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Friday, July 7, 2017

Hot July Stuff

I hate to complain about 100 degrees today and feeling
like hades when most of the country is even hotter, but I
really dislike it.  So staying in and keeping cool leads me
to changing my table and sharing a new vintage tablecloth.  

This Asian theme tablecloth is quite a beauty.   The graphics are
so wonderful.  Did you notice the border of teapots and rice bowls?

The bright pastel colors are also amazing.
What is not to like about pink and aqua?

I especially love the girl carrying the flower baskets.  

My vintage tablecloth loving friend Joan sent me this beautiful
 vintage hankie as a thank you.  She is so sweet and generous.  

Looks so lovely on my buffet display.

I met my friend Barbara in a teacup exchange swap last year.
Barbara likes to sew so I recently sent her a few "cutter" linens.
She made me these adorable hot pads from a piece of  yellowed tea
 towel fabric. Just love them.  I don't know how she got the fabric
 so clean.  Another linen miracle! 😇

Our garden is not doing well this year, but had enough 
cucumbers and tomatoes to make a refreshing summer salad today.  

Today is a good day to stay inside, enjoy the AC and play with
tablecloths.  Actually, any day is a good day for that.
This is an old photo, but I still love seeing it.

Finally, I got my craft table cleaned off and turned it into my
painting space.  

Expect me to be regaling you with more Pam Picasso's soon.

Stay in the shade my friends!


  1. I enjoying see all your unique table linens! Nice painting and sweet little camper.

  2. This table cloth is really pretty and like you said pink and aqua, what's not to love. Stay cool and enjoy your day! Hugs!

  3. That new to you table cloth is so pretty and I do love the colors! Your garden salad looks delicious! And I love that adorable camper...the rug just looks perfect in front of it! Hope you're having a good weekend! Stay cool...Vicky

  4. Sometimes really hot weather is a good thing, it's makes us stay inside and clean or organize. My craft/sewing table is always in need of clearing off. Right now I have some more of the linens you sent me, all cut and ready to sew into zippered bags. I always love your tablecloths. Pink and aqua are a favorite. I look forward to seeing your paintings. Enjoy.

  5. Hi Pam, I hate hot weather, it's just wilting, isn't it? I always worry about all the plants and wild things, too. And how about those idiots who leave their dogs in their cars? Well, that's for another discussion.....I absolutely love your Asian table cloth - would be so cute for Chinese Take-out! And the little hankie and those adorable pot-holders are so special. I didn't know you were an artist, too! Love your 'Pam-Picasso'! The little camper is darling. I want one! Hope you stay cool and don't forget to share your artwork! xo Karen

  6. Hi Pam, as usual late and catching up with your blog! That's a really interesting tablecloth, so many of the designs you've shown are completely new to me and I never see them at the tag sales or flea markets! We've had our share of horrid hot weather too, and the humidity is really the bummer!


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