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Sunday, December 21, 2014

My latest fashion :(

Just checking in today, to show off my 
latest fashion gift from the doctor.
What is called a knee immobilizer, but literally extends thigh to ankle.
These are not my pink legs, (I wish) but compliments of the Internet. 
Oh, I have crutches also.  Have you ever needed to use them?
Dangerous, I tell you.  

My immobilizer is actually longer, or more than likely,
 my stumpy legs are shorter. Are you feeling sorry for me yet?  
Been missing out on lots of holiday fun,
 but got some great pain pills.  The trade off? ;)

Okay, I've been totally mostly sarcastic here.  Know my injury is 
nothing compared to what many folks face daily.

I see the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow.  Hoping he won't
need to use those "surgeon" skills on me.
Please send me a prayer or a good thought. 
Now I'll share some bad photos. 

My beloved Santa bank, a childhood gift that I
luckily still have.  It's all fuzzy, though worn now.
 The plastic Santa head is really a music box, 
which doesn't work, except for an occasional chirp.

Handcrafted elves created by Vivian of Viv's Whimsy.
(I still can't make a link on my mobile).  Adorable!
Also, crafted snowmen that I bought on vaca in the fall.
Won the sweet Princess House reindeer dish.
I wasn't kidding.   These photos are my real life views from the
where I am mimicking a "couch potato" quite well.  
My little tree is filled with mostly hand made ornies.
Thanks for the visit!
 Enjoy the season, and please send that healing prayer!


  1. Oh my! I'm so sorry, Pam!
    I do pray you won't need surgery!
    I only had crutches in childhood- which was a piece of cake!
    I can't imagine now!

  2. OUCH!! I'll a pray of healing for you and that you won't need sugery.
    Try to have a nice Christmas.
    Merry Christmas.

  3. Gosh, I'm so sorry to hear about your leg. I really hope you're back to normal soon. Take care.

  4. Oh jeez!!!! I am so sorry you are toting that brace around....has to be terrible....crossed fingers the surgeon is not needed....

  5. Pam, I sure hope you don't have to have surgery! My goodness! Take care and rest up~love all your sweet Christmas decor!

  6. Oh Pam, I'm so sorry about your leg. I hope that brace thingy isn't too uncomfortable for you, and hopefully you won't need surgery. I hope you have a nice Christmas. Your little elves are so sweet.

  7. Oh Pam, I am very sorry to hear about your leg! I truly hope surgery will not be needed.

    May you have a very Merry Christmas! Hugs to you!

  8. oh no! I hope your knee is ok. Ive had a problem with mine for a while now. now most of my pain is gone, but my knee like pops.. or its more like snaps like a rubber band inside. Afraid to go to the dr. keep us posted about your knee. fingers crossed that you wont be needing surgery. Just the thought makes me nervous! lol!
    Love seeing your christmas decorations and glad you are enjoying those elves. fyi, when you want to make a link, just copy and past from the search bar of where you want to link too. good luck!
    Merry Christmas my friend. I hope that knee doesnt keep you from enjoying!

  9. I'm so sorry about your leg, I hope you are healed up real soon. My husband went through a leg injury in July and had crutches a walker and wheelchair. He's finally back to normal : )

  10. Oh No! I'm so so sorry Pam! What a bummer! And right around the holidays!
    Well, as someone who's been in several leg casts and braces, I totally feel your pain (literally)! The mental pain of it too! It's the pits! I will be praying for you!
    Enjoy those meds! ;)

  11. Oh my! I am so sorry you have to wear that thing. It doesn't look too comfortable. I'll be praying that you won't need surgery. Try to enjoy Christmas sweet friend! I love all your adorable Christmas decor.

    Hugs, Vicky

  12. That knee immobilizer does not look fun.
    I was on crutches for nearing 3 months when I was a teenager I would not want to repeat that experience.
    I hope your visit with the orthopaedic surgeon went well.
    Merry Christmas.

  13. Hope the doctor's can get you fixed up fast! That looks pretty uncomfortable.... at least you have all these lovely Christmas things around to distract you! They are all quite marvelous! I sold a Santa Head music box like yours last year and it worked too, hard to part with those things but I can't keep everything! Feel better soon!

  14. Oh, no! I have been taking a bit of a break from blogging and I'm just now seeing your posts about your knee. I hope you were able to enjoy Christmas while your knee is mending! I'm keeping you in my thoughts and sending lots of positive healing thoughts your way. --Fran

  15. My goodness, Yes I feel sorry for you! But at least you have such a pretty view of all your cute Christmas stuff. Hope you mend very soon!


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