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Monday, October 6, 2014

Halloween-Fall Swap

 Mr. Retro, Doyle and I have been on vaca for the past week.
Staying in this, our sweet little Aliner camper.
and looking at scenes like this.
I'll be posting about that later, the trip and my fun finds.
No one likes vacation to end, but I came home knowing my swap package
would be waiting.  Something to look forward to. 
I joined Deb and Sandy's Fall-Halloween swap, which was to decorate
a cookie cutter in either a Fall or Halloween theme, depending on
your partners request.  My assigned partner was Sue from
Sue requested a Fall theme swap, so I chose that too.
A great theme for fun and festive packages!
Woohoo, look at all these packages, wrapped up so pretty & fun.

Sue not only decorated the leaf shaped cookie cutter (sweet!!!), she also made me this adorable apple themed tag. The tag can hang or stand, yes!   I LOVE them both.  My friend Sue is a very talented crafter who has hosted quite a few of her own swaps.  I was so lucky to have her craft just for little old me!  :)

Then she enclosed all these fun goodies; journal book, little chip boards, embellishments, warming melts, and such special candy~from a homemade candy store in her town...yum!.  My fav of all the goodies is the little wooden rolling pin wrapped in acorn patterned ribbon, sweet! Sue spoiled me!!!
Thanks so much Sue for being such a generous and creative partner!

 Since Sue has received and shared her package, I can show you what I sent to her.
 & the cookie cutter I decorated. 
 I couldn't decide on one design, so I decided to glue a magnet
to the center of the cutter so she could change the look.  The ME verse
was already magnetized. I glued magnets to the back of the other designs I made, 
and voila, just lift and replace for 4 different looks!

 That's it for today.  Do you know much dirty laundry there is after 6 days of camping? ;)
 Thanks again to Deb and Sandy (see sidebar) for hosting this fun swap.
Halloween-Fall SWAP!
& to Sue for being a great partner!

 Have a terrific weeks friends!  I've done some catching up on my blog
reading, but still have lots to go.   


  1. Fun swap! Love what you did and what Sue made also. Gorgeous views!

  2. Such a fun swap for everyone! I wish I had joined. but been soo busy with bear orders. which, I should be working on right now!
    enjoy the season!

  3. Great idea with the magnet! I will have to remember that one....hopefully we will be having a fun Christmas swap...stay tuned! :)

  4. Very fun fall cookie cutter swaps and so unique to have them be a magnet! Thanks for joining in the fun!

  5. I've been having so much fun seeing everyone's interpretations on this craft. So many neat treasures too! Brilliant idea to put a magnet on it!

  6. Waaaaaay cute Fall Treats! I love my cookie cutter, too. This was a really fun swap!

  7. So fun! Love your trailer! And loved seeing all of your goodies!

  8. Glad you guys got to get out and about and enjoy yourselves!

    What darling things you and Sue made for each other and all the goodies! Wish I had been able to participate in that swap, so much fun seeing them on everyone's blogs.

    Happy Tuesday!

  9. Camping sounds so fun right about now...:) I hope you had prety weather and nice temperatures! Your swap goodies are so sweet....:) I'm sure you had quite a bit of laundry to do...hope you're done! Laundry is my least favorite! Have a wonderful week.

    Blessings, Vicky

  10. I love the idea with the magnet so you can swap out the designs. Cute swaps all around. Love your little trailer too.

    xo Danielle

  11. Those different looks for the cutter you made are so cute! And such a great idea with the magnet!! I love camping, and what a beautiful view you had! Looks like so many sweet goodies you got from the swap, enjoy!! :) Have a great day! xo Holly


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