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Monday, January 11, 2016

Hodge Podge Monday

I have odd photos and things I've saved, so it must be time for another
Hodge Podge post. 
I'm starting with my Rosemary bush.  I spied these sweet blooms. 
I can't help but touch this bush each time I walk by...the lovely
smell of Rosemary transfers...hmmm

The top of my resolution list this year includes cleaning out & donating.
  Here is the first truck load.  I have to purge quickly because I get
attached to my "stuff".  After a decision is made the stuff needs to be
 whisked off to the thrift store before I change my mind.
(Is it just me?)

I saved some tablescaping goodies I haven't used yet,
and the things I want to sell, but there is more to purge. Yikes!
Mr. Retro has a thing for old circus posters.  Especially the posters
that were made for local area circuses.  These are probably from the 70's. 
  This is his second find.  He is making a frame for it so it can hang with the poster he
found last year. (Excuse the glare please.)

I've been buying much less, yet I always allow myself vintage linens.
I recently got this fabulous tablecloth.  Made by Leacock (Leaspun, because
it is made from spun rayon), and part of the Kate Greenaway series.
.  Highly sought after by collectors, and luckily came my way.

So lovely!

I've started to think about Valentine crafting, so I really need to
clear the rest of the Christmas stuff off my craft table. 
(Ya think?)
I'm hoping I might find a card swap to participate in this year. 
I had such fun making these 3 Valentines last year for a swap.

Once again Doyle is a blur with his squeaky chicken.  I throw it and
he fetches, squeaking it mercilously.  This is one game he never
outgrew from puppydom. 
And I can't end without commenting on David Bowie.
So sad to hear he passed away. Such a fantastic talent.  Not everyone liked his
music but I was definitely a fan.  His new album came out just two days
before his death.  I love vintage Bowie & anxious to hear the new.

Changes, Space Oddity, Suffragette City, Ziggy Stardust, Rebel Rebel,
Fame, Golden Years, Heroes, Under Pressure, Let's Dance,
Dancing in the Streets, China Girl, Modern Love.........etc.
 My all time fav: Young American
 I dare you to crank up the volume on that song & not start dancing!

 What's on your plate for this week?  Mine is heaping, so I'd better get going. 
Thanks for sticking with my long hodge podge today. 

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  1. Great hodgepodge of items but David Bowie how sad it was to here the news.
    I enjoyed his music Changes and Golden Years 2 of my all time favourite songs by him.
    Have a good week.

  2. Good for you on purging. I need to do more of that...especially in the clothing and toy areas of our house. Can't wait to see what Valentine crafting ideas you come up with. I spent this past weekend cleaning up my craft room so that I could work on Chinese New Year and Valentine projects. I grew up as a teen in the 80s. There were many Bowie songs that I danced to. Such an iconic star.

  3. I am too attached to my stuff. I am having a hard time organizing my Christmas stuff.
    I fixed my last post if you want to take a look.

  4. Yay to the downsizing and purging!! I'm doing this also and we can inspire each other. The dishes, glassware and flatware are sorta easy for me to let go of, but collections...yikes! So it will be a process for sure. I will post weekly!! I can't even think about Valentine crafts yet, but I should!!

  5. Hey lovely lady! Sounds like you are indeed busy. I, too, have much to so why am I sitting at the computer? Because visiting with YOU is way better than cleaning {{smiles}} Enjoy your week. Hugs!

  6. I love your Hodge Podge days, what a great name. I too get attached to my "stuff", at least you're able to get yours to the truck, lol!!

  7. I've been "clearing out" my craft room...made a huge deposit at the thrift store the other day! Pretty tablecloth! Cool circus posters!
    Our dogs love to play with squeekie toys too.

  8. I have the same resolution!

    Loving that tablecloth. Its so unique!


  9. Thank you so much for visiting me in England!
    Your tablecloth is such a work of Art and will be a real keepsake.

  10. Your tablecloth is very pretty and I love your valentine creations! You are so talented. I'm glad to see Doyle still likes to play catch! Mine love to play with squeaky toys too. I, too, get attached to my "finds", but I try to give them to my sons for their house. They joke about what they will do with all my junk when I'm gone!

  11. Sweet Pam, thank you for joining Roses of Inspiration this week. How I love seeing your lovely self there. Enjoy your Thursday. Hugs!

  12. Young Americans is my favorite Bowie song, too! So sad that he passed. This is a great hodge podge, and so timely because one of my resolutions this year is to purge one carload full each month! Made my January donation last week, I'm already starting on the February pile. I hope I can continue! :) --Fran


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