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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Showing the Thrifty Finds, Small & Large!

Just a quick post today ~ time to move past the St. Patrick's Day photos,
because no one is interested in seeing those photos after the holiday....
some bloggers moved on to Easter even before it, so I need to catch up! :)
Sharing 2 favorite finds.
First, the small find
Found this pair of mid-century or mod pheasant figurines and fell in love.
They were not included in their half price sale, but $12 for the pair,
how can a girl go wrong!  Not purchasing for resale but for moi!
They look fabulous in our eclectic d├ęcor living room.

Here's a sample, but I'll be showing this again when I do a post on our electic art.
I digress....on to the LARGE find, literally large!

Aliner camper! It's a pop-up, so it closes flat and is so lightweight it can be towed
by almost any car.  Our model is one of the smallest, only 12 feet long.   Takes maybe a minute
to set up.  We had an older version of this when we lived in Florida  and sold it before we left.
Truthfully, we have missed it ever since.

Yeah, we had all the tenting equipment and did that for a few years, but camping
  with a crazy whirling dervish * high energy dog requires something with "hard sides". 
Finding a used one for sale at a super reasonable price is difficult, trust me,
 I stalked Craig's List for a LONG time.
Small inside, but all we need for shelter.  Camping is all about being outside.
 The table area converts to a bed, and there is a bed/sofa on the opposite side.
Doyle sleeps on his bed on the floor in the middle.....after jumping
back and forth on both of us for what seems like an eternity.

Stove, refrigerator, sink, microwave, heater, air conditioner, a porta-potty,
 what more can a couple need?  Bath house, electricity, TV and
internet come courtesy of the campgrounds.
Don't worry Doyle, of course your coming! 
Ready to roll when the weather is!
My goal is to take a cross country trip and see our beautiful USA.
Unless the Lotto ticket comes through, there will be some years to wait, lol.

& like many other bloggers....the Easter decorations are finding
their way out of storage!
 Have a great week bloggie friends.  Do any of you like to camp
or have campers?  Please share if you do! 

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*whirling dervish: one that whirls or dances with or as if with the abandonment of a dervish ... dervish. noun 


  1. Lovely finds, can't wait to see your new pheasant figurines in your home! :) What a cute little camper and perfect too!! Luke and I have been talking and would love to find a small one that was just big enough to fit us and Jerry and go camp for a few days! They are so pricey it seems, I'm hoping we run into a good deal!! Doyle is so cute, looks like he's ready to hit the road! :) Such sweet Easter decorations coming out!! I see the stained glass egg!! :) :) Happy day to you!! I need to do the same and get crafting for the swap too!! :) xo Holly

  2. Love the midcentury decor and the pheasants are pretty awesome!! Love Love Love your new camper. I would enjoy something small like that. What a fun thing to find. Enjoy!! I think I need to bring out some bunnies today! :)

  3. Love the art! And congratulations on the camper. My family camped a lot when I was a kid. It was definitely nicer when we got an RV than when we were in a tent!

  4. Oh, love that camper. As long as it has a potty. I want a retro one so bad. So far my husband isn't onboard. I don't want it to camp. I just want to travel, take our time and enjoy the surrounds. I don't want to stop at hotels. We have had some nasty experiences at some of the best rated. I know you will have fun. We have a Springer Spaniel. He has lots of energy but such a sweet dog. For the most part very calm. We also have a Yorkie. Mutt and Jeff, hah.

  5. Oh...I am so envious! I want a camper so bad...:) It's on my wish list but there is so much ahead of it. Maybe some day! Yours is adorable....enjoy it! The birds are a great find too. Looking forwad to seeing some of your art!

    Blessings, Vicky

  6. Your camper is absolutely adorable. What fun you will have. We aren't campers but we do love traveling. Our Route 66 trip out west was a trip of a lifetime last summer. Enjoy!

  7. I LOVE that camper! I used to camp with my parents growing up but DH hates camping! I have never seen one of the A styles, really cute.

    Your Easter stuff on your table is so "springy" just what we need to divert our attention from this nasty weather!


  8. Horray for the the camper! I've been trying to convince my husband that we need one of those. I like to camp, but man, I'm not a fan of the ground.
    Whirling dervish dog! Ha, that made my day!

  9. Love your camper Pam! I can't believe all the stuff that fits inside, plus you guys and Doyle too! Doyle looks like he's ready for a camping outing.

    Thinking of you! xo

  10. What a great little camper! Wishing you loads of fun as you explore!

  11. I've never camped in my life but looks like it could be fun in that little camper!!!

  12. My tent camping days have been over for a long time but I could really get on board with your cute camper! I've never seen one like it! I'm sure Doyle is ready to go! Love your pheasants too -- they'd go really well with a silver pair I have!

  13. What a neat little travel trailer. Never saw one like that. No doubt you will enjoy it.


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