Vintage Tablecloths

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Friday, September 13, 2019

Wilendur Roses Shabby Table!

A gray and rainy day here has prompted me to cheer up
my dining room table.  Yellow roses, used and faded,
still make a beautiful table!

Lovely used and faded Wilendur "Royal Rose"
in the Yellow colorway.  

 Irresistible thrift store plates, "Lemon Tree", 
Johnson Brothers, England.

Solid dishes are my trusty Hazel Atlas Platonite Glass 
dishes from the 50's.  

Close-up of the place setting.  It saddens me that 
more and more folks no longer set a nice table.  
I love vintage tablecloths & dishes way too much to stop!  

 Sweet place setting close up.  

I hope you are also enjoying setting tables!  
Thanks for visiting!  

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Hello September!

Welcome September, the month that
brings us Fall or Autumn!  

I'm ready for some Fall colors, and some end of
Summer lovelies too.  

 Beautiful bold flowers, perfect for fall.  Made in Germany.

 Harvest Apples!

In Gold and Blue, of course! 

Last of the summer flowers, so pretty!

Trailing Morning Glory

Can't forget the "Mod" style.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my vintage tablecloths!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

August Check-In!

Well, we've made it to August, hot and humid
August.  Though I can't imagine it will be worse
than July,  Hope you have had some summer fun, 
heat and all!  

Time to get some Blueberries from the U-Pick farm!  

Beautiful rows of large 25+ year old bushes yield plump and
tasty berries.  

Just lovely on my tablecloth!  Made by Roslyn, pattern is Grape Leaf.  
I've already baked a few dozen Blueberry muffins,
which are in the freezer to enjoy all year.

Look at this old timey theme vintage tablecloth!
Made by Simtex.  The fabric they call "Kasha cloth", and the
pattern name is "Gay Nineties"!

Sharing a couple old timey looking tea towels you 
can find in my Etsy shop.  Both designer signed.  

(visit by clicking the name)

This one is a Luther Travis design.   

& this is by designed Robert de Wert.

Thanks for taking the time to look!  
Stay Cool and enjoy the last weeks of summer!