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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Another Hodge Podge

Today I'm sharing a mix of things.  Think I might be
liking these hodge podge posts. 

I joined in a couple of  ATC swaps that Kim hosts at ArtJoyStuff blog.
You can find the link on my sidebar.
The August theme was "Dress Up". Here are the adorable ATC's I
received, plus a sweet gift of lace and ribbon from Kim, our hostess.

Here are the ATC's that I made and sent.  I made 4 instead of 3
in error, so kept my least favorite one. :)
My label says, "I'm So STYLISH".

The theme for her September ATC swap was Linen & Lace.
Now that is right up my vintage linen loving alley!
My phrase on these is "fabric of our lives".  I also made a card
for Kim in thanks for her being a great hostess.  Unfortunately
for us this will be her last swap.

Please know that no vintage tablecloths were harmed in my creations.
Yes, my background is snips of vintage tablecloths and tea towels,
but these were fabric scrap pieces, I did not cut any of my intact beauties. 

I also joined in Stephanie's (The Enchanting Rose) Tea Cup Exchange.  Link to her
beautiful blog is on my sidebar.  My giftee is not a blogger, so I will share what I
sent her here.  Beautiful tea cup, sent in a box I crafted,  vintage apron, vintage
doily and napkin, some teabags, scrapbook goodies  and some heirloom tomato seeds
from Jefferson's Monticello estate.

My partner's hobbies include history, gardening, and scrapbooking.

I took another fun class at the local art school.  The "Coffee" painting
is done in acrylics and is already hanging on my kitchen wall over the Keurig.
The Geisha girls was a mixed media class, made with cardstock
and tissue paper.  I'm no artist, but thoroughly enjoyed these two classes. 

I just changed out the tablecloth on the porch, for a "Fall" look.
A rainy day so the light is not good, and actually is brighter than this.
Corn and peppers, a fun tablecloth made by Simtex. 

I took this photo of my stacks of tablecloths a few years ago.
I actually have less now, whew.  Anyway, I used the "vintage"
photo edit button for a vintage photo effect.  I love it!
It really does look like an old photo. 
Happy mid-week! Hope there was something here you enjoyed. 


  1. Hi lovely lady! I just love, love, love the items you send for your tea cup lady :) I received a photo from her this morning with the items you gave and she was tickled pink by your generosity :)

    Oh my, those table cloths! How beautiful, my friend. Don't you just love old linens! Love and hugs to you!

  2. Hodge podge is my favorite, especially when it involves vintage tablecloths and coffee art! The only thing missing is sweet Doyle. Hope you are having a great week and enjoying the fall season! :) --Fran

  3. You have been busy and nice work! I've seen where gals have made colored copies of their linens and used them for crafting!

  4. What fun exchanges you've been in! I'm so behind with this full time babysitting, but next week is my last full week and then I will have more time for my crafts...I miss doing them!

  5. Hello dear Pam! Oh, you certainly have been busy with your crafting and swapping this past delightful! And I love the goodies you sent your partner in the tea cup exchange...I simply can't wait to receive mine! *smiles*
    Have a beautiful Thursday further!

  6. You really have been up to all kinds of exciting crafting and swapping opportunities. Good for you! I'm absolutely smitten with your Geisha girls. Love your vintage collection of linens. WOW!

  7. Your lovely items are giving me some great crafting ideas! I envy your vintage tablecloth collection! I'm like you though, starting to whittle down to just the best of things. Have a great weekend!

  8. Hi Pam! I love Hodge Podge posts and my posts are always Hodge Podge. As-a-matter-of-fact, I was going to name my next post Hodge Podge. LOL! Anyway, gorgeous atc's made and received. I love the pretties you sent your tea cup swap partner. The lady I sent my gifts to isn't a blogger either and I forgot to take pictures. I'm kicking myself right now. LOVE your coffee Geisha art, very cool! The only local art school by me is for kids. I REALLY need to move to the beautiful state of VA!


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