milkglass) let me know I have a all white set and haven't got a clue what they are..Happy Sunday..Judy

    1. I intend to look in my glass books and will let you know. :-)

  3. Pam, you always share the best vintage treasures! Love all the linens, of course. But that button bouquet got me! Too cute!


  4. Wow those candle holders are beautiful. Cool frog pin too.

  5. Oh, Pam! I love those linens.....and those candle holders....and I love the look of the frog pin! I always love looking at the pictures you truly have the best finds I've ever seen! :) --Fran

  6. Nice linens! Yes, I would wear the frog pin as I LOVE FROGS!! Have a tattoo on my ankle of one!

  7. Your Old Beach tea towels have the best design! So cool! Love the candy dish as well, very thoughtful gift.

  8. Love the mod tea towels and the frog pin. I'd definitely wear it on a coat lapel.

  9. You can rock that froggie pin,girlie!

    Fun finds , especially the candy dish,,,

    PS: I'm heades to the Goodwill Outlet in Hamden later this week, will let you know :). Are you coming to CT this year for the holidays????

    1. No, darn it! We go very other year, and this is our stay in VA year. Can't wait to hear what you may have found at the GW outlet.

  10. Amazing finds! You always pick up the BEST linens...I love the candlesticks, too!

  11. You have a knack for finding the most amazing things! I'm loving those linens. Looks like Doyle is really ready to go!!


  12. Yes, Pam, it is fun getting things from friends! I think your blog post is not too heavy with pictures at all! It is eye candy for me! and speaking of candy, where would i find a candy dish like that? Who made it? It is so cool! I love it! I also, think the frog pin is cute, but I like to pin things like this into either flower arrangements, or onto my kitchen drape. That way I can say hi to him when I am standing at the sink! I think Doyle is quite beautiful! I have a German short-haired pointer. Pointer are so cool!

    1. I wish I knew something about the dish! My friend who found it doesn't either. I'm searching and if I find anything out I'll let you know!
      German short-haired pointers are wonderful dogs, our good friends have them too, love them!

  13. Wish we could still get peanut butter in glass jars like that. I remember mustard in a glass jar....

  14. Lots of sweet goodies. I really like the pink candle holders. I remember buying peanut butter in those cool glasses too.

  15. The candleholders are vintage Anchor Hocking!

  16. Thanks everyone so all your comments!!! I love reading what you're thinking. Guess I'll be wearing or pinning that frog pin after all, thanks to your positive comments on him. :-)

    Thanks again! Pam

  17. wear that frog pin! it is absolutely darling.

  18. Wow, you got some great stuff! My faves are the AH candlestick holders and the "candy" candy dish!


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