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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tis The Season? Not! & Other Stuff

I can hear you groaning if you are reading this post.
I know, I know....but I was asked to ONLY bring Christmas
linens into the store where I sell.  She is getting ready to turn
part of the store into a Christmas Shop.

After digging through a few boxes and totes,
I came up with some stuff.  So here goes....
Christmas stuff before Halloween, its almost un-American, lol.
I brought in this Mikasa Holy  Angel Trio set too.
Linens!  Vintage tablecloths and some guest towels,

more tablecloths, ME elf napkins, and some hankies

Lots of ironing going on yesterday, and some giggling, too bizarre.

Actually, they are so pretty, I'm just not ready.

The cutest elf faces on these Engelbreit napkins.  Why am I selling these???
Okay, that is it....I took it all in this  morning, so I promise to
keep Christmas off the blog until at least Thanksgiving.  ;)

stole found this at a yard sale.  Liquor pump decanter,
with hanging glasses.  I love it ~ very cool.
 I'm thinking 60's?

I finally got these 2 vintage needle books framed and hung.  I'm crazy
about these old graphics.  I have a couple more to frame up.

Before I end, while out with Doyle today, I couldn't help
but notice that the holly berries are turning red.
& the butterfly bush is still in bloom, though the butterflies
are few and far between. 
But what I love best is how the Knock Out Roses come back to
full bloom in the fall.  Gorgeous! 
Doyle likes chilling in his fancy pen after a walk and playtime. 
It is such a busy time, and I notice other bloggers seem to be blogging less often also.
Sometimes we just need to take that collective deep breath.
Have a great rest of the week! 


  1. Your Christmas items are gorgeous. Sometimes it is hard for me to sell items. I want to keep it all but I can't. I love your framed needle books. I love the old graphics and have quite a few myself. Have a great week!

  2. oh its not too early for Christmas, not really. well, I wouldn decorate til after thanksgiving.. but I have already been christmas shopping and its time to start christmas crafting! love that table cloth!!
    beautiful flowers and nice spot for your lucky pup!
    have a great day!

  3. I've had Christmas stuff in my booth since September. And it sells!

  4. I love the idea of framing vintage needle books. I'm going to steal this idea for one of my mother's Christmas gifts! PS. It's not too early to be thinking Christmas. My house is packed with Halloween from our big bash, but I've got loads of Christmas crafting supplies all over my craft room.

  5. Are you selling any of the Christmas table cloths??? I might be interested! Cool, that you grow holly berry!

  6. I love the liquor pump decanter! I think 1960's is the correct era. I also love your Christmas linens.

  7. You're right about blogging less, I think there are just so many other things out there now, I am loving Instagram and spending more time on there now!

  8. I've been blogging less too. Life is so busy these days. I love all the Christmas linens. That decanter is really unique...never seen one like it! Those prints are really cool....they look great framed. Enjoy the last of your blooms. They are so pretty.

    Blessings, Vicky

  9. I am so NOT ready for Christmas but can look at vintage linens all year long, regardless of theme!


  10. Love all your Christmas stuff Pam - don't think I could let go of that! Adore the needle books, been wondering what to do with mine?? I wish I had some wall space now!
    Happy almost Halloween!

  11. Back to work so I am behind on my reading! I adore Christmas linens and can not ever pass them up! That liquor decanter is too cool!

  12. Love all your Christmas linens and those elf napkins are adorable! I'm not ready to think about Christmas either, but must admit to buying a vintage Christmas item this week!

  13. Christmas sells almost any time of year. Great things you have there! Adore those tablecloths!

  14. OH, those roses! How lucky are you? My yard is completely devoid of blooms, save for TWO zinnias. It does seem to be too early to be thinking about Christmas, but I admit that I have been making the rounds of every Homegoods/Marshalls/TJMaxx in the Boston area with my focus on the Christmas decorations...and I have been buying some stuff because unfortunately, it will be gone if I wait! I wouldn't be able to pass by your linens, that's for sure. Hope you had a Happy Halloween! :) --Fran

  15. Hello hello there! You're being good getting rid of some Xmas things. Well, you need to make room for more, right? I love how your framed needle books turned out!
    Hope all is well with you. Can you believe the Holiday commercials have started?? Ahhh!
    Hugs- Erica :)

  16. PLEASE don't keep your promise of keeping Christmas off your blog til after Thanksgiving.That's too long! We all "need a little Christmas, right this very minute!" Once Halloween has past, let the flood gates be opened! :D

  17. Love all your Christmas stuff!! you have so many sweet and beautiful linens!! I would love to shop the store your taking those too! :) Your framed needle books are so cute! I love the graphics too! Such beautiful blooms!! Have a great day!! Hugs to Doyle!! xo Holly


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