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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Show & Tell, & Hello!


Happy hump day friends!  Just a quick hello and some
"Show & Tell" today, as I am getting ready to get onboard....
for a long ride... to visit my family, and as a bonus, do a day trip with
my high school girlfriends.  Do you keep in touch with any old friends? 
It is really special!   So much to do before I leave, so let me get going on this post. 

I added some Thanksgiving décor to my buffet.
I just love this vintage fairy, festively covered with leaves.
The salt & peppers are another favorite, sold by Publix
grocery stores about 15 years ago...they're almost vintage!

The stuffed (ha ha) turkey I bought on an after Thanksgiving
clearance, along with a matching hanging banner. He's been around
for more than 10 years. 
 Honeycomb turkey was less than a buck
at an estate sale last year....irresistible! 
The turkey candleholders are sweet thrift store finds. 
 I found these sweet crafted clothespins while on our fall
vacation, at a booth in an antique mall.  Oh so
cute and cheap...25 cents.  Tell me what crafter is going to make
something that she sells for 25 cents?  I bought some of her
sweet Christmas items too. 
 I also wanted to share my latest thrifty art.  Another vintage
needle book that I framed and hung.  I think they are just
great, and you can't beat the graphics. 
Oh boy, please excuse the camera flash, I didn't realize it was so terrible.

Sharing my thrifted faux Joan Miro prints.  Spent $3 for each of them. 
Works for me since I can't afford a real one until we win the lottery. 
Positive thinking! 
 I've been working on my vintage pin board and gained
some space.  Space for more sweet pins that I covet  need  deserve...
Well okay, none of the above, but I do love & enjoy them, and
better still, I wear them. 
 Have a great week.  I'll be reading your entertaining posts
on my train trip....10 hours!  Yay for Amtrak WiFi!

That sweetie at the top of the post, is Josie, a 6 year old Bischon (I think)
that my sister recently rescued.  Cant wait to meet her. 
 I will be missing my Doyle... a whole lot!
See you next week! 


  1. You are all set for Thanksgiving with all your decor! I LOVE the train! Have a great time!

  2. I love everything here, and your header is beautiful! :)

  3. Love your pin board! I think I should display all of mine that way until I make them into the bouquets. :) Thanks again for the pins!

  4. Have a wonderful trip! Take lots of pictures! I'm sure your furbaby will miss you while you are away!

  5. Have a great time - safe travels and Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Hi there! Your header is beautiful! I hope you have a fun time, old friends are the best!
    Dorothy and Wilma

  7. ARGH! I'm such a pinhead, I always get distracted and scroll and the comment I was writing, goes POOF! DUH
    Love all your Thanksgiving stuff! I have the same needle book - it was my grammies.
    Bless your sisters heart for adopting little Josie! She looks very well bundled up and cozy, hoping she feels the love and settles in quickly.
    I sent you an email re my (wish for) a Thanksgiving card exchange - want to play?
    Happy Humperoonie Happiness! Have a great trip!

  8. Love your Thanksgiving decor and I too love my Publix Pilgrims!! They just say Thanksgiving to me now! Enjoy your trip.

    1. Linda, how funny you have the Publix Pilgrims too. They are the cutest!

  9. Love all your Thanksgiving decor. I have never been on a train trip, but it's on my bucket list. Have a fun visit with your family. I'm sure Doyle will miss you too, but just think how happy you will both be to see each other when you return...:) Have a safe trip!

    Blessings, Vicky

  10. I've always wanted to take a long train ride. I can't wait to hear all about it. Have a great time.

  11. Love the little doggies and thanksgiving decor.

  12. I really like your Thanksgiving decorations. I hope you have a super trip! The pin board is beautiful and I love how you framed the needle book. I love the graphics on them.

  13. Hahaha! Stuffed Turkey! ;)
    You better get busy buying some pretty, vintage, pins! You have space to fill!
    Yes, I still get together with my high school girl friends! I'm so happy to hear that you do too! Isn't it great? Mine will be coming to our house for our 20th annual Christmas get together! We've been doing it since we were 16 years old. Crazy! I hope your train ride was fun. I've never been on a train. Must be neat!
    Erica :)

  14. cute doggies! have a great trip! always nice to see old friends and family!
    fun to decorate with each holiday and season isnt it? I need to find some vintagey turkeys to add to my thanksgiving collection. I dont have very much thanksgiving stuff. And, thats probably a good thing.
    have a great day!

  15. Sounds like you are going to have the best time! Can't wait to read about your adventures :-)


  16. I love all your Thanksgiving decor. I hope you have a safe trip and a wonderful time with your loved ones.

  17. Pam, have a wonderful time! Train travel with girlfriends and going to see your sister, not much more excitement I can imagine! I think I hear gigglng!

  18. Great finds! That honeycomb turkey is spectacular! Those go for good money online, what a super deal!

  19. Found your great blog via Pink Farm Girl! Love your faux Miro pics. ;)
    love, rosie

  20. I hope you are enjoying your getaway! Love the graphics of that needle book, it definitely deserves to be framed! I'll bet Doyle misses you and is looking forward to welcoming you home! :) --Fran

  21. Just found Your nice blog.We seem to have many things in common.Enjoyed reading this post, will be back, because now I'm Your newest follower.Looking forward to getting to know You better

  22. Hi Pam! Hope you have a wonderful time. I am really enjoying all of your Thanksgiving items! I am going to go decorate my Grandma's old farm-style table that is next to my kitchen. I have a bit of Thanksgiving that I am ready to put out! Thanks for all your pretty inspiration!

  23. Safe travels on your train trip. I do like trains! Make lots of wonderful memories with your family holiday. Blessings...

  24. Hi Pam! Hope you are having a wonderful time visiting and meeting Josie!!! What great finds on all the Thanksgiving! Love the honeycomb turkey and the vintage fairy with leaves is so cute too! LOVE all your brooch pins, I collect them too, they are just so fun to have/wear/ and to look at!! :) Wishing you a lovely weekend sweet friend! xo Holly


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