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Monday, April 9, 2018

Tasting at the "Meadery"!

Have you ever been to a Meadery?
Or even heard of a Meadery?

Similar to a winery...but without the grape vines. 
Mead is wine made from honey.  It takes a lot of honey to make a 
bottle of Mead.  The Mead was delicious, not all sweet like you
like you might assume.  Like wine, but there are differences.  

Hubby and I have birthdays within about a week of each other.
We decided to take a day trip Saturday to visit the Meadery, 
and were very glad we did!  

The Mead tasting part is free!  We paid the nominal
amount to do the honey tasting also.  The honey was from
different states, with a couple being local from Virginia.  The
taste depends on what wildflowers the bees are visiting.  

The chart shows the different honey categories:
Fruity, Floral, Earthy, Spicy, Woody, Herbaceous...

We tasted several honeys, as you can see by the sticks.  Our server
twirled the stick in the jar of honey and handed it over.  We needed
to quickly put it in our mouth before it started dripping.  No
worries, every one was delicious.  You could taste the nuances 
of the different spices.  

The bottle labels are gorgeous!  We brought these home:
Soak Up the Sun - Orange Blossom Mead
Virginia Moon - Traditional Barrel Aged Mead
Ginger Me Slowly -  Avocado Blossom with Ginger Mead
All Blues - Blueberry Mead with Spices

Choosing wasn't easy since there was a wide variety!  

 Four small size jars of honey came home with us also. 
We chose Avocado Blossom, Raspberry Blossom, Orange
Blossom, and Clover.  Clover is the taste of honey most of us
are used to, but of course theirs was exceptional.

So if you see a Meadery in your area, make sure you visit! 
Hopefully the bees will recoup and stabilize, we really can't live
without them.  There are everyday folks getting into beekeeping,
and I salute them!

I am working on re-stocking my Etsy shop with some
new cuties this week!  What are you keeping busy with?  

Have a great week!  


  1. I have heard of Mead but not a Meadery. Sounds like fun and I'm all about tasting wine and honey! I have been gathering items I want to resell and will list on a local sales site first.

    1. Hope you get to visit one sometime, so interesting. Good luck with local sales, I have some thing to try and sell locally also.

  2. Hi Pam - Happy Belated Birthday to your and the Mr.! I've heard of Mead, but only in vintage books, etc. It sounds wonderful! How nice to get to taste the mead and honey before buying. Love those labels - the empty bottles would make great vases, too. I love honey and so glad to see that people are raising bees again. I have noticed the drop in the bee population, too. It's alarming.....too many pesticides don't help. Hope you have some signs of spring your way and have a happy weekend! xx Karen


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