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Monday, March 3, 2014

Thrifted Crafting Goodies & More Snow...

I'm very sad for my Daffodils,
Snow will continue until evening.

These are the same Daffodils that started pushing up in January.
They must be hardy, but I don't think they can withstand a day of
this snow and below freezing temps.  You can see some of the blossoms
have started to form.  So sad about them.  This is just a small group,
I have a long row of them in the back yard that also have all popped
up...different varieties of Daffodils and Jonquils. 
Fingers crossed for a miracle!

I hit my local thrift store just right for some cuties to craft with!
I think the yellow bunny may be a puzzle piece.  The sweet couple are
marked Hong Kong on the bottom.

This bunny came in a box with her stand for 98 cents
She stands about 6 inches tall.  Have to work on her
so the peg will fit down into the base better.  She is so sweet!

Wear Ever USA tart pans and a few cookie cutters.  Always
do the happy dance when I find these!

Bookmark to embroider and some sweet floss.  I haven't done
cross stitch in a LOT of years, but will give it a try.

Mary Engelbreit transfers.  They were sale priced to 99 cents, and then
I saw the red "X" over that, which means half price, so 45 cents each!
So cute!  Have you ever done transfers.

Another look for you ME lovers. 

Some days you just get lucky!

Ready to start some Easter crafting.
Imagimeri shared the cutest graphics ever!
Hop over and see.

Thanks for visiting....hope some of you are enjoying sun and flowers
popping up without any snow! 
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  1. Oh no, for your flowers! I hope they will still make it, they are pretty hardy! You really got some great things at the thrift! I like the sweet little pair of white bunnies and of course all those tart tins!! You can use those for so many different things!! How fun! Hope you have a lovely rest of the Monday!! I love the blue bird graphic you used from Meri! :) xo Holly

  2. Great finds. Love the ME transfers. Hope the flowers make it!!

  3. You really did get several fun treasures from the thrift store and such GREAT prices. Your poor flowers look so sad. It's hard to believe March is here with all the crazy cold weather.

  4. I'm so glad you liked your package. I thought you might figure me out when I started following you. I have made some great fans through swaps. It will be fun to get to know you better.

  5. Great finds! Love the bunnies...:) Too bad about your daffodils...I hate when that happens! Hopefully they will make it though...:) Have a great week....Vicky

  6. You must have some very good thrift shops in your area. You always manage to bring home good stuff. You must have a lot of fun.

  7. Oh that darn snow and those poor daffidils! We won't have any flowers here til about easter .
    Love the me stuff!
    Toodles for now.

  8. You sure found some great things at the thrift shop! I love those bunnies and the ME transfers. Doyle looks so pretty with his rubber chicken :-)
    Have a great week~~Dorothy and Ms. Wilma

  9. You find the best stuff! Is that a St. Patricks Day Pixie I see with the bunnies??? Oh My! It's been slim pickins' at the thrifts around Roanoke. And the last estate sale I went to they thought all their stuff was made of gold the way it was priced!

    I hate the snow too!

  10. You came home with lots of goodies. I've been crafting more since the weather's been so bad. I hope you daffodils bounce back.

  11. Your outing really paid off this time.

  12. Oh, those poor daffodils! I hope the snow disappears soon and they recover. Keeping my fingers crossed for you! We still have almost a foot of snow on the ground here. I can't help but wonder if it's ever going to melt and if it does, will my daffodils be ready to bloom in the spring or will they be joining the lilies in June? hehe :) --Fran


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