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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Curious~Do you thrifters ever buy clothes? & a new swap!

Years ago I never would have even contemplated it!
I like to think I'm older and wiser, so why not?
Once I bring the items home and launder, they're fresh, clean & mine!
We have a thrift store that benefits the Special Education program at the high school.
I know I've told about it before, but bear with me.  The students work at the store.  Such a 
good cause, I love to both shop there and donate to them. 
The first Friday of each month is $1 clothes & $1.50 shoes and hats day!
(Please excuse my hasty photos)

Lacy blouse by CATO, beige cotton top by Sag Harbor.

White cotton sweater by Crofts & Barrow, red & white top is missing label,
but that fine, smooth cotton "feel" to the hand.

Love the embellishments...just like in crafting, lol.
This sweet flowered top was just to springy to resist.

The BEST bargain may have been these shoes, which looked unworn!
 Our yard is so mucky from all the rain and snow and those pesky moles digging their
lawn tunnels.  I walk around while Doyle is out, so these shoes are perfect! 
Made in the U.S.A., marked Slogger.  I may have even bought these new.
Gave them a quick Lysol spray, ready to wear!

  I like to think that someone will buy and enjoy the clothes I bring in to donate.
We all buy clothes and shoes we don't end up wearing, or hardly wear.
So...time to fess up.  Do you or don't you?

 Don't be embarrassed to let me know how you feel
 about buying & wearing thrifted clothing, YAY or NAY.

On another note...Sandy from 521 Lake Street blog is
hosting a Spring Cloche Swap.  Link from my sidebar to join in on the fun,
but you need to sign up by the 14th!

& finally....How do you like my newly acquired Tiffany & Co. tablecloth?
Looks just right for an Easter tablescape next month, doesn't it?

Love when you visit bloggie friends!  & don't forget to leave your opinion. 

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  1. That tablecloth is beautiful and looks so springy. Yes, I wear thrifted clothes. I just wash them. I figure that's no different than wearing something a friend gave you that no longer suited her.

  2. Most of my clothes are of a very high standard, are well made, expensive and came from the Goodwill! LOL!! No way am I paying retail! I even buy things that are too big or just because I like the fabric and refashion them. Love that tablecloth and can't wait to see you tablescape. I am pulling out my Easter things from the attic this weekend. Can't wait!


  3. I always shop Goodwill clothes. I seem to find cute blouses and tops that I can wear to work that I might not be able to find in those fancy stores. I don't have much luck with pants at the Goodwill because I wear a long size pants and they are hard to find. Love those Goodwill bargains my friend.

  4. I don't often find things I really love for myself in the thrift shops but I always look, and I buy a lot of my kids' clothes there. My husband wanted a pair of camouflage pants to wear for hunting and he found a great pair of cast-off military fatigues a few months ago (we live near an AF base and they get lots of old uniforms and other military wear). I think it's great to buy stuff this way and I'm glad you found nice things for yourself. :)

  5. My eldest daughter is absolutely addicted to thrift store clothes. Most of her closet is filled with outfits that were gently used. Her back-to-school allowance goes a lot farther at thrift stores!

  6. I only purchase vintage tees from the thrift store. Once in a blue moon if I have spare time I look through other clothing, very rare that I will ever purchase anything. I think I have a couple sweaters. I did buy my suit for my fathers wedding from Value Village.

    I have a preference for certain brand names. I do believe they are better quality, others, I love the style. However, it is rare I ever pay full price. I haven't paid over $30 for a brand name pair of jeans (LRG, DC Shoes, Circa, DVS) in 5+ years. We just had 2 shopping trips where the total retail value was $1,055 (without tax). We paid $190 for brand name skate clothing & got about 20 things.

  7. Absolutely! I have no problem buying used as long as it is in nearly new condition and well cared for. There's no shame in it and it saves money. Some of my best and favorite clothes have come from the thrift shop.

  8. My Mother of the Bride dress is from a consignment shop! I have a had time finding close at thrift stores...I mostly buy stuff :)
    Love your Easter table cloth!!

  9. Very cool shoes!
    I don't often have the patience to sift through the clothes racks at thrift stores, but every once in a while something will catch my eye, and I'll give it a look.
    This past summer, I bought best-ever orange pea coat by Ralph Lauren for $4.96. It looked to be in perfect shape, butI took it to the dry cleaner next door anyway and got it cleaned (duh!) for $2.50. And I have gotten more compliments on that item of clothing than on anything else I have ever worn. Score!

  10. You betcha! I'm a yard sale thrift shopping Momma! Always have been, it's always new to me:)
    Love that CATO top!!!

    Hope that you are enjoying your week!

  11. I can't help buying vintage hats, especially the pillbox hats from the 60's. Love your spring tablecloth and it makes a nice border for your blog.

  12. I buy lots of used clothes and I'm proud of it!! I save lots of money and get high quality items to wear. Good buys!

  13. LOVE your new pretty table cloth!! I like to donate clothes and gentle used items, and I'll wear some too :) You can find some of the best things at thrift/consignment shops! :) Your new shoes look like they will be perfect for walking in the mushy yard!! Lol Ours is very muddy and wet with snow still, we're suppose to be getting 4-6 or 4-8 overnight and tomorrow...yuck! I'm ready for spring! "Spring is just around the corner of the snow storm!!" haha xo Holly

  14. I love the color of the tablecloth, perfect for Easter...I found mine the last trip to Savers...I am so anxious to use it. Those are great shoes for mud season.
    Where else can you find name brand clothing on the cheap? I have been buying clothes at thrift stores for a few first I was very leery, but not any longer! Most of what I buy looks brand new. I love Savers for casual jewelry, it is dirt cheap. I found a barely used Vera Bradley purse for $6 last is one of my favorites for summer.

  15. After housewares and linens, I always head to the clothing section at the thrifts! Have you seen how expensive jeans are retail? I'm super lucky that Maddie isn't one of those spoiled kids who thinks that wearing clothes from Goodwill is gross. You can find some really great stuff if you are willing to dig!


  16. Thrifting is the way to go! It's all about being a smart thrifter. I enjoyed visiting your site. I hopped over from "Life On Willie Mae Lane." Have great Day!

  17. Yes indeed I buy my clothes at the thrifts! I occasionally have to to buy some new jeans because my size is hard to find but that's okay. It often cheers me up to go buy a "new" top for 2-3 dollars!

    LOVE your table cloth! ♥

  18. Oh yes! great fun find something different at the thrift store. The hunt is all most as much fun as the find! Was happy to have you visit my blog too!

  19. First, that table cloth is a thing of beauty to behold! Gorgeous!
    Second, I'm with you. Who cares where it came from after it's been totally laundered. Buying used is the very best way to have a versatile fun wardrobe while still maintaining your bank account. I'm all for it!

  20. Sweet clothes to find!! And, love the gorgeous tablecloth! Have a lovely day! xo Heather

  21. Lovely! I do wear thrifted is amazing how many brand new items can be found at these thrift stores as well. I love your header!

  22. Yep, I thrift some of my clothes and sew up the rest. I like having my own style, too. The thrift stores are packed here in the desert!

  23. I regret ever buying new clothes when I find them for pocket change at thrift stores and yard sales. However, I do buy some boutique/clearance new clothes from time-to-time.


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