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Friday, July 14, 2017

The Good, the Bad & the vintage tablecloth


The Good!
Our gorgeous Crape Myrtle is in bloom again!

We didn't plant this tree, it was here when we bought our house in 2004.
But we did plant two others because of it's beauty.

If faithfully blooms in July every year,
& continues to bloom into September.

The blooms are gorgeous and I always try to make a bouquet
 for my table, but the tiny blossoms fall off too easily.
However, the outside view is spectacular!

The Bad!  
Aw, a group of sweet Bambi's!   Not so sweet when you consider
they carry the deer tick that causes Lyme Disease.

I found this map online showing the prevalence this year.
Virginia is among the highest.
We live in a rural area and see lots of deer.  Our property is partially
surrounded by woods and scrub.  We have an energetic dog who plays
in the woods and scrub.
(Do you see where this is headed?)
 We make sure he gets his annual Lyme Disease vaccine from the vet.  
He takes a pill that kills a tick if it bites him.  Doyle is all set.  

Unfortunately there is no vaccine for humans.  Last week I found out
 I have contracted Lyme disease.  My doctor started me on a 3 week
 course of antibiotics immediately.  The blood test is two-part, the 1st part
revealing the presence of Lyme disease, and the 2nd part revealing whether
it is a recent infection or not.  Luckily, mine is recent so I pray the 
antibiotics will take care of it.  Some folks suffer with long term disease.

I'm still a little in shock.  My hubby did remove a tick for me, but I had no
 bull's eye rash.  I learned not everyone gets one.  I did have symptoms of
illness, which led me to see my doctor.  Extreme fatigue, muscle and joint 
aches, nausea, headaches... flu type symptoms actually. 

So these hot summer months, heed the tick warning and
be vigilant!

& The vintage tablecloth

Need to finish on a happy note here, and vintage tablecloths always make 
me happy!  Here is my current table.  Manufacturer of this nature
theme tablecloth is unknown.  Love the pink to maroons together. 



  1. Yuck! So sorry you have to endure part of this tick epidemic. We have Lyme in Maine too but not as bad as some areas. I wish you the best! And your tree is unbelievably beautiful!

  2. Oh no! Lyme disease is no joke! So glad you caught it and hope you get better soon. We have deer all around here and my Grands are checked daily for ticks. So far so good. Love the table cloth, you do have the best collection. Take care and big hugs sent your way!

  3. Oh, sweet friend, I am so sorry to hear you contracted Lyme's Disease! Indeed, it is no joke! Please know that I am praying for you!

    Your tree is truly breathtaking! What beauty! Love and hugs to you!

  4. Your crape myrtle amazes me! Good for Doyle, crappy for you! I'm so sorry about your illness, hope the antibiotics kick that bugs butt! We are also in the red zone and so far tick free. Hope by now you are feeling better. Sending my best wishes for a full recovery!

  5. Oh, Pam. I was so excited to see your lovely Crape Myrtle but then I was so dismayed to read about your Lyme disease. I have my dogs vaccinated as well, I wonder why they've conquered Lyme disease for dogs but not humans? My husband was bit by a tick about 20 years ago, got the bullseye rash, took his antibiotics and has been clear with no repercussions. And I just knocked on wood after I typed that. I hope that the antibiotics do as well for you as they did for him.


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