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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Just some linen things

I am so overdue to post a tablescape, and today I
cleaned off my dining room table, the first step!
Here is some of what I cleaned off...

some lovely embroidered linens

colorful vintage aprons

fun vintage tablecloths

sweet vintage tea towels
All clean, fresh & ironed!  Some to be sold, some to be kept. 
Summer sure has crept in on blogging time.  The garden upkeep is
never-ending, but so worth the taste of fresh garden veggies.
We're even getting yummy red tomatoes now.
I made this eggplant pie, one of our favorites.
My baking is not pretty, but does taste good!  ;)
If the weather cooperates I'll be blueberry picking tomorrow morning,
and can finally make the blueberry pie we've been looking forward to.
Hope you are enjoying summer!  We got a break from the heat today,
with torrential rain and thunder....can't win!
 I thought the sink in the field looked especially beautiful this
morning, and worth a second look. 
Just have to share one more thing...
I was going through old photos and found this one of  puppy Doyle,
before he was old enough for us to take home yet, but just old enough
to walk and cuddle.  Hard to believe he was ever this little! 



  1. I love the embroidered pieces. My grandmother taught me to embroider when I was 8 years old, and I must have embroidered a bazillion pairs of pillowcases and dishtowels. :)

  2. I always enjoy seeing your linens! Yum, blueberries! Have fun picking and then baking!

  3. I was slowly scrolling through your linen pics, and my daughter asked me "what are you smiling about?" Seeing your posts always bring a smile to my face!!! And then when I got to Doyle---AWWWWWW!! What a sweet puppy face!!! :) --Fran p.s. that eggplant pie looks scrumptious

  4. Love all the gorgeous linens. Hope you are able to make your blueberry pie. I have never had eggplant pie but it looks delish! Hugs, Dianne

  5. Oh, Doyle was (and still is) adorable! I have to have the eggplant pie recipe...I love it and mama and daddy have an abundance of it! Please share...:) Have fun gardening!

    Blessings, Vicky

  6. Lovely linens! Cute puppy pic too! Happy blueberry picking.

    xo Danielle

  7. I rescued a box of linens today. I thought of you. I've not heard of eggplant pie, but I bet it's amazing. Our poor garden was invaded by a very fat groundhog. Goodbye veggies. Enjoy those blueberries!

  8. Love eggplant. That pudgy little Doyle face is adorable. You have the best linens.

  9. Hi Pam! Love looking at all your linens but I have say the picture of baby Doyle is my favorite. Have missed chatting with you.

  10. All your linens are so beautiful! I love fresh, clean linens! They remind me of my Aunt Clara who always ironed her linens and they looked so pretty is the drawers.

    I am going to need the recipe for that eggplant pie. I have some eggplants hanging on the vine!

    Doyle is tooooo cute!

  11. I swear I could look at vintage linens all day. I am getting to the bottom of my soak pile. Time to find more!

    Have an awesome weekend~


  12. You always have such beautiful linens to share!! Wishing you a happy weekend! xo Heather

  13. Aw, how sweet is that picture of Doyle!! Lovely and beautiful linens!! Love those pretty brightly colored aprons and those beautiful table cloths!! I love and appreciate your sink picture, it looks so lovely and peaceful! Yum...your dish looks really yummy!! Our garden....well I can say its all green (full of weeds into between! lol) I need to get out there and finish weeding it! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! xo Holly

  14. Time is moving at lighting speed! Doyle was a adorable pup. I think I have napkins to match that basket you want them, they were free?


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