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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

1st Vintage Christmas Tablecloth

Once December comes, I like to use as many of my Christmas
Vintage tablecloths  on my dining table as possible.

Sharing the 1st one I used.  I LOVE this unusual design.  
There is no tag or label, but it has the feel of a
cotton and rayon blend.

It also has a European look, so may be Swedish or German.
A very 1960's vibe.

I'll be sharing more tables soon.
My job has been interfering big time with 
with my blogging lately,  but I've been trying to
 keep up on my reading.  Love seeing all your Christmas 
decor and hope to show mine soon.

Happy mid-week!

Doyle is "making his list and checking it twice"
in his dreams.   


  1. Very festive! Happy December! Can't wait to see all your tablescapes.

  2. Love this table cloth! Very vintage 60's! Love seeing your tables each year. The ladder with the table cloths makes me very happy, just wish it was in MY house! :)


  3. Very nice tablecloth. I like how you display your cloths on the ladder. It lets you see them.

    xo Danielle

  4. I love your tablecloth. Very happy and sooo Christmassy! That pic of Doyle is so sweet!

  5. I love the retro-shaped ornaments on that tablecloth. It's so festive and fun!

  6. Hi sweet Doyle, I hope your list isn't as long as Wilma's!
    Pam, I love that tablecloth, I'm looking forward to using the one you sent to me!

  7. Love it! The colors they used on these vintage tablecloths was so bright and vibrant. I look forward to seeing which one you use next. Have a great evening!

  8. I love it! It definitely has a very Swedish look to it. I am on the hunt for a Christmas tablecloth with less traditional colors. Maybe pink? Wish me luck!


  9. Table cloth number one is very cute! I always love seeing your collection!
    I hope you're having a great holiday season, Pam!
    And hugs to Doyle! I hope he gets everything he wants for Christmas.
    Erica :)

  10. Love that tablecloth Pam, you have the most amazing collection, makes my mouth water. :)



  11. What a cute and fun table cloth! It does look Swedish or German to me too! Sweet dreams Doyle :) We've been having internet problems, between that and busy busy I've been slacking here too! Wishing you a lovely weekend!! Christmas hugs!! xo Holly


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