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Thursday, March 31, 2016

It's My Birthday & Building the Garden

It's My Birthday!

I don't think I have ever done a Birthday post...
I always loved Birthday's, then I got to the age where I kind of
dreaded being another year older.  Now I guess I'm just glad to be
here and able to celebrate!  ;-)

Of course there will be dinner out.  Cooking is illegal on your birthday. 

In about a week there will be camping at this beautiful State Park.
On the ocean...bonus!
 And a couple weeks from now...
I know this musical has been around for a while, but I just love it!
I have the DVD and the CD, and can sing all the lyrics to all the songs.
NO...ssshhh I promise I won't be singing in the theater.
Seeing Chicago is actually a combo Birthday-Anniversary splurge.
Our Anniversary is in April, as is Mr. Retro's birthday.
We have lots to celebrate in the spring!
Mr. Retro loves to expand our garden each year, and considers all
those trips to Home Depot for supplies to be part of his birthday gift,
 poor guy. Then he has all the new garden work to do!
I'll have a couple surprises for him though. 
This year he decided to protect our garden.  We don't mind sharing
some, but the deer and groundhogs can just wipe out a garden
He had saved the gate and chicken wire from Doyle's puppy play area,
so that was a good start.  He bought lumber and made frames for raised beds.
 We already had the half plastic barrels which worked great last year.
No squatting on the ground to weed! Raised up on cinder blocks,
holes drilled in the bottom for drainage. 
And the fencing will keep dogs (Doyle & his many friends)
from stomping tender plants to death (and worse).
Just look at that gorgeous sun streaming.  God is peeking in today!
Thanks for dropping in on my special day!  The weekend is almost here.
Are you also doing something fun?  Do tell! 
(PS/ Of course I got a new vintage tablecloth for my Birthday, you'll be seeing it soon.)
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  1. Happy Birthday Pam! Your garden area looks just wonderful. We do veggies in raised boxes too. It's so much easier on our aging bodies. lol. I hope you have a great day!

  2. A big Happy Birthday to you!! Sounds like lots of fun celebrating to me. We are starting Birthday season here, 3 in April, 1 in May and mine in June. Love your garden, I would need raised beds to plant now also. Can't wait to see you new table cloth.

  3. Happy Birthday my friend, God bless you and enjoy your day!!

  4. HAPPY, HAPPY, BIRTHDAY,Pam! I hope your day was special and your dinner divine! Nice garden!!

  5. Happy Birthday... Your garden idea using the barrels is a great idea!
    I look forward to seeing the table cloth. Blessings, Roxy

  6. Happy Birthday Pam!!! I agree that cooking is illegal on your birthday!!!

  7. Happy Birthday, Pam!!! Your plans sound incredible! I may have to steal your garden barrel idea--I gave up on growing veggies a couple of years ago due to a bunny problem!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope it was fabulous!

    xo Dianne

  9. Happy Belated Birthday Pam! Sounds like you've been having lots of fun! I agree, no cooking on your B-day is a rule!

  10. Happy belated birthday, Pam! I hope your camping trip is happening soon and you have fantastic weather! I'm so envious of your future gardens. We're still ugly and winter brown in MI.


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