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Monday, March 31, 2014

2nd Day Estate Sale Finds

The good thing: 1/2 price on second day.
The bad thing: picked over items at a small &  mediocre sale.

Mr. Retro drove me to the sale on Saturday because I'm sick again, dang it.  Sore throat and
 coughing so much think I may cough up a lung it hurts.  That didn't keep us from going. 
Yeah...something is wrong with me.

 It was raining and had been for 2 full days.  Folks cars were slipping, sliding, and getting
stuck in the muddy driveway at the sale...but no one gave up.  Gotta admire the stamina
of  buyers!!!  Thanks to Mr. Retro's maneuvering skills, he nabbed a good parking spot.
The next challenge was having my shoe sucked off by the ankle deep mud.
It's always something, isn't it?  Whew, we finally made it inside. 
Did I find a few things to bring home?  Of course!
Nothing particularly exciting, but I'm sharing anyway.
I do love colored glass. A few vases, the cobalt blue has an Indiana Glass label. 
Vintage single candlestick holders.  The taller ribbed vase is iridescent, like carnival glass. 
I had this dish many years ago, but the two crazy cats we had then broke it in a
heated chase.  I had to replace it for $2.50.  A few white plates for tablescapes for $1.

 I love art and changing out the art of our walls.  Trying to only buy original art
 now but this signed and limited edition print, dated 1979, fit the bill.
Not saying what we buy is worth anything, just enjoy original pieces.  Paid $5.

I knew it would look great by our back door in the kitchen after some
cleaning.  The silver metal frame enhanced by kitchen chrome, lol.
Almost forgot the cool Panama Hat.  We both want to wear it.  :)
Mr. Retro found this Samsonite train case, in great condition, for $2.
Ripe for a redo, but he has other plans for it. 

Our kindling for the woodstove has been in a paint bucket.  I know!
Not very attractive in the living room, so nabbed this basket for $2, perfect!
Left Doyle home, but he was content to gaze out the window from...
where else...the bed in the guest room, which he claims any chance he gets.

The sun is out today...looking forward to some spring-like weather this week.
Did you hit any sales this week-end? 
Have a great week!

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  1. Love your colored glass! It's something I always have a hard time leaving behind. No decent estate sales this week. Left with nothing! I did grab two oldish dolls at Goodwill that I will re-do and a pack of 1960's children's dishes all for $1.50. Then I have been sick the rest of the weekend. Boo! Your package will be in the mail today!

  2. I love colored glass and those items would have been saying take me home to me also. Sorry you aren't feeling well, get better soon!! hugs, LInda

  3. Love the pretty colored glass you got!! Sounds like such an adventure to this sale! I had to laugh a bit when you said your shoe being sucked off by ankle deep mud! lol. Doyle is so cute as always! :) Wishing you a Happy Birthday today!! Hope you have a wonderful day and its full of sunshine!! :) xo Holly

    ps. I'm going to send you a quick email! :)

  4. Wow, you're dedicated. Sick AND shoe-sucking mud? I'm glad you found some things to bring home. Get well soon!

  5. You are definitely one dedicated shopping. MUD and sickness. Good for you! Looks like you had a wonderful time and found some lovely treasures. I'm living through you. Estate sale shopping just hasn't picked up yet around here. I'm so anxious!!!

  6. You found some great items. I have a train case like that one. It was my Barbie case when I was a child and they're still in it. My mom bought it at a yard sale. I hope you feel better soon.

  7. I'm a sucker for colored glass! The aqua dish is a great color, I would've made a beeline for it. Hope you're feeling better; cuddling with Doyle as he gazes out the window would make ME feel better, how can you resist that beautiful doggy-face? Have a wonderful week! :) --Fran

  8. Your new art is pretty cool. It's great that you change out your art. I'm such a wuss about hanging stuff on the walls. I have to remember that nothing is permanent. :-)

  9. Sorry to hear you're sick fun! I love the treasures you ound and that art piece lloks great on the green wall. How sweet to find a candy dish to replace the one you had that was broken! Love the color...:) Hope you feel better soon...Vicky

  10. Oh I just love how the painting looks against the green wall! And the basket is great too! So Grandma gave me that same turquoise triangle shaped candy dish for Christmas last year! I love it!
    I'm sorry to hear that you're so sick. Hope it doesn't last!
    Hugs to Mr. Doyle!
    Erica :)

  11. That blue triangular dish is absolutely gorgeous! I am not etched glass person normally but there is no way I would have left that behind!


  12. I am a sucker for glass too - love your finds.

  13. What luck to find the same dish - it's so pretty!!

    Hope you feel better soon!!

  14. It sounded like quite an adventure just to get into the sale.
    Love the basket for the wood. Hope your feeling better soon.
    Have a good week.

  15. Beautiful blue dish!! Hope you feel better soon! xo Heather

  16. No picking until the weather improves here! Some of my best finds have been on the second and third days of a sale. Sometimes the prices are just full out retail on the first day!


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