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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Estate Sale Goodies!

SO glad to be back!  The "mother board" went on my 4 year old laptop and
would have been costly to replace.  For a reasonable fee they saved my
photos.  Hooray for that!  So here I am struggling learning a new
 computer and dreadful Windows 8.1. 
I don't know about you, but I don't enjoy the "new computer" experience. 
I feel like I lost my old familiar friend, but I guess this old dog will
have to learn some new computer tricks.
Hit an estate sale today and came home with some goodies.
(I'll ask you in advance to excuse my photos, I have a whole new photo program
 to learn also. Aarrrgh Joy! I haven't even found the "resize" icon yet, sigh.)
I was doing the happy dance at this estate sale....found lots of linens!
Wonderful 1950's Shawnee console set & Imperial dolphin candlesticks.

Paris street scene tablecloth, that came with 8 matching napkins.
$2.00 ~ yes please!

Vintage veggie towel on the left by designer Lois Long.
Peppers towel is new.

Love full aprons!  The vintage one was loved & well used.  The Hummingbird
design is a Kay Dee and never used, looks brand new.  
A good look at the cool console set.  Mr. Retro found it and
did the negotiating....$5.  I think I always need to bring him along!

This "Lipstick" cutie is a little large for a hankie, a little small for a towel.
Must have been to wipe lipstick off on, think?

Some colorful vintage hankies and set of vintage napkins. 

Don't know about you but I just love dish towels.  Got a few very
nice quality and this vintage Mexican theme Startex.  :)

No Christmas decorations, but set of cute tea towels and...

this wonderful tablecloth.  It came with set of 8 napkins.
From the packaging, I'm guessing 70's-80's.  Yup, still in the gift box with
the tissue paper wrapped around it. 
I love estates sales, but they do make me feel somewhat melancholy.  In this case,
the woman had to move to assisted living.  Note to self:  Start using and enjoying ALL
my treasures now.  Hope you do too! 
So glad to be back!  GREAT to see you again!
I got some sweet "mail call" and joined in a couple swaps, so
I'll be yakking about them soon. 
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  1. You sure do find the best linens! That Christmas set is beautiful! The lipstick towel is very cute! Never heard of one of those...:) Have a great weekend and good luck figuring out the new compuuter. I dread changing to the new Windows's so confusing!

    Blessings, Vicky

  2. Welcome back! Your linens are fabulous. I'm definitely partial to that Paris street scene! What fun things you found and how nice that hubby can help negotiate prices too. Best wishes getting used to the new computer.

  3. Wow, gorgeous linens, especially the tablecloth with the Paris scenes!

  4. My favorite is the Christmas tablecloth, so very pretty!

  5. What fun to find some vintage linens at the sales! I love the Christmas one especially.


  6. Gorgeous Linens! of course I love the Paris tablecloth! Awesome finds. Glad you are back!

  7. Man! You got some great stuff! I love all the tablecloths you found! Glad you are back up and running again. I hate computer problems!

  8. The 50ties tablecloth is wonderful! I love the pale colors.
    Greetings from Germany!

  9. Glad you're back in action again! You really hit the jackpot at that estate sale. Congratulations!

  10. If I could figure out how to post some photos for you, I have about a dozen older aprons that I don't have the heart to throw away, but you might like - I don't know what to do with them! Some of the things my aunt left me from her estate, I love them but not enough to make a blog with!

  11. Love your goodies..the aprons are perfect... I hope you are getting to grips with the new computer...I got one last year and I am still finding out new things (lol)...Have a happy week ahead.. Hugs May x x

  12. You did great! I love the Paris and Christmas tablecloths and of course the hummingbird apron. I remember when my Mother board went out..yes lost my old friend but got a new one! I agree about the estate sale, happy for new found treasures but feel bad that someone has died or is going to a nursing home. Hate the thought of someone rummaging through my things someday.

  13. Holy moly! What a haul! It's been a while since I have come home with that many linens at once. The good news is, I still seem to be the only one in my area who buys these at the sales so I know my time will come again soon!

    Have an awesome week,


  14. So glad you are back Pam!! Wonderful finds! Looks like you got quite a bit of fun things too!! Love the Christmas table cloth and napkin set! So pretty!! Yay...can't wait to see some of your sweet mail!! :) Happy new week! xo Holly

  15. Wow, Pam, you hit the linen jackpot!! I love the colors of those vintage hankies. I know what you mean about learning to navigate a new computer or system, no matter how much "better" it's supposed to be, I always get frustrated. Good luck, and have a wonderful week! :) --Fran

  16. You found some great treasures. Yes, we need to enjoy the goodies we have. You will be a computer geek before you know it!


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