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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mixing it up~Tiffany tablecloth, Easter decor and few finds.

I don't usually post quite this often...think I have "blogging fever".
(Do you know that song "Boogie Fever" an old disco hit?  Yeah, it's in my head now too.)
Sharing the Tiffany tablecloth I showed you awhile ago.  I knew it would
be perfect on the table for Easter.  Used this beautiful blue lacy
Westmoreland glass bowl and my new Westmoreland milk glass
candlesticks.  So pretty! 

 Another view.
 Close up.  Haven't found much information on it, but the opinion seems to be
it was given by Tiffany & Co. as a gift; perhaps for a wedding registry,
 purchase of an engagement  ring or wedding party gifts. 
All I know for sure ~ it is just lovely on my table. 
Sharing some misplaced Easter décor photos I had for my last post.
Serving up a tray of Easter and Spring themed cloches.
Since I seem to spend so much time at the kitchen sink, I'm enjoying this sweet group.
Maybe now is the time for the bunny cloches to join them!
I spy things from my blogger friends Dorothy, Linda, Kim & Holly here! :)

I don't think my little tree is tipsy, think it was me, lol.  Blooming 
paper whites and Viburnum from our yard.  The Viburnum are snowing
on the table, but I'll let them stay awhile longer.  They smell so good!

Don't think I showed you this sweet basket I got while thrifting last week.   
Love sewing baskets even though I don't sew, so this came home with me.
I love to use these for storing crafting supplies. 
Speaking of crafting supplies... More junk.  The Bingo set is not that old (1995) but unopened
 for Bingo card stash!  Dept. 56 birch tree, couple bottle brush & hay bales for crafting,
and vintage MIJ Donald Duck ornament. Got all for $2, fine by me!
I made this for my craft space to help the creative juices flow.
  Took an old melmac plate, hot glued everything on.
 (Sorry about the glare)  I use the tiny clothespins to clip on little seasonal things.
For instance...Easter!  & hang it over my work table.
 That's it for now.  Happy almost Easter!  Enjoying seeing such creative
holiday décor out there in blogland!  :)

Doyle loves smelling moles Spring!
Joining in a few Easter week parties:


  1. The Tiffany cloth is beautiful! I love the colors in the flowers, and of course the Tiffany blue. I saw the strawberry cloth I love so much, thanks for the glimpse. :)

  2. Love the colors in that Tiffany table cloth. So pretty! Love all your Easter decor...:) Your CREATE plate is too cute and a great idea. The $2 finds and sewing basket are awesome.......I love a great deal! Enjoy your new goodies...Vicky

  3. WOW! Look at that tablecloth -- it totally reminds me of a fabric I used in my Breakfast at Tiffany's book covers last year!

  4. SOOOOO cute Pam!! I just love love that table cloth!! It looks so lovely on your table! :) Such cute and sweet cloches and your kitchen window looks so cheery too!! What a great view! ;) Cute sewing basket and great crafting supplies, and for only 2 bucks!! I love finding old -(ish) games! Your plate turned out so fun, perfect for changing many things out with those paper clips, it could be like your little inspiration board!! Doyle is adorable!! Shhhh don't tell Jerry I said that, he might get jealous!! lol. :) Wishing you a very happy and blessed Easter!! Easter hugs!! xo Holly

  5. Ooohhhh lovvve the tablecloth! Thank you for putting Boogie Fever in my head! Have a Blessed Easter Happy SYC!

  6. Boogie got to Boogie down...Boogie Fever...I think it's going around! Yes, I remember it well, thanks for bringing up that memory :) . THAT tablecloth! Out of all the tablecloths you've posted, it's definitely my favorite. It's nice to catch a glimpse of Doyle! :)

  7. I loved everything Pam, it's all so pretty. That tablecloth is really pretty! Doyle about steals the show, though, he's so sweet and shiny!! :-)

  8. Beautiful cloth and sweet Easter decor. Happy Easter!

  9. That tablecloth is amazing and will be just right for your Easter. And your cloches are just adorable!

  10. Love all your cuteness going on, especially the Tiffany & Co. tablecloth! Happy Easter! xox

  11. I love the Tiffany & Co. Tablecloth that would be one I would like to find.
    It should make your Easter table so cheerful.

  12. Those cloches are so cute & sweet! I would look at them all day too if I had them :-)


  13. The Tiffany tablecloth is just gorgeous! Love the Easter décor too. Happy Easter!

  14. That tablecloth is breath taking! Love, love all your Easter goodies, pastels are so welcome after the dreary, gray winter we had. Speaking of winter, it's back! 28 degrees today! Your create plate is cute as can be. I collect those sewing boxes too, they are perfect for storing supplies in.



  15. Love your Tiffany cloth! And your cloches are darling - I think you officially have a cloche collection now, so cute! Adore the bunny trio in your window.

    Happy weekend, happy Easter, happy anniversary!

  16. Loved your finds. I agree blogging is kinda like an addiction, but I enjoy it.

  17. That table cloth is fabulous! Your spring decor is super cute!

  18. I have never seen a Tiffany tablecloth before. That must be quite rare. It is really pretty and is perfect for Easter.

    xo Danielle

  19. The Tiffany tablecloth is really pretty and so interesting! Love all your cute little Easter Bunnies, what a darling collection!

  20. That table cloth...gorgeous!!! And your decorations are fantastic. Love the cloches!

  21. I adore the bows on that tablecloth! So cute! All your Easter decor is so happy and springy!
    hugs, Linda

  22. that tablecloth is amazing! Have a Happy Easter.

  23. I'm so late the party! So many lovely comments from your blogging friends. That Tiffany tableccloth is absolutely beautiful! You really do have some wonderful Easter decorations.Love your thrifty find too. I posted an Easter tablescape tonight. I thought of YOU while I was taking pictures. You are the queen of tablescapes! Easter hugs!

  24. Hi Pam!
    Sooo happy you came fro Rednesday
    I love that tablecloth too. And, all your Easter goodies. Those Nutter Chicks would be perfect in that blue basket...that's the absolute necessary reason to make them...and, ok, the white chocolate too. ;)

  25. Pam,
    Thanks for stopping by the Gracious Cottage and checking out my Easter goodies.
    I like yours too all those bunnies & cloches--good idea to put them on the sink window. The crowing glory is that Tiffany tablecloth. It is exquisite.
    Don't be a stranger.

  26. I'm in love with this tablecloth! Gorgeous! And your Easter decorations are so sweet. Happy Easter and thank you for sharing at TTF!

  27. That tablecloth is absolutely stunning! I'm hoping to find a vintage Easter one someday, even though I have no idea whether such a thing exists. If anyone would know, I bet you do!
    Happy Easter!

  28. Pam, your Easter displays are so cute and that tablecloth is gorgeous! Hope you had a wonderful Easter. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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