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Monday, October 20, 2014

More Vintage Thrifty Finds!

Our huge county church sale, which included auction items,
 was held last Saturday.  All proceeds go to help the needy
of the county with winter fuel costs.  So we donate, but also
buy and bid freely.  Here is this year's loot!
There weren't many linens, but I did find a few. 
Two sweet embroidered bridge cloths, an apron,
 oriental scarf, embroidered tea towels, and a full apron.
Vintage dresser set, unused, still in the goodness.
Have to clean it up a little.
 Vintage Monterrey Ware enamel dishes.  Made in Mexico, circa 1960.
How cute are these with chuck wagon theme and brands border!

Sweet LEFTON impressed cow cookie jar.  Already atop my kitchen cabinets. 

Lots of assorted junk on the table here.  Sweet little bells,
folding wooden apple bowl, Vera Bradley purse, LuRay teapot sans lid,
Hall candlestick holder, Christmas topiaries.
 Josef Originals choir boys.  I can't resist old Christmas tins,
 nor a new Christmas pitcher, obviously.
I do believe Mr. Retro got the best bargain of the day.  I was shopping the flea
market section, but he wanted to do the auction.  He asked me if I wanted him to bid
on anything.  The dishes, of course, but I warned him no to go too high.
I need dishes like a hole in the head, but I am so addicted attracted to dishes.
I know dishes can be a tough sell, but he won the set for $5.00!  Crazy!!! 

I'm into fall, but feel the urge to do a pink rose tablescape soon. :)
 Aren't they pretty? 

Finally, a couple photos I just found from our camping vacation.
I can't resist vintage cards, etc. 

 Also found this modish Christmas tablecloth, sweet buttons
 & cool magic poster.
 Okay, that's it for today.  I'd better get pricing.  Oh yeah, some of this
stuff is for sale....notice I didn't say most of it, just some of it.  ;)

Have a terrific week! 
Hope you have the same beautiful fall weather that we are enjoying! 


  1. Beautiful finds. My husband likes auctions too. He is dangerous at them. He doesn't like to be outbid. The dishes were a steal. Love the choir boys.

  2. I see an adorable cowboy themed tablescape coming soon!

  3. You found some great things. I love old cards of buttons. I am addicted to them! How nice of Mr. Retro to bid on those dishes for you! They will look beautiful in one of your tablescapes. The enamel dishes are great and what a cute cookie jar. Lots of goodies! Have a great week!

  4. So many great finds, but I must admit to being crazy over those dishes! SO PRETTY and only $5!! Love the LuRay teapot also...the colors of LuRay dishes are so pretty and one of my favs.

  5. Love your Halloween header! You found alot, but yes Mr did good with those pretty dishes.

  6. Those dishes are so pretty! I have zero room for any more but even I know not to pass up a bargain like that!


  7. WOW! You came home with so many great finds!! Those dishes are very pretty and such a nice set!! Love the cow cookie jar, so cute!! The dresser set is neat and those cute Christmas topiaries!! I bet you will find a good use for those! Where will you be selling "some" of your things!? :) Have a great week! xo Holly

    1. Hi Holly, Just locally at the antique shop I sell at. I keep threatening to open an Etsy shop, but am waiting for the new internet service in our area first. :)

  8. Wow, so much nice stuff! I really like the cowboy dishes. Where I live, you can still occasionally see some of the brand symbols on signs when you pass an old ranch.

  9. WOWSERS! Look at all that stuff! Adore the chuck wagon dishes - reminded me that my brother had a cowboy themed chenille bedspread (and I had a ballerina).

    C'mon over, I've having a little GIVEAWAY!

    Happy Week!

  10. Great finds...that cow cookie jar is so stinkin' cute! The rose dishes are just gorgeous and a steal! Have a wonderful Thursday.

    Blessings, Vicky

  11. You found some wonderful things..Great dresser set..The cow is adorable..I'm like you with dishes..Where do you put it all?

  12. Wow, wow, WOW! Mr. Retro did good! Those dishes are sooo pretty. That modish tablecloth looks just like one that my mom had when I was a kid. You really scored! :) --Fran

  13. Wow! Nice haul!! I That dresser set is quite a find in that condition. Reminds me of one my mother had. Have a lovely week!

  14. Hi Pam, what a nice blog you have! You found some lovely treasures, I love them all! Thank you so much for sharing, and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.


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