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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vintage "Red" things!

Have a few vintage RED things to offer up!

First, this gorgeous red silk vintage scarf,
one of a few auction goodies I got last week-end.

The estate auction included several wonderful vintage
oriental pieces, but my budget kept my winnings small.  

A vintage tomato canning label.

The new stock vintage labels were found in a warehouse. 
The defunct canning company was in a town about
20 miles away from where we live. 
Politically correct?  No.  Great graphics? Yes!

Minnie Mouse ramp walker plastic toy,
made in Hong Kong.  Found buried in a box of
junk at a yard sale.  From the 1950's. 

So cute, and she does walk.  If you look closely,
 you can see how her left foot is forward. 

Glad to be joining in REDNESDAY this week...

at It's A Very Cherry World!


at Colorado Lady

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  1. What a lovely silk scarf and the label is fabulous! Who wouldn't love little Minnie?

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful reds...I have not forgotten about my fabulous win from your giveaway, I'm just looking for the perfect dishes to use!!

    Have a wonderful night!

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  2. My younger brother would give his top teeth for that Minnie! He collects Disney memorabilia. I love the silk piece! Wonderful finds for you this week!

  3. So pretty! I love this scarf. I would love it at Christmas and Valentines especially! The Vintage label is so pretty! It is so much more of a compliment if you think about it. And the toy Minnie Mouse was a great find! Glad you dug her out of the box! So cute.

  4. Little Minnie is adorable, what a find. I'm also loving your Aunt Millies tablecloth, the whole setting is simply beautiful. Thanks for following over on Thrift Bee!

  5. I do love that little Minnie! She seems to have captured everyone's heart! The silk scarf is gorgeous and those labels do have fabulous graphics. There is just something about red, isn't there??

  6. Since I work with Native American children, I can't help but notice that the woman on the tomato canning label looks anything but Native!

    Old Mariachis

  7. Minnie looks so proud walking with her little carriage - that's a sweet find!!

  8. Great finds, but I like the Mickey Mouse fellow the best.

  9. Such fun finds! I adore Minnie, she's so cute - I didn't notice she was movable until you showed us. So much fun.

    Happy Rednesday!

  10. Great finds! I love that canning label, the graphics are fabulous.
    Happy REDnesday! -Fran

  11. I would have grabbed that Minnie in a heartbeat! Too cute!
    How BAD is that vintage label?? LOL Beautiful though!
    Great finds Pam.

  12. So glad to have you joining us for the first time at Cap Creations. I agree those graphics on all that old packaging is always so neat.

  13. Featured you at the blog today! Thanks!


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