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Monday, April 28, 2014

Few Consigns & Finds ~ Heywood Wakefield

Sharing a few "finds" and "consigns" today.  
 I've gathered some things to take for consignment.  I do enjoy consigning at
"The Cottage", a sweet shop in my town.

I always like what I buy, but am willing to part with most some of it. 
 (See the colorful tablecloth under the loot?  I'll be showing it off in a tablescape soon.)

Vintage aprons, tablecloths, tea & dish towels, all freshly laundered and ironed.
The owner asked for spring-summer looking linens.  Done!

Fun colors and graphics.  Bye-bye...sniff, sniff.  As much as I love my linens,
selling really is a necessity because I don't have room for all of them. 
What? Did you say stop buying them?  Ha!  When I find them
 I fall in love and they need to be rescued. :)

Didn't bring home much from the sales I hit this week-end. 
Some summer style plates, vintage Noritake serving plate, metal floral trash can
(already in use in the bedroom), cute fake cherries, & wooden box for crafting. 

& 3 Little Golden books, who can resist them?
I couldn't pass up this glass serving bowl.  It has a gold rim, etched design, and was a dollar.  
It did a nice job holding the pepper plants I also bought home.
Doyle found the one spot of shade in the field under the pear tree.  Smart boy!
I think I forgot to show you this ~ one of our all time best finds! 
Our home is eclectic, mostly mid-century modern, and Heywood Wakefield prevails.
A couple weeks ago Mr. Retro and I went to the Habitat for Humanity store to look for
lighting for the garage.  But wait~they had furniture too.  We thought they were all
about plumbing fixtures, doors, and things like that.  Mr. Retro spied this cool chair we had
 the perfect spot for.  We loved it, the price was right, and we just about danced our way out of
the store with it.  This is why we continue to haunt the resale places....right? Of course! 
We weren't sure it was Hey Wake until we got it home and checked ~ score! 
A 1950's  Heywood Wakefield "Ladies Club Chair".
Actually it is in good shape, but eventually we will reupholster.  Excited just
thinking about looking for some great retro fabric to really make it fabulous.
Did you hit any sales this week?  Find any fun treasures?
Would love to hear!  Wishing you all a great week! 


  1. That chair! Ohmygoodness it's awesome! Such a neat shape. Nice score!

  2. The chair is awesome. I did go to the thrift store this week, but walked out empty-handed! I had seen a chair there a couple of weeks ago which caught my eye, but when I went back the next day it was already gone! Bummer. You have to act fast!

  3. Selling so you can still buy is essential to any collector!! Love that chair, OMG!!

  4. Such pretty treasures Pam! I love all those bright springy/summery colored things you will be taking for consignment!! Someone will be very lucky to run into those!! :) Cute little books, Doyle is smart for getting in the shade....Jerry will do that too. (: What a fabulous new chair for you!!! Happy new week!! xo Holly

  5. Great little chair! It looks like it's in perfect condition.

  6. Love all of your finds, but I am drooling over all of the pretty vintage linens! Great score on the HW chair! I have that same little anthro onion keeper.

  7. My goodness, you sure found some great items to consign! I love the l linens you always have! They just make me smile. Is it got enough that Doyle needs shade! Our weather is still I stole chilly here the last couple of days. Can't wait for it to warm up again.

  8. y COOL Chair!!! WOW, you are selling your linens!?? I understand! LOL!!

  9. That is one spiffy chair!! My eldest would tell you not to change the color of the fabric. It's lovely! My tablecloth/linen cupboard is having a hard time closing. I suppose I should offer to share a few with my sister. Hugs.

  10. What an awesome chair! I can just see it dressed in some fun, retro fabric! You always find the best stuff! Hope your Monday has been great!

    Blessings, Vicky

  11. Well of course I would buy each and every one of those linens! I am on the hunt for a glass front cabinet to start storing mine in. The two baskets I have are overflowing and about to topple over. Sigh. What a terrible problem to have. :-)


  12. Whoo Hoo! You really scored this weekend! I love the aprons and the chair. Hope you have a great week and keep your umbrella handy!



  13. Wow, a great chair! I love your site, all the vintage table cloths hanging on the line are just beautiful!

  14. Great finds! I'm a sucker for those cute Golden Books and who could resist that amazing chair. Can't wait for our weather to improve to hit the sales again.

  15. Thank you Pam for stopping by my blog and being a follower... I love your items your going to place for consignment. I never thought about consigning some items. I just am selling some on E bay, maybe that is something I will look in to. I wish you great success.

  16. It's 98 degrees here today, holy moly! Doyle would need an air conditioned shady spot today :)
    That's great you have a consignment store close by! Do you pick up things with an eye to resell them? Hope you get lots of moola for all your stuff.
    Happy weekend!

  17. Oh My..I can't believe you found that HW chair at a Restore..Why am I not this lucky?? linens are always eye candy to me..I think I am in love with the little crying onion guy..Great shopping Pam!

    1. I wanted to tell you I know how you feel..I have to sell linens too..need the money mostly..sometimes if there are ones that are really hard to part with I will keep them and enjoy them for a while and then sell them after I find more to love..


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