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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mish Mash~Swap, Dogs, Finds, you know!

Not only was this much snow unusual for us
(we got more than this, it wasn't finished yet)
but it lasted nearly a week.  That part was a surprise.  Burr. 

Dogs love it. Mine anyway, and his neighbor pal. 
I get tired just watching them.

I received my extraordinary package from Kelly @ Dreaming of Vintage.
I am nothing but truthful when I say opening her package was just like
Christmas morning! 
The teacup swap was hosted by Stephanie @ The Enchanting Rose.
Stephanie will be doing a link post in a few weeks so we can all share our
swap goodies together, but I need to give you a preview of this generous
box of goodness! 
 Isn't the teacup gorgeous? 
 Kelly is an wonderful artist.  She made me this very special
card and gorgeous flower.  Sigh....just amazing!

All the swap gifts were packaged in this pretty Paris theme
storage box, which I also love.  Organic tea, flowers, tea towel,
honey pot, spoon teabag holder, shortbread & sweet little frame. 
Kelly is a special person, who spoiled me rotten!  Better hop on over to her
blog and see her beautiful creations.  Don't forget to visit
Stephanie also, another gifted artist and blogger.  
Here I'm just sharing a mish mash of things. 
I don't think I showed you this Jere style mid-century metalware wall art.
Who found it, Mr. Retro of course!  It was damaged with bent spokes
and much rust.  He straightened out the metal as best he could and gave it
a new coat of paint.  Here it is on our enclosed porch wall.  Cool!
  I was cleaning out the pantry this morning and found a full box of Bisquick
 with the use by date of March 2015.  This month, dang it!  I hate when that happens.
I stopped everything and made biscuits.  Really, who can concentrate on
just one thing in the winter. :0 They ended up a little flat but taste great. 
 Yum, chicken, salad, broccoli and biscuits for dinner.
Lastly, I've been doing some Easter crafting.  Mr. Bunny was packed
 to travel, so I sent him on his way to a blogging friend. 
What are you doing this winter week?  If you're still here,
thanks for sticking with me through this rambling post. 
Linking with:The Enchanting Rose


  1. I'm sure all that snow is unusual for you. The dogs playing in the snow is cute. One of my dogs love it and the other not so much. I love your swap items. I know how much you enjoy swapping as much as I do. Hugs

  2. What an amazing swap! Love your tea cup and all the great items! So sweet!

  3. Ugh, winter. I so want it to be over with already.....I remember a few years back around the middle of March it was in the 80's. What happened????? Anyway, thanks for the blog shout out and I hope you enjoy all of your of your goodies! BTW, I love the metal wall hanging, so retro!

  4. Dogs may be enjoying the snow, but us humans are over it. I thought about you last week, when you were predicted to get more snow that we did up here. We dodged some nasty weather that was supposed to begin this afternoon, thank goodness ... but we may still get hit with it tomorrow. Is it spring yet?

  5. Hello My Sweet Friend,

    Wow now that's what I call snow day! We are sunshine and blue skies here in California so I sent a little box of sunshine your way today. Watch your mail box my friend. Sent with love.



  6. Very pretty teacup! Love the card too!! Very nice gifts! Cute Mr.Bunny! I think tomorrow I'm going to make some cards! Easter will be here before we know it!

  7. I enjoyed this rambling post Pam and it reminded me on my own this evening. You guys sure did get a ton of snow! So pretty though. Your teacup and goddies are just beautiful. You did get spoiled...:) The wall art is really cool! Your hubby has a gift! Hope your week is going well.

    Hugs, Vicky

  8. Glad you were spoiled. Swaps are so much fun. Keep thinking spring thoughts!!! Easter crafting is keeping me happy right now.

  9. Isn't Kelly incredibly talented?! I have purchased some of her flowers from her Etsy shop and I only use them for "special" things :) I just LOVE the tea cup and other pretties that she sent you.

    Your Easter card is darling, Pam! You are very gifted.

    Thank you so much for sharing at Roses of Inspiration - I look forward to having you share your tea cup pretties at the tea cup linky party :) Hugs to you!

    1. Oh my, I don't believe I've ever been called gifted before. Thanks Stephanie. ;)

  10. Ohhhhhh, I see my Easter Card! I just love it, Pam - and I am just so happy that you gave it to me! Of course I love my Valentine, too - sooooo very thoughtful of you! You sure did receive some lovely things! The teacup is so pretty. and the BEEHIVE! Yummy! Than you again!!!!!

    1. When the post office returned the valentine I sent you, I was happy to resend it, but since that holiday was past, Mr. Bunny asked to "tag" along. ;)

  11. I can say that I am truly ready for spring right now too, my little dachshund doesn't care for the snow or cold either :) Your bunny banner is too cute!

  12. We had nearly a foot of snow on Sunday. Yesterday we had freezing rain, which accumulated ice and made driving super dangerous. Today we're expected to get more snow and ice this afternoon. When will it end???

  13. We should pass a state law ... snow is fine, but wintry mix, freezing rain, sleet and other icy slop would be forbidden.

    Your swaps are amazing! And I love the shape of the old metal wall piece ... the horizontal oval is really fun. Good find, and good fixes, Mr. Retro!

  14. I'm so sorry for the snow, it should have stopped here in MN. Your biscuits are just too cute, you cut them out in playing card suits! Oh you are so fun! Have a great week!

  15. Such a pretty swap! Love that metal art piece! So neat!! Wishing you a lovely week! xo Heather

  16. Love seeing the doggies romping in the snow! Such lovely things Kelly made for you and gave you - I love the idea of a tea cup swap!


  17. Mr. Doyle looks like he's having a blast in the snow! It is true, they do love it I think!! Love all your sweet swap goodies!! The tea cup is so pretty, and such a nice card she made too!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! xo Holly

  18. The picture of the dogs is so cute they look like their loving the snow alright.
    Great wall art your husband did good.
    Have a lovely week.


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