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Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Cloche Swap!!!

I signed up to participate in Sandy and Deb's Spring Cloche Swap.
Sandy blogs at 521 Lake Street Blog , and Deb blogs at Garage Sale Gal .
I'm sure glad they decided to host this fun swap, which was to create a
spring or Easter cloche with a dollar store plastic wine glass.  Okay!
I was lucky enough to be paired with Linda who blogs at LBP Sews.
Linda is a fellow Virginian, a very talented seamstress and crafter, and has such a fun sense
of humor.  We live at opposite ends of the state, but maybe we can meet "in person" one day.
I know we would have some fun!
So, my huge package came yesterday!  Decorated with little egg stickers.  :)
LOOK at all these goodies! 
Linda treated me so well!  She was too generous!  Love the vintage plant pick (from Hong Kong) it's fabulous.  Easter napkins, and cupcake set.  Lots of candy, yes, lots ;) .
Can you see all the goodies? OK, let me help.
 Hmmm, some of that chocolate is left, lol. 
Look at this set of egg cups, so precious!  Lovely vintage enamel flower pin, be still my heart!
 Gorgeous vintage ceramic dish with raised flowers, perfect for spring.
How about this ribbon & egg pin!  Well pin a ribbon on me!
Wore it today, will explain at the end of post. *
Aw, crocheted basket with her crafted little chick, bunny & carrot.
So cute!!!
Not 1 cloche, but 2!  Linda made me an Easter theme & Spring theme cloche.
Adorable, love them both....lucky me. 
I really enjoyed swapping with Linda, and we got our packages
within a day of each other, so we got to share our excitement.
 Here's a photo of what I sent to Linda. You can see more over at her
blog, as she just did her post (she's so funny!).
Thanks so much Linda!!!
*Health Update:  I want to share my good news here.  I asked for your prayers and positive
thoughts a couple weeks ago, and you sure came through for me.  I had my doctor's appointment today and got my biopsy report ~ the results were good, I'm fine.  When we got home I did a little happy dance and pinned on the ribbon Linda sent. Yup, pin a ribbon on me!  Thanks so much for your support and prayers bloggie friends!  You're the best!



  1. You were in a fun swap too! So many fun things. What a great idea using the wine glasses for the cloche. So happy for you with the wonderful news! Enjoy that chocolate!

  2. what a fun swap! I had to pass on it, now I wish I had played!
    Im so glad to hear that your biopsy report was good!! praise god!
    enjoy your weekend my friend!

  3. So glad to hear your terrific news Pam! WHEW!

    What a fun swap! I love yours and Linda's cloches, so darling. I'm so inspired and hope to make one for myself. And look at all those goodies, so much fun!

    Enjoy all your great stuff and your good news! Happy weekend!

  4. That's wonderful news on your biopsy. This swap has been so much fun. I love seeing everyone's interpretations on the spring cloche and the special treasures tucked inside the boxes. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. So glad to hear your good news Pam, that's wonderful!! (: Such fun and pretty things you received from Linda!! I'll have to go visit her to see better what you sent!!! :) Both of your cloches from her and the one you sent look so cute, love the brooch pin and pretty ribbon pin too!! :) Such a fun swap! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!....It's actually suppose to feel like spring here!! YIPPEEEE! xo Holly

  6. Pam, I did not know about your health scare because of being out to VERY glad you had good results.
    You got a great bunch of goodies, love the crochet baskets!

  7. You both make great cloches. I should have made a spring and Easter one for my partner...dah..
    Lots of goodies from your partner!
    Great health news for you...

  8. Cute cloches and lots of fun items! So happy for the good health update, pin a ribbon it for sure!!

  9. What a fun package! The little cloches are both so cute. How thougtful for her to include an Eadter and a spring one! All the things she sent are so sweet...:) I love getting happy mail and was so thrilled when I opened my mail box yesterday and had a sweet little package from you! You are a dear! So happy to hear your biopsy results were good! Have a happy weekend...:)

    Blessings, Vicky

  10. That swap looks like it was a lot of fun. I am so happy for you that you got a good report from the biopsy.

  11. I'm SO happy to hear your GOOD news!!! Yay! I would say that you were both very good to each other with your swaps!! Just looking at those bright spring colors makes me happy. Hope you are having a wonderful week! :) --Fran


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