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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Been MIA! Vintage Aprons & Train Case

I have been missing in action here in blogland,
partly due to my internet plan, partly due to life being a little
crazy right now, and okay...fessing up, partly from blog laziness. 
I think next month I'll be taking a little blog break, but not today. 
Today I'm sharing a couple cute vintage finds. 
I found this vintage leather train case at an estate sale about a month ago.
It was hidden on a shelf in their garage; filthy dirty and greasy, but it cleaned up nicely.

It is a little imperfect, showing some age bruises, but that surely is
what I love about it.

Next, I found these vintage inspired travel stickers for sale at the antique
shop where I consign.  A little karma was working there. 

I'm loving the finished about you?
Now the fun of deciding what to use it for, or maybe even
take it on a train trip!  Oh, and I paid the lowly sum of $1.00 for it.
Super find! 
No tablecloths today, but a few vintage apron finds.
This sweetie is an Alaskan souvenir apron.  Gotta love the graphics.

A colorful Mexican-Southwest theme here. 

& these two are just so vintage cute!  Do you like vintage aprons?
Ever use them?  I have a few imperfect aprons in my kitchen which
I do grab for cooking because I am a messy one.  It makes me feel like that 1950's
TV housewife, even without the accompanying dress and heels.  ;) 

I love this book!  Are you familiar with it?
The Apron Book by EllynAnne Geisel. 
She is a vintage linen collector and aprons are her specialty. 

The book is filled with sweet apron stories and photos. 

 and even patterns for making new retro aprons.  I don't sew, but love to get lost in this book.
Could you resist that look? Doyle has claimed his position at the
back door so it's time for us to go out and get our exercise. 
Really.....could you resist that glare stare?  I sure can't!
Thanks for reading bloggy friends.  XXX OOO
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  1. The train case looks great! When I first moved 4 hours away from my family I bought a vintage suitcase & covered it in stickers to make it look like a classic traveling case. I think I used it once or twice because it stank! LOL but I love the look.

    Not a vintage apron fan, really. I have 2 for myself & bought 2 recently (both pink, one lacey & blue and the other with strawberries & other neon colours) to sell in my instagram shop. Hope they sell. They are neat to look at - such a variety!!

  2. Wouldn't a train trip with that fabulous case be lovely? I hope Doyle enjoyed his walk. ;) Thanks for linking up at Vintage Bliss Tuesday. Jo

  3. That case is gorgeous. And I have an apron collection so I am drooling over your aprons.

  4. I like the sweet look of vintage aprons, but I look ridiculous wearing one. That leather case is FABULOUS! And no, I would never be able to resist Doyle. If I could I would reach right through my computer screen and give that sweet boy a hug :) --Fran

  5. Love when a train case is saved! Doyle is a handsome fellow. Would he pose for a pic in a manly apron?

  6. I like vintage aprons because you rarely see the same one twice!! I have a copy of "The Apron Book" and really enjoy browsing through it. Doyle seems like a very sweet companion!!

  7. Love the vintage train case. I have a couple but none like yours. The stickers are great! Loving the aprons also! hugs, Linda

  8. I've missed Doyle as much as I have missed you. Great train case and price!
    Thank you for stopping by! Great to hear from you.

  9. I love what you did to your train case. I am drawn to vintage aprons. I love them!

  10. The stickers just look perfect on the case, love it!

    That apron book looks very interesting!

  11. great old case! and the stickers are the perfect touch for you! You better take that dog out.. He looks like hes daring you not too.. and that might not be good! lol!
    sweet apron firnds too!
    happy wednesday

  12. I have hoards of vintage aprons. I have two that I actually wear all the time. They are so amazing that I almost don't want to ruin them but they beg to be seen!


  13. Those stickers are the perfect touch on your train case. Love the price too! I have such a weakness for aprons. I have loads of them. I do use them too. I'm a mad scientist in the kitchen (kinda like my craft room).

  14. The case is great and at first I thought the stickers came on it! They look great. I have all my Grandmother's aprons so glad I was smart enough to keep them. I love the apron book may have to go order it! Will miss you if you take a break :(
    But glad real life keeps you busy, that is what is really important!

  15. I know that look. I see it often. I remember a doctor who used to have travel stickers all over his briefcase. They were very worn. Have a wonderful weekend.

  16. What a deal on the train case! I've never ridden on a train- have you?

    1. Many times! I'm taking a 9 hour train trip in November. :)

  17. Great finds. Love that travel case! I have that apron book, it is fun!

  18. I've been a little MIA too, and for some of those same reasons!! Cute case you got and such darling aprons! What a very neat book to have, it looks so fun to look at! Hugs, Holly

  19. Cute travel case and I love the aprons!! So neat to see all the different styles! And what a fun book! Have a wonderful weekend! xo Heather

  20. I can remember going with my mother to the train station in Charleston, S.C. To pick up my aunts when they came for a visit. This was in the middle 1950's (I'm 68) and my aunts were dressed up in Sunday finest. They wore heels, hats and gloves too. And I'm sure they must have had train cases. You HAD to have one then. I got one when I went to college in 1963, a Samsonite of course. (Excuse typos, iPad gets away from me)


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