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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sharing Thrifty Estate-Festival Finds!

Tis the season for the churches in our little county to hold their Fall Festivals. 
 I find the BEST treasures at these sales and look forward to them every year. 
The largest one will be held this coming Saturday.  Woo Hoo! 
Sharing some of my fun finds from last weekend.  
 I can't resist vintage jewelry and especially pins.  The moon is a Sarah Coventry, seems
I've been finding a lot of those lately.  The all gold flowers is a Coro with the
original paper label still attached.  Sweet old gravy pitcher, fall colors.

What is wrong with this Pyrex?  Yup, the top is not a match, but
for 50 cents at a church sale, who cares. :)

Sweet hankies, and the 2 rooster cocktail napkins.  Couldn't resist them!
                  I fell in love with this huge ironstone pitcher.  Vintage Meakin, Made in England.
This is an estate sale find I hit after the church sales.  A one day sale with
half price in the afternoon. :)

I've always liked these vintage serving trays. Many, many moons ago
Mr. Retro and I honeymooned in Atlantic City, NJ, so
this had to come home with me. 
Sweet vintage enamelware coffee and tea pots, designed by Georges Briard.
Sorry the photo isn't better, already had put them on a kitchen shelf, and
quickly pointed my camera up at them.
My BEST fun find in a long time, this Happy Hannah electric hair dryer.

Such great graphics, and still in the original retailer display box!
I'll let the rest photos do the talking.
Purchase price $13.95, which sounds a little steep to me, but it could also be
gotten with "sav-a-stamp" books.  Never heard of them, have you? 
Must have been like S&H green stamps though.

Proudly Made in Whitman, Massachusetts


I have no idea what I will do with it, it might be terrifying fun to plug
 it in and see if it still works.  That's my share for today.  See anything here you like?
I'll be back with more later.  Have a great week friends! 
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  1. Love it all! The mismatched Pyrex cracks me up, but hey it's Pyrex so it's a buy for sure. The Pink Gooseberry is my favorite pattern! Love the hairdryer! I also love the pins and the cat one is too it old?

    1. The cat pin is new, but for 25 cents I now have a Halloween pin. :)

  2. Pretty Pyrex and love the cool hair dryer!

  3. You do find the very best treasures in your retro style. I adore what you acquire. Creative Bliss...

  4. I think you just found a fun "franken-pyrex." :)

    1. Ha, ha...good name for it. I've already used it in the oven. :)

  5. I'm smitten with that Halloween cat pin! All great finds, including that retro dryer!

  6. Like all the pins. Great finds

  7. Great pyrex and the color of that hairdryer is to die for.

  8. I just bought that same hair dryer a few weeks ago-it had no box or stand, but I only paid $2.00. I tried it out at the Goodwill-it works!! I bet yours does too. I have no idea what possessed me to buy it.
    That cat pin is awesome and I'm not even a cat person.

    1. Guess I need to get my courage up to plug the dryer in, lol.

  9. Such great finds, but htat hair dryer is in amazing condition! It amazes me that folks used to keep the original boxes things came in. Can you imagine doing that these! Enjoy your new treasures...:)

  10. Now you need to find a daisy bottom for that lid! I would have bought it too!

  11. I love the vintage finds. My favorites are the hair dryer and that Halloween pin. Have a great week!

  12. Church sales are my absolute favorite kind of sales! The prices are super cheap, the little old ladies are so sweet, and there is always a bake sale!


    1. & I had to support the churches by buying at each bake sale. ;) These country ladies are fab bakers.

  13. Georges Briard stuff is always so cool. I can't believe that Pyrex was only .50 - I couldn't get the lid for that here! That hair dryer looks impecable for its age but I'd be scared to plug it in too!

  14. I really like the enamelware coffee pots

  15. Hi Pam!
    Adore your new blog banner, so much fun! Trying to get my rump in gear and decorate a bit over here too. Slow as molasses ...
    Love the hair dryer so much!!
    Happy Thursday!

  16. Hi Pam! Oh I love your new finds!! Those pretty brooches and dishes (including that pretty pitcher) are wonderful!! I just love church sales! The blow dryer is so neat!! I had to laugh out loud when you said it might be "terrifying" fun to plug it in! I'm sure you will think of something or someway to display it fun! :) Sweet new header of your Halloweenies!!
    xo Holly

  17. Pam, you find the best treasures...that hair dryer is a hoot! Love the vintage jewelry, especially the little black cat.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  18. So many great finds, love that hair dryer, and that huge ironstone pitcher is to die for!


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