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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Cinco de Mayo Tablescape

(Fab Clay Art S & P's)

According to Wikipedia, Cinco de Mayo
 is a celebration held to commemorate the Mexican army's 
victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla. 

 In the United States, Cinco de Mayo has  become 
associated with the celebration of Mexican-American culture.

The adorable Senorita tea towel is a vintage Broderie. 
Fabulous candlestick holders are USA Glass/Tiffin.

My tablescape started with a MWT (Mint with Tag) Startex
Starline tablecloth, rich with bold colors.  

Set with my often used Hazel Atlas Ovide Platonite plates & red
rimmed white dessert cups.  Green vintage pottery marked USA 5006, 
maker is unknown to me.  

Colorful striped glasses are from the dollar store, juice
glasses are vintage Anchor Hocking Ruby Red, and the
sweet creamer & sugar are vintage Japan.

I have several Southwestern/Mexican themed vintage
tablecloths, which were very popular in the 50's.  Doing this
post reminds me I need to share them with you.  

Doyle is staring down a rabbit here, who made it
safely into the scrub with nary a chase!  👍

The garden has been keeping us busy lately.  I've planted flowers and
 herbs, while Mr. Retro has planted a variety of veggies.  I hope to share 
those next time.  What has been keeping you busy this spring?

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  1. Ole! I love vintage Mexican textiles and glassware. I eat off my Fiesta ware nearly every day. This table is beautiful!

  2. Your tablescape is fabulous, my friend! I just love how colorful everything is. And I must confess that now I'm craving Mexican food - HA!

    Hugs to you!

  3. Love it!! That tablecloth is a great find. The anthropomorphic salt and peppers gave me a chuckle!


  4. Your table setting is absolutely perfect! I love everything about it, good job.
    Our grocery stores always have great sales on Mexican items during this time and celebration, so it's a good time to stock up.
    Yikes! That little bunny had better watch out.
    We went and picked out our new bunny a few days ago. It's been four months since we lost our Lakota.
    This new addition to our family is darling!! He's chocolate colored, gorgeous. We're still working on a name for him. Another blessing from the Lord.
    I've been working on painting our home and the buildings on our property (out side) this spring. We got off to a good start until the cold, wet and snowy weather hit us bringing things to a halt. Today is the first day I've been able to get back at it, oh yea!!
    I came in to have a bite to eat, but I must get back out side, clouds are rolling in. :(

    Have a beauty day, Pam

  5. I do enjoy your tablescapes! I've been helping my Mom and we have some herbs planted and just bought a couple of hanging baskets of flowers.

  6. Hi Pam,
    Thank you for stopping by today and your kind comments on my yard.
    Oh my gosh, your tablecloth is perfect for celebrating Cinco de Mayo. I love vintage tablecloths, but must admit I have never seen one with a Mexican flair. How fun.
    Enjoy your celebration!

  7. Wow this is such a perfect festive table to celebrate Cinco d Mayo with! That retro tablecloth is the best! Love the S & P shakers and the Senorita tea towel- they make you smile just looking at them! I gravitate outdoors at this time of year to ready the gardens and patio area. Spring is a little slow coming on up here but it's becoming beautiful once again and I want to enjoy every day!

  8. If that isn't the most adorable tablecloth, I don't know what is. What an amazing tablescape. So charming. Everything you have on your table I love.

  9. How fun to see these retro pieces!! Your table is a treasure, from the tablecloth to the salt and pepper shakers!! Ole!!

  10. Pam, I really enjoy your Blog. Noticed the detail of the salt and pepper shakers this time. They just "crack me up". I'll be chuckling all day. Thanks!

  11. Your Cinco de Mayo Tablescape is so Festive and I J'Adore that S&P Set!!! Dawn... The Bohemian

  12. Your Cinco de Mayo table setting is retro fabulous! I love the colorful tablecloth and the cute little Carmen Miranda style banana S&P'S.

    Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  13. Your table is fabulous Pam! I LOVE that tablecloth! What a great vintage piece to have for Cinco de Mayo!

    Smashing Plates Tablescapes

  14. such a fun table setting you have there, great, fun, vintage tablecloth you have!
    I remember when our dog would chase the rabbit but if the rabbit stopped she did too, it was so funny...we have had so much rain here that we haven't had a chance to plant our veggies yet.

  15. Fantastic Cinco de Mayo tablescape! I enjoyed seeing the retro look of the tablecloth and items you've displayed.

  16. What a bright and cheerful table! I had tacos for lunch at school today which is about the extent of my Cinco de Mayo! I hope you are doing well and the hubby is still improving every day! Have a great weekend.

    Hugs, Vicky

  17. Well, no gardening here because the weather is so unpredictable! But today we were able to lounge on the patio, and tomorrow will be sunny so I think garden dreaming is about to start in earnest. I liked your colorful Cinco de Mayo tablescape!

  18. My favorite has to be the S&P's. Such a great colorful tablescape. So festive.


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