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Monday, March 7, 2016

Hodge Podge Anyone?

I have nothing against hodge-podge posts.
Sometimes there just isn't enough to say on one subject.
So were you part of the "most of the world" audience that was watching Downton Abbey? 
The most wonderful show I have ever seen on Television, or ever hope to see again. 
I'm not sure if I'm happier for Edith or Anna! 
I don't know about you, but I did fight back a couple tears and
know I will miss this smart, well written, fabulous show!
I have just a couple of finds to share today.
Last year Mr. Retro found this very cool mid-century candleholder for me.
However, the tall skinny candles have remained elusive.
Bingo....he found a box at the thrift store on Saturday.  I have no idea
what they originally cost.  Can anyone interpret 99p?
This centerpiece will be very cool in a tablescape. 
I couldn't resist bringing home these two oval plates. 
So cute and unique for a tablescape, then they will be donated back. 
The pattern name is "Cloudland", manufactured by Nikko, made in Japan. 
I didn't find very many images of them when I "googled" them,
 but they appear to be from about 1970's.
No tablescape today, because this is what my dining room table
looks like.  I'm sorting through a couple bins of vintage linens.
Continuing my downsizing and purging.  Lots of these are damaged.
This is what I saw at 7:30 this morning.  I was taking a minute to sit, have a
 cup of coffee and watch a little of the Morning Show.  Up popped Doyle on the
footstool, one front paw on the sofa arm, and the other pawing at me with that
 "you know what I want" look in his eye. 
(sigh) Yes, Doyle, let's go out. 
 I got to admire the Daffodils blooming in the scrub, and the
elusive sun trying to come out. 
I haven't forgotten my St. Patrick's Day tablescape, ready for my next post! 
Have a terrific week my friends! 


  1. Doyle is too cute, my friend :) Look at all those glorious linens! I always find it hard to part with linens even when I know I you have the same problem?

    Have a beautiful day, Pam! Hugs!

  2. I will miss Downton Abbey so much. I too had a few tears in my eyes. Love that candlestick holder. Maybe the p is for pence? I have no idea or pesos? LOL. good for you going through your linens.

  3. Very unique candle holder...I LOVE Downton Abbey and will miss it. We don't have cable TV, so public TV is what I watch. Lots of linens to sort.
    My dogs give me the "eyes" to go outside. :)

  4. A unique candleholder and those skinny candles are wonderful. The cloud plates are really unique, too. Love those piles of linens. There is a lot of sewing potential for the damaged ones for pillows, napkins and other great things! So cute how Doyle lets you know 'it's time!'. Beautiful woodland scene. Downton was so wonderful. Such a shame it is over. I have to buy the DVD's so I can revisit it all again. Hope your sorting goes smoothly. xx Karen

  5. HI Pam! I'm behind on the Downton series, but I watching it and will miss it! Such a neat show!! So many pretty linens to look at and sort through! Hugs to Doyle for being so cute! I can't wait to start seeing our flowers popping up here too! Happy week to you! xo Holly

  6. I'm with you regarding Downton Abbey! When the opening sequence was playing, I said to my daughter, "I am going to miss this theme song! This music makes me so happy!" I'm glad Mr. Retro found your skinny candles, funny how when you wish for something that it appears, eh? I would not be able to resist Doyle's sweet face, either...even at 7:30 a.m.! We had a 70-degree day yesterday (finally!) and as I was gardening I was so excited to see that my daffodil stems (no buds in sight yet) have shot up 5 inches. Enjoy your blooms! :) --Fran

  7. Hi Pam! I love Doyle's sweet face! Your St. Patrick's Day tablescape is adorable and that candle holder is fabulous! Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I'll miss Downton Abbey a lot too! I'm happy with the way they ended it, and I hope the rumors are true about a movie some day soon!! I don't know about you, but downsizing is always very hard for me to do, even if the linens are damaged. I have a couple of damaged tablecloths that I want to make into a new liner for my granny cart, but I'm having a hard time cutting & sewing vintage tablecloths---even though they are already damaged! Crazy-right?!?!

  9. I also loved Downton Abbey and hope they will come up with something just as delicious! I make sure to donate to PBS in hopes they continue to bring us excellent programing like this! Also love the candleholder and the tablecloth underneath! Doyle has the right idea, get outside and enjoy those daffodils! We are several weeks behind you and just starting to see some green tips on my scillia flowers.


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