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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bird~Nest~Egg Startex Vintage Tablescape

I so enjoyed doing this Bird~Nest~Egg tablescape!

Kathleen of Cuisine Kathleen blog is hosting her April Let's Dish challenge. The
challenge is to design a tablescape with a bird, nest or egg theme.   I've
incorporated all three in mine.  Why not?  I started crafting about a year ago,
and in that time have accumulated several nests, so I put them to good use here.
 My table begins with this gorgeous (in my opinion) Startex vintage tablecloth.
A bird design on a vintage tablecloth is not easy to find, but eventually I scored this one.
My centerpiece includes a real birds nest in the yellow footed dessert bowl,
that blew out of one of our trees this winter.  It was empty, thankfully.
Found the bird figurine at a local thrift store, Royal Copley I believe.
The wonderful tablecloth sets the mood.  Note the fabulous blue glass candlesticks
and candles, a thoughtful birthday gift from a good friend.
The vintage napkins are not a match for the tablecloth, but the like
primary colors work well together.
This sweet nest is in a natural basket.
 Vintage "Made In Japan" bird design C&S set that I found many years ago.
You know how sometimes you find things that just have to stay with you?  This is one of mine. 
The small robin candlestick is "Made in West Germany",  resting on a Blue Ridge Ivy plate,
found a few pieces of this pattern at the thrift store for a dollar.
The blue and green dishes are Hazel Atlas, which I've used many times, and
will continue to do so.  I have a multicolored set and they are so versatile
for colorful vintage tablecloths
Couldn't resist putting the tiny bird nests in the cups.
So sweet!
Just for fun...vintage bird pins in MMA (Metropolitan Museum of Art )
cobalt blue lattice bowl, another thrift score.
I think I'll be leaving this on my table to enjoy for awhile, it brings spring indoors!
Do you agree I met the challenge?
Always enjoy your comments! 
I'll be linking to Cuisine Kathleen's Let's Dish challenge on Wednesday. 
Joining a couple other favorites too ~ see links below.
Here's one last bird for you! 
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  1. Awesome, your table scape is so pretty, it looks like Spring has arrived at your house!

  2. I agree, that tablecloth is gorgeous! Very cute theme, love those vintage pins!

  3. Your table cloth is awesome! Glad you found it. Your table is beautiful. I love seeing your Hazel Atlas collection.

  4. Blue and green with touches of gold ~ the perfect tablescape, Pam!

  5. You met the challenge for sure! I am constantly on the lookout for bird themed tablecloths because both Hanna and I love birds. They sure are hard to find, aren't they?


  6. You absolutely met the challenge! Love the table....the colors are great. And that tablecloth is just beautiful! Enjoy...:)
    Blessings, Vicky

  7. Your table is so gorgeous Pam!! I think you met the covered it all! So pretty!! Love how you laid things out and the little nests in the cups!! Too cute! Hope you have a wonderful day!! xo Holly

  8. Absolutely wonderful. I love the primary colors and pattern of your tablecloth. You definitely met the challenge. The nests are sweet but I loved really looking over all your beautiful vintage pins. What a fun tablescape.

  9. I love this one, the bright colors are beautiful. That is a really pretty and distinctive tablecloth.

  10. No question, you met the challenge. Your colorful tablecloth is adorable. Enjoyed this fun table. I've got my challenge scape ready. Just need to take some photos, and I'm ready.

  11. Fresh, gorgeous Easter tablescape. Given the fact that almost all of us year to see green again come spring, it's surprising, come to think of it, that it isn't more prevalent in Easter (and springtime in general) decor. I wish I had some dark green dishes (or any shade of green) to take your lead and aim for a similar tablescape. Something inspiring to tuck away for the future.

    Big hugs & joyful countdown to Easter wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  12. Hi Pam!
    You're too cute! I think you've met all requirements, yessiree. So much fun. Love your tablecloth! Makes me think of Pennsylvania Dutch? How fun that you found napkins that go so perfectly! Love your blue dishes, I don't think I've ever seen a periwinkle blue dish before and so great with your cloth.

    Happy Rednesday!

  13. Pam, the tablecloth is fabulous...and so colorful! Love those green dishes...and with the blue they really stand out.
    Have a wonderful week.

  14. Beautiful. I love that tablecloth and the birds nests. It looks so springy.
    I bought my wine glasses at a Party City. I couldn't find a smaller package.......I have tons. Then afterwards at my local grocery I saw a small package. Wouldn't you know.

  15. Your beautiful tablecloth is just wonderful for the challenge this week! Your blue and green china are lovely and the touch of the tiny nest in the cups is so cute. The centerpiece with the nests and china bird is just the right touch. Have a great week!


  16. Yes, you certainly met the challenge, Pam! I always enjoy my visits to your tables to see all your vintage things. The tablecloth is so colorful and those napkins really do work well with it.

  17. What a fun retro table! Love that tablecloth...

  18. Wow that tablecloth is fabulous! Lots of color which I love! The little bird nests and birds are so cute!

  19. What a cute table with the cloth and all the other goodies...Love it.

  20. Yes, I agree, you met the challenge! You have lots of neat birdies! I love that tablecloth, and the napkins coordinate well! Fun challenge!


  21. I love those green dishes! Such vibrant color! It looks superb alongside the blue!

  22. Sweet have met the challenge head on! Beautiful table setting.

  23. Oh my! I love your vintage table cloth. I have one that was my mothers, but it is not as vibrant. Love your table :-)

    Jocelyn @

  24. Well, you just find the best things at the thrift stores! Love that one of the nests is a real one, vacated and up for rent for you! Love the pretty table cloth too!

  25. I love the colorful tablecloth.

  26. Such a beautiful tablescape! It is always so fun seeing your different ones!! Happy sweet day to you! xo Heather

  27. You sure DID meet the challenge...and then some!!! I love it that you used the natural nests on your table. That really adds to the overall authenticity of it. And it's neat that you incorporated bright colors rather than the requisite pastels we so often associate with Easter. Different is good!

  28. What a beautiful tablescape! I love the colors of that tablecloth!



  29. Beautiful vibrant Spring table. You have met Kathleen's challenge to perfection. I love the tablecloth, it made me smile when I saw it. Beautiful and charming!


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