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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Halloween Crafting & Garden Stuff

I'm sad to say our garden is just about done.
But then I have to remind myself it is Fall and it is October.

The peppers are not as plentiful, but they are still growing. 
I found this cute wooden bowl while thrifting last year.

Some of the flowers that had died off in the summer heat, came
back to share a little fall color, like this coleus.

I hate to see the garden go, but I'm more than ready to enjoy fall.
I've been enjoying some fall crafting. 
These guys are spooky, but fun spooky.

The "BOO" owls aren't spooky, just cute!
"Welcome to Spooksville"
I have all these small wooden blocks that Mr. Retro found at a yard sale. 
They are a great base for making little ornaments.  I think they
might be Jenga pieces, lol. 

These two will be mailed to a couple blogging friends. 
One as a thank you & one as a thinking of you. 

Hope you are enjoying some Fall fun! 

No tablecloths today because our bed is still in the dining
room as the bedroom rehab progresses very slowly. 


  1. You could always put a tablecloth on the! Love the wooden pepper bowl. I am beyond ready for fall as well. It has cooled off some in the mornings and evenings, but it is still hot during the day. Hoping it cools off soon. Happy crafting!

  2. Hi Pam,
    I am so ready for fall weather, tired of the heat! All we have left is three pepper plants in the garden too.
    Your ghoulies are adorable scary, and Jenga blocks for crafting, I love it! I really like your little felt owls, so cute, you inspire me.

  3. Such cuteness! Love the 'ghoulfriends'! Finally getting some rain here. Have fun creating! x Karen

  4. You may be frustrated because your bedroom rehab isn't coming along as planned, but I don't think any of us readers would protest if you decided to put a tablecloth on your bed, hehe. That's such a pretty assortment of peppers. My coleus has also bounced back, along with the gerbera daisies. Our temps here went from 90's to 60's within a week...and it's been 3 weeks now and looks like the 60-degree temps are here to stay! Hope you are having a great week :) --Fran

  5. You are so crafty! I love the little wooden blocks and the cute things you put on them. The spoolies are also adorable. I'm ready to do a Halloween craft soon!

  6. The owl spoolies are cute...I'm starting to think about Christmas crafts...
    Enjoy the weekend.

  7. Aren't you clever! Love all your special Halloween touches. Keep on crafting! Happy Halloween!

  8. fall crafting is the best.. well so is Christmas and Easter and valentines and 4th of july... lol!
    anytime is a good time for crafting!
    have a great weekend my friend! so glad to be back and touching base with all my bloggy buds again!

  9. Isn't amazing how quickly you go from having waaaay too much from the garden to very little. Hubby keeps asking me why I leave it. The neighbors all pulled theirs out a month ago! I hate to see it go because winter is so long, so I hold on!

    Your spool owls are just the cutest! What a good idea using pencils. I might use that one!

    I also bought some tablecloths (5) recently, so I may give you a should about those!


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