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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Longest Yard Sale Finds!

No, not the BIG one, but our little county has its own annual
longest yard sale...joined in by individuals, churches, community
groups, shops, clubs and even the local art school.  I look forward to it
with excitement each year because who knows what treasures
there are to be found "in our own back yards", so to speak.

I forgot to take photos of the sales along the way, too busy treasure hunting
and buzzing from sale to sale.  So.....I'm just going to show you my stash.
First the linens, a beautiful flowered tablecloth that is hard to see
underneath everything.  :)  A small fruit design tablecloth
 and 2 tea towels,  pretty herbs & shamrocks ~ Irish linen. 
See the pretty old flowers print?  I think I like the frame
even more than the print. 
Enamel bowl and Fire King mugs. 
Cool mid-century looking candle holders, unmarked.

Vintage cookie cutters, and butterfly and bird design cards.

Halloween nesting dolls by Lillian Vernon & a few large rubber stamps. 

See the plastic red teapot in the back?  It's a hanging plaque
with S & P shakers that sit in.  Cute oldie!

Found this large stainless bowl by IKEA.

6 dessert plates ~ Poppy Trail by Metlox.  Had to bring home some jewelry,
wooden bracelet, vintage pin, copper ring.

A better look at the funky mugs.  Don't know if they are  "keep or sell" yet.
Love the old packaging. The Blue Willow cup mats say:
"There is always a slip between the cup and the lip. 
There should be a MAT between the cup the saucer."
They were made in England. 

Scary pumpkin man nesting dolls close-up. BOO!
These are so great. 

How cute are these?  Even a horse, lion, fish & Scottie dog. 

Except for 2 plastic the rest of the 40+ spools are wooden. 
Couldn't resist this basketful.

Aye yi yi ~ a tin full of vintage buttons.

& second container of buttons still on the cards.
I spent less than $30 on everything and am quite pleased with that.  :)
Whew, and that's not all.  We hit our local flea this morning (yeah,
I know) and brought home a few things I'll show later.
Did you hit any sales & find any treasures?  Between the sales and the
garden I haven't had much blog reading time, and hope to come visit you
and catch up soon.  Have a terrific week! 
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  1. Whoa! I am hyperventilating! You did great! I love every single thing! I got a couple of things last weekend that I haven't taken a photo of yet, but nothing like your haul! Those buttons!!!! and then those scary Halloween nesting fellows, I can't decide which I like the most!



  2. Oh my goodness! You certainly found some treasures! I'm speechless!

  3. Wow! I love that yellow enamel bowl! And the nesting pumpkins are so cool! I can't believe all the great things you found for $30!
    Thank you for checking in with me, Pam. Bummer that your computer doesn't like my blog! LOL I'm feeling better now that I've had several days of rest. And I even went to the flea market this morning! Nothing was going to stop me! lol
    I'm so glad you had fun and found all these treasures!
    Erica :)

    1. Most of the prices were crazy cheap! The enamel bowl has some tiny chips at the top, but I loved it anyhow.

      Glad you are feeling better!

    2. Wow, you found so many great treasures!! I especially like those pretty candle holders!

  4. This weekend a nearby town (Medina) did the same thing. the whole town is invited to set up yard sales. I was going to stop at a few, but the traffic on those little neighborhood streets was to crowded and I decided that I didnt feel like dealing with the crowds, so we went to applebees, Micheals and Target instead! lol!
    Glad you found some treasures!
    have a great week

  5. Love the tablecloth with the fruit print! Looks familiar. I wonder if I have it in my stash?

    I see a lot of spoolie crafting in your future :-)

    Have a great week!


  6. Ooo fun finds! Love the colors on those FK mugs!

  7. You found lots of sweet goodies!! So fun!! I had my thrill last weekend. ;) Enjoy all your new treasures!! xo Heather

  8. What an amazing haul! OH the buttons!! Looks like you had a blast!!


  9. Oh, a bowl full of spools, cookie cutters, buttons!! What fun! And that red hanging plaque with salt and pepper shakers, how cute!!

  10. Wonderful finds! I love the spools and buttons the most! Lots of crafty potential there! Have a wonderful week and enjoy your new treasures.

    Blessings, Vicky

  11. I practically squealed when I saw those fire king mugs. They are amazing! Love that teapot holder for the salt/pepper. Loving all the treasures. Good for you!!

  12. ahhh...buttons :) too cute teapot with S/P and fun fruit linen and cookie cutter. Nice finds!

  13. Such a fun haul! I've never seen those Halloween nesting dolls, totally love 'em. I still want a beautiful Catherine holm bowl, lucky you found one!

    1. Thanks so much for the ID on the bowl. I really had no idea it was a Catherine Holm. I almost put it back because of the few nicks in the top, but I loved it anyway.

  14. O my word..Vintage heaven...Love the cookie cutters, buttons, spools...everything is fabulous...enjoy!! Beautiful finds... Hugs May x x

  15. Wow!! What a wonderful haul! Love that yellow enamelware bowl. I had a blue one like it once, but the yellow is just so cheery! Great Fire King mugs, and I love the blue willow mats!

  16. I've been busy with the weekend too and trying to catch up also!! :) It's just so nice outside isn't it! And perfect for sales!!! WOW you got some really neat and pretty things!!! I would be very pleased with that stash too!! :) :) Hope you have a wonderful day sweet Pam!! xo Holly

  17. We did a long yard sale this weekend also, but did not see treasures like this. I kept trying to pick a favorite as I read, but gave up. I love them all!

  18. You did GOOD. I love the tablecloth and the teapot S&P holder is adorable. Love the cookie cutters too. Don't you love it when there are a bunch of sales all close together on one day. It makes it worth it especially when you find a bunch of great stuff. Good for you.


  19. I was gonna say.....already???!! You cleaned up!! Of course I love the tablecloth's and I took at your peak below this one and about died. What a stash you have, it's fantastic!! I'm drooling, which is gross.:)

  20. Amazing finds! I LOVE the fire king multi colored mugs, so cute!

  21. I vote to keep the Fire King mugs! Also those Halloween nesting dolls are uber creepy :O

  22. So many great finds! It's my dream to partake in the "Worlds Longest Yard Sale" someday. I really like your Halloween stacking dolls!

  23. Those Halloween nesting dolls are too cute, but my favorite is the s&p set in the teacup, that's really unique.


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